Under the spell of Dark Lunar Love

I wish I had a great post to go with that title.

Three events all overlapping, the Lunar Festival, Love is in the Air, and the Darkmoon Faire have come to town (for reals, this time).

So much to do, so much to see, so many achievements to seek out. Providing the achievements don’t get wiped out… again.

So what did I do?

I went raiding on my Rogue, of course. It was the only responsible thing to do.

If my queue times this weekend were any indication, a whole lot of other people reacted the same way.

When last we spoke, my Rogue was nearing 85, with all sorts of goodies in the bank. I even wrote a post about how Blizzard seems to be bending over backward in giving us multiple paths to gear preparation to get us into Dragon Soul raiding as fast as possible.

How did it turn out?

My Rogue reached level 85 late Thursday night, and equipped some nice items.

By Sunday evening, my Rogue had an average iLevel of 378, and had completed all new Twilight heroics and the Dragon Soul LFR.

I’m still embarassed to be wearing a few pieces of Vicious leather gear, but my DPS in LFR, with flask and food buffs, was still in the top half of the raids at 18k to 20k.

Okay, the lower part of the top half… I guess it’s all in what you think is acceptable DPS for the LFR Dragon Soul. If you’re one of the ones that want to boot anyone in LFR that has DPS below 30k, I must seem like an unholy abomination. And WTF is with that, anyway?

I swear, it’s like the old joke of “LFM, ICC 25 man, need 24, post achieve” posted by a DPS without the achievement himself. Umm, what?

This isn’t a brag post about how leet my Rogue is, although it may sound like one. I’m not going to link to Armory and go, “Ooh, look what I got!” or anything like that.

The reality is, whatever gear I did get, anyone else can get in the exact same way. THAT is the point of the post.

What this is, is a completion of my earlier blog post thinking about gearing, and how easy or hard it may be.

I’ll grant you, this is not representative of a wide sample size. This is one class, a leather wearing Rogue. Also, I am not a new player. I’m fairly familiar with all aspects of the game, and the methods that can be followed to gain gear.

I think it is interesting to see that, armed with the guidance of an experienced player with max level characters, I was able to take a character to level 85 and equip enough gear that I could immediately step foot into the heroic Twilight instances, bypassing the original Cataclysm heroics (including the dreaded Zulroics), and do acceptable DPS right out of the gate.

Running the new Twilight heroics a total of three times gave me enough upgrades to enter Dragon Soul LFR, and running them six times total gave me enough Justice Points and Valor to be able to buy a Thrown weapon and a Trinket.

From that point, it’s on to Dragon Soul LFR, and we’re right in line with everyone else already running the new content, and conceivably able to enter Dragon Soul normal and make a contribution.

Are we talking optimized? No. It’s just the start. From there, the normal cycle of grinding Valor and chasing specific drops awaits us.

But think about what this really means.

If you have a friend that wants to try World of Warcraft, and you really did want to help them and get them into the content you are on as quick as possible, you can totally use your characters and professions and resources to buy item drops, craft BoE items, use your Valor to buy the BoE 397 epics for them and otherwise have things ready for them to step right into.

Not just theoretically, but realistically. It didn’t take me that long, just about a week, and running LFR on more characters for Valor than I normally would have.

The only true limitations to getting into a Dragon Soul raid are time, skill and a group of friends.

Damn, that’s a far cry from when I first got into raiding. Didn’t matter how good your friend was, if you just started, and your friends were running Blackwing Lair and Molten Core, good luck. You’ve got a long, long slog of questing followed by grinding Lower and Upper Blackrock Depths, doing attunement runs nobody elses wants to have to do again no matter how exciting it is to you, and so forth.

I think I should say one other thing.

People like to compare other games and how they handle getting a player into content against WoW. I might say something, and the reply will be, “Yeah, but game X did it like this which is inherently friendlier to players or better.”

That may be true, and brand X may very well do it in a way you like better, or even that IS better.

What I think is interesting about this is, World of Warcraft continues to change from it’s earliest days, when it followed in the footsteps of Everquest.

Even at that time, what we now think of as an incredibly long leveling process was revolutionary for how friendly it was to players compared to the alternative. The rested XP thing was just “wow, omg that is SO crazy!” And what about dying, and no XP penalty? Or having your gear looted from your actual in game corpse?

WoW was founded on being the kindler, gentler, less punishing MMO. More accessible. Easy to learn, difficult to master.

Other games have taken that revolutionary concept of ‘don’t hate the player’, and gone even further. Compared to those that have come after, WoW certainly can seem stuck in the past. It’s payment scheme, difficulty level and frequency of content updates all get challenged on a regular basis, and for some good reasons.

But I like to compare WoW with WoW. Where is it at compared to it’s roots?

IF you could somehow get a WoW bundle that would provide the game and all expansions in one reasonably-priced bundle, you could get a friend in with Recruit-a-friend, bring them up all the way to 85 in a flash, really TOO fast, and get them raiding with a remarkable lack of fuss and almost no grinding at all. None.

Just imagine…

So… what the hell are those people going to think when they hit 85 and suddenly face Therazane rep grinds?

Just, OMG, am I right?

Oh, and if you made it this far… eye candy!

7 thoughts on “Under the spell of Dark Lunar Love

  1. grats on the “achievement”, and far more grats to the nice outfit 🙂

    Though I have one question. Isn’t it also a bit sad that essentially you could “beat the game” in 2 or 3 weeks? Yes, I know there is so much more to explore and find fun in … but for many people – “wow, 3 weeks and I’ve killed the biggest dragon in the world – time to move to something different”

    Rauxis, chosen of CAT


    • Thank you, and thanks to Fang as well. Is it sad that I leveled this character simply because I thought she looked super cool?


      • Gratz BBB. Is it wrong that I want to level my rogue because of super speed stealth? I went back to mine recently having not touched him since vanilla with mogging I remembered I had the blackened defias set (although checking I didn’t have the chest piece – Scouting Tunic and tabbards will cover for that) – and after jumping into some BGs fell in love with their stealth and have been working on him (in between lots of LFR goodness – my hunter and DK did the jump you did). Admittedly some of the attraction was the switch to offspec kitty and their similarities (though so far rogue feels like a slower heavy hitter…).

        You’re right about comparing WoW to WoW though – even Therazzane is a sneeze compared to Sons of Hodir (before you could buy the tokens) – the amount of dailies you need to do (and the existence of a tabbard) is so much less compared to how long it was in Wrath. The only two bad parts are that the enchants are BoA, and the requirement to do over half of Deepholm just for the privilege to start getting rep. I’ve never done more of Storm Peaks than was required to open up Sons of Hodir.

        It was interesting – I went back to do some Argent Tournament dailies again (guild just hit level 24 so I’ve been spending my gold on shiny mounts and needs a few more Argent Tournament tokens). The dailies were such a pita compared to Tol Barad dailies (which I was also doing again). OK half of that is jousting (it is still quicker than trying to melee the battle commanders. But they are not as concentrated or flowing as the Tol Barad ones (or even SSO dailies going further back).

        Looking further back – the ‘doing attunement runs nobody elses wants to have to do again no matter how exciting it is to you’ I understand too. Trying to get the Onyxia attunement done was a pain (mainly the first part where even if you did go on it whether you managed to start the escort at the same time was half luck). I soloed the last part using the naked corpse run method… and then just trying to find a dungeon instance as an undergeared hunter – it was why I rolled my first tank (so in that respect it was good).


  2. I don’t have anything constructive to say that hasn’t been said but yesterday and the day before I got one of my character 9 levels in that span, hit outland and now with all the dk’s spreading their wings to jump off the hunk of planet I think I am going to end up leveling through to 68 before the end of the week. My goal for this character is notreally end game as much as level 75 to finish out jewwlcrafting so I can prospect my own gems. Just prospecting them is sometimes much cheaper on my server than trying to buy one cut or uncut.

    All the upgrades from the new dungeons and my off journeys I need about 35 rubies between my 4 characters.


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