You want to WHAT with WHO?

Last night, at the tail end of one long day, a few members of Team Wanda, Band Of Misfits most progressive raiding team, were chatting in vent.

They had just completed the server first Glory of the Cataclysm Raider earlier, so I thought I’d pop in and say hi and grats in person.

I found them in discussion on whether or not it was possible to four-man the Conclave of Wind.

They apparently do mount runs. A lot.

I was about to head out and go to bed when Shadowson asked me, “You think you’d join us as a tank to five man it?”

Ummm… you know what? It’s been a very long day.


Let the record show that on this evening, four stalwart, skilled adventurers, brave and true, and one misfit bear boldly entered into the Throne of the Four Winds.

  • Shadowson the Shadow Priest
  • Kissinger the Mage
  • Pumpken the Resto Shaman
  • Randomski the Prot Paladin
  • Bigbearbutt the bacon butted

Yes, it is in fact possible to down the Conclave of Wind with five players. We did it on our second attempt.

We won’t speak of my incredible fail on the first attempt, ‘mkay?

Shadowson healed as Shadow DPS while I tanked on Anshal, Randomski tanked Nezir with Pumpken healing, and Kissinger… well, Kissinger blew up Rohash.

There was much hopping back and forth by Pumpken, Shadowson and Kissinger all trying to do the work of a full raid.

In the end, I felt the thrill of victory over a challenge I didn’t even expect to have put in front of me, a challenge we didn’t even know would be possible or not.

I think that is why it tasted all the sweeter.

Al”Akir, what to say about Al’Akir…

I went as Kitty, and I found out that it is possible to be thrown off the ledge by a tornado, get back up and be dropped in the NEXT tornado, and then again for a third time.

At least my kitty looks cute floating in midair.

Good thing, because I sure as hell spent a lot of time doing it.

Oh, and Al’Akir?

Easier than Conclave of Wind, and just as dead.

What a surprisingly good way to end an otherwise crappy day.

If you happen to be one of the folks that is feeling bored with Looking For Raid, and wondering what in the world there is left to do in the game…

May I humbly suggest you get three of your closest friends and see how much fun clearing older raids might be?

Sure, ICC and Ulduar spring to mind as tasty little targets, but why not see what other kinds of crazyness you can get up to?

The World of Warcraft is your oyster, after all. This is as overpowered as you’re ever going to feel before Mists of Pandaria sweeps away all before it.

Let your mind run riot, man.  What do you have to lose?

My thanks to Shadowson and Team Wanda, for the unlooked-for opportunity to have a little fun.

7 thoughts on “You want to WHAT with WHO?

  1. It’s always great doing those things with friends. And I love achievements. Good work BBB! I can’t wait till raiding winds down (OMG blasphemy!) so I can go and do old stuff again.


  2. That’s always where I had the most fun, not necessarily by doing hard progression style stuff, but by seeing just what i could do that i wasn’t really supposed to. Soloing group quests and older 5 man dungeons, soloing old raids, 2 or 3 manning other, tougher, old raids. I had a lot of fun doing MC at level 80, seeing just what I could solo and 2 manning the rest with a friend. Now it’s super easy and nowhere near as fun, so I do what tier 5 bosses I can, and those are always challenging.

    I don’t like hard games, I like easy games that I can make into my own challenging games when I’m in such a mood. And wow offers a lot of old content for you to find your own challenges in.


  3. My husband and duoed many old raids as a prot pally/shadow priest. It was a lot of fun to see what we were capable of, and nice to visit all the old raids again. Some of it was done pre-Cata, some with T11 gear. It was great for getting transmog gear. We went up to T6 with only a few issues. I’d be glad to offer some of the tips we learned if you are interested.


  4. I do much the same… solo. I know, I know, that’s verboten in a multiplayer game, but I love the challenge of trying to solo things designed for groups. (And I find mechanics that *require* others to be annoying.) There’s plenty of challenge and fun to be had prowling through the old world as an overpowered killing machine.

    …maybe if my wife or best friend played the game, we’d two- or three-man them, but that’s not happening.


  5. Nymphy and I are working on Loremaster and the other night we happened to be question near Onyxia’s cave and decided to go in and see if we could 2-man her.

    She was nice enough to drop the judgment helm in case I ever decide to mog into tier 2 with all the other pallies.


    • That sounds like a lot of fun. I haven’t killed Onyxia in at least a year or more.

      What I’ve been thinking of doing is taking my Paladin and Cassies Priest into the old raids to two person them, once we hit max level. She kicks ass as Shadow, and I like the image.

      I’m having lots of fun on my Bear as tank, as well. Sigh. So much to tank, so little time.


  6. I know the feeling! Me, my wife and a friend are leveling goblin alts on a fresh server and are planning to 3 man all the content we can, including MC, AQ10 and pretty much all TBC content at the proper level. Which should be an interesting experiment, to say the least.

    FYI: our setup is me on a resto shaman, my wife on a BM hunter and our friend on a prot warrior.


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