Music to grind LFR to…

The Godmother has asked for submissions to her Ultimate WoW Mix Tape, an idea I simply love.

Back in the day on my own blog, and holy crap it’s been years, I used to do a Raid Song of the Week feature, basically until the hosting I was using for it (eSnips) broke. 🙂 It was fun, and I do miss it, but I was nowhere near as clean in my pursuit of the perfect raid music as The Godmother is.

The Godmother is for reals. Just her off-the-cuff list of songs she provided as examples, and her description of what mood or WoW situation they fit in are off-the-chain. (Note – BBB jumps shark with hackneyed expression that was dead before it arrived. Take cover, Arizona.)

I don’t have a real, serious contribution to her list, but it still inspired me to share some music with you (as well as send you to her blog contest, the actual point of the post).

I do have one song I always found perfect for one particular situation im WoW. Whenever I run Karazhan for fun, I still love popping in Paralyzer by Finger Eleven when I’m on Maiden of Virtue.

Well I’m not paralyzed, But, I seem to be struck by you; I want to make you move, Because you’re standing still.

It’s a good song, but it’s too old school for a modern WoW raid song entry. And how many people these days can relate to why being paralyzed by her, and wanting to make her move would be even relevant?

It doesn’t really cut it. Not for a suggestion fir the Utimate WoW Mix Tape. No ma’am.

I DO have a relevant song, but I am absolutely certain it’s not what The Godmother was looking for. So, instead of submitting it to her awesomesauce contest (which you should totally be participating in so I can reap the benefits of your suggestions on her final tape), I’m going to share my perfect song with you.

Every single time I run LFR, the tentacles are all around me. Tentacles.

No, not testicles, tentacles. Tentacles! Tentacles waving around, tentacles with eyes, tentacles flapping and flailing and flaming with a flouncing flourish.

Whether it be tentacle trash on Warlord Zon’ozz, tentacles of fire on the Spine of Deathwing, or tentacular tentacles of terrible tentational destruction on Madness of Deathwing, it’s all tentacles, all the time.

Except when there are oozes. And dragons. And, well, fine. Screw you, I’m fixated on the tentacles.

I just so happen to have a song about tentacles.

Oh hell yes I do. I am the Big Bear Butt, and when I say I have a song about tentacles, I’m not screwing around.

So I happily present to you, on this fine Friday, a song about tentacles, called, appropriately enough, Tentacles, from the album “A Shoggoth on the Roof”, published by the H. P. Lovecraft Society, and given to me years ago by my buddy Mannyac. If you can find the album, I heartily recommend it. Alex loves listening to it in the car, particularly this song.

Enjoy the tentacles, my friend. May you make it through LFR without feeling… violated.

[audio:|titles=A Shoggoth on the Roof – Tentacles]

9 thoughts on “Music to grind LFR to…

  1. I recall that when we were attempting to down Yogg Saron, a good while ago now, I treated my guildmates to a full-on Yoggy mixtape, including not only “Tentacles” but also half a dozen other songs from both “Shoggoth on the Roof” and the various Cthulhu Christmas Carols (“Byhakee, Byhakee, burning bright…”)

    Several of them claim it had an effect on their sanity to this day.


    • You know, I can’t recall. I think so, but I had a hard drive die and take a lot of personal stuff with it, including all the blog music and podcasts I’d done. I think that is one of the lost things that I had no way of recovering.


  2. Also, I’ve found that the Tron: Legacy soundtrack makes Ultraxion trash far less tedious. And since it’s timed, I can start it at just the right time so “End of Line” starts as Ultraxion is flying up.


    • Tron Legacy is a good soundtrack? I kinda liked the movie, even though it was that Underworld monochromatic but not quite blue thing.


  3. @Kay: I hate it when people yell to “kill the tentacle” on Madness of Deathwing when the thing they want me to kill is about the only thing in the fight not named “Tentacle”.


  4. The Management thanks you for you promotion of this contest 😀

    Seriously though, music is a HUGE part of my life, whether in game or without. I have two kids who need education of what passed for proper tunes back in my youth, and a Husband who, when he’s not hitting stuff with his Pally, is sitting strumming a guitar to my right. Finding the right music for moods in game has become a bit of a ’cause celebre’ for me, and I’m glad to see my pursuit is appreciated. Cheers hun, and I will add these to my ‘Warcraft Tunes’ folder…

    Should you change your mind on entering, you know where to find me :p


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