I Got the Transmogging Blues

I’d like you to say hello to my Rogue.

I am obviously biased, but I happen to think my Rogue looks incredibly badass wearing full Darkmantle gear, especially considering how suddenly rare that look is thanks to Blizzards rather draconian class quest slaughter, and insanely high priced replica Darkmoon gear.

But the awesome look is part of the problem.

When you look that good, a crappy looking weapon stands out like a zombie in the nursery.

The dagger isn’t an issue, I’m not sure I’ve even seen a bad dagger design.

The fist weapon though… blech.

I searched around, found a really nice fist weapon design I thought would look great with the Darkmantle set, the Nexus-Claw.

Nexus-Claw, part of a set of claws released in Burning Crusade that mirrored an awesome but hard-to-get set from Zul’Gurub, is eminently easy to obtain. You simply fly out to Netherstorm in Outlands, visit the exotic weapons dealer at the Consortium area of the Stormspire, and buy them. You don’t even need rep. He only has one of each of the claws at a time (the other one is the Void-Talon), but wait for a day or two, they should return. It’s not like Netherstorm is a hub of activity anymore.

I went out and bought them, and thought myself something of a smarty-pants for getting great looking items without effort. You know, because Darkmantle was so freaking easy to get.

When I went to transmog my main hand weapon, though, the Perforator, I encountered a teeny, weenie little problem.

They are indeed both Fist Weapons.

The problem lies in the fact that the Perforator is a one-hand weapon, and thus can be used in either hand. The Nexus-Claw and Void-Talons are hand specific, main hand and off hand respectively. Or the other way around, whatever.

What I have found is that I can’t transmog my one hand Fist Weapon with the hand specific Fist Weapons.

Son of a bitch.

Do you know how many great looking Fist Weapons there are in the game? And of those, do you know how many old school ones are hand specific?

Just… crap.

In retrospect I understand what the deal is. The one hand Fist Weapons display bilateral symmetry. Most of the hand-specific Fist Weapons do not. Pop the appearance of an Off Hand claw on a Main Hand weapon, and you’ll likely be holding the blade or something, while the handle is waving in the breeze.

I guess if I had given it any thought, I’d have thought that the appearance would mirror over if on an opposite hand.

Clearly, I was wrong. Damnit.

Fine. Be that way.

I’ll just have to go to Badlands and do The Day That Deathwing Came quest to get Theldurin’s Fist.

So there, nyah.

9 thoughts on “I Got the Transmogging Blues

  1. I suppose this is where I should be glad/grateful that my shaman is rocking dual axes (the one from Well of Eternity) … and that I was able to mog both of them with “Stellaris” (from the BC Dungeon Mechanar). Still it makes me a sad Panda(ran) when my little guild runs “old” Hyjal and either of “The Fists of Fury” drop.


  2. I feel your pain. I blew six thousand gold on a Blade of Wizardry for my paladin…only to discover that all modern melee swords are one-hand. Even the tanking ones. Sigh.


    • You’d think swords wouldn’t have that problem, that you just stick it in the hand and who cares if the right side of the blade is on *gasp* the left. Fist weapons, I can see how there would be a problem.
      Maybe you could invest in a cheap pair of brass knuckles.


  3. Man they really messed up with fist weapons. I had the same problem with my shaman and Greed and Pride. Can’t say I didn’t expect it when they decided that silly things couldn’t be transmogged though. I mean, someone decided NomNomNom is far to silly to be in such a serious game. The same game, you know, where we have ‘almost ferocious’ core hound pups, a goblin Mount Rushmore and a zone parodying CSI.


  4. Even better. Theldurin’s Fist is onehanded, but not symetrical. When you wear it on the offhand, it goes on exactly the same as on the main hand.


  5. Okay, what the fuck. Seriously.

    Just did the quests, and got Theldurin’s Fist.

    Transmog vendor says “This item’s appearance cannot be used.”

    Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK?

    Oh sure, you can transmog stuff, unless it, like, looks good. Or would be cool. Or whatever.

    So how much other stuff is out there that we might want that, once obtained, will just be denied?

    Just bullshit.


    • First off, that sucks. On my rogue I always thought fist weapons were always so cool the moment I got “Fist of the Deity” from heroic Gundrak back in WoTLK.
      I was loathe to give that up for an upgrade just because it was so evil looking. Awesome looks by the way!


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