The Cub Report – Dashing Towards Death (Knights)

In the time since we last visited Alex’s Adventures in Azeroth, he has rapidly climbed through the levels, until he is now a stones throw from being a level 50 feral worgen druid.

How have we gone so far in so short a time, even with the Recruit-A-Friend XP bonus?

Well, Cassie has begun running Alex and myself through instances, and with that bonus the levels are flying past.

RFD, Scholomance, Stratholme live and Stratholme undead, just that fast we are already up to being able to do the delving deeps of Blackrock Depths. With each instance, even with Cassie’s level 85 presence, we see two or even three level increases when you count in the quests.

As we chased after Cassie in the Scholomance, Alex suddenly announced that “my official nickname is the Cute Kitty of DOOM!”

And he IS a cute kitty of doom. He loves dashing and pouncing. He also really loves having Cassie clear the way of mobs so that Alex can loot them. He’s cool with that.

Nice work if you can get it, but I hated to break it to him that in normal groups, you can’t just run around looking cute and once everyone else kills all the stuff enjoy the loot. 

Then I stopped and thought about my recent Dragon Soul LFR runs. Now that I really think about it…

We completed Stratholme Undead a few nights ago, and I checked to see what the next instance was up on the list. Blackrock Depths? Oh, I love BRD. I have ALWAYS liked BRD, even when it was a mammoth unbroken slog for 5 hours, when you had to go in four damn times to sync everyone up on the escort quest for Onyxia attunement because someone forgot to clicky before we started, etc. I know that place by heart, all of it’s twists and turns and tricks.

I informed Cassie of our destination decision for the next night of playing, and she put her leather-clad foot down.


At least, no more runs until we had quested through, in her words, the “must see quests” of Badlands.

Awww 😦

Just kidding.

In the Badlands, there are a few quests that both Cassie and I loved when we did them, quests full of humor and style.

There are a lot of quests throughout the revampled Cataclysm 1 – 60 areas that Cassie lumps together as ‘gimmick’ quests. Gimmick quests can consist of many things, but the core of a gimmick quest is anything that replaces your normal, familiar character mechanics with a new action bar and new abilities only relevant to that one quest.

Cassie doesn’t generally like gimmick quests. She’s playing her character to play her character, not to (as an example) suddenly be the driver in a tank simulator in order to proceed with the story in that area.

All that aside, the quest that Cassie knew Alex HAD to do is an early quest in Fuselight.

Fuselight is a gnome city perched high atop a rocky peak in the Badlands. The ‘must see’ quest is called “It’s Goat Time, Baby“. The quest consists of you taking a blasting stick and walking around the perimeter of Fuselight, blasting goats off the peak.

When you use the blasting stick, the goat is launched away from you as if shot from a cannon, to fall into the canyon beyond.

If you haven’t done the quest yourself, I’ll let you ponder that mental image for a second.

Okay, let’s move on.

I took Alex to Fuselight, went through the prelim quests, got him his blasting stick and the OMG quest, and then got taken violently ill and had to leave him be. I came back to the office a half hour later to find him STILL blasting goats off the peak in delight, or as he put it, ‘goat punching’. He was still going at it enthusiastically and experimenting with arcs of travel, shooting goats at distant peaks, and generally delighting in goat punching mayhem.

I showed him how, by moving around to be on the other side of the goat from Fuselight facing in, he could punch the goats to land INTO the city, and thus could begin shooting goats at buildings, NPCs, and yes, other players. Much more fun was thus had.

If a few friends felt like it, I imagine a little game of Tag could be conducted by shooting goats at each other, but I would never do such a thing myself. It would be unseemly.

What surprised me most about this was the quest item activator button.

On most quests, you are given a task, say “punch 12 goats off the mountain”, and the button appears next to the quest on your screen. You can easily push the button to use the item, activate the goat punching blast stick, whatever it is while you do your quest.

Once the 12 goats or whatever requirement is complete, generally the button vanishes off your screen. You might still be able to use the item, but you’d have to open up your bags and click on it from there, or drag it to your button bar.

For this quest, he must have punched, I’m not kidding, hundreds of goats off that damn mountain, and the button never vanished.

Makes me wonder if Blizzard knew people might like to keep that quest and item active forever, and come back every once in a while for some therapeutic goat punching.

As we ran around punching goats, Alex taught me something I didn’t know about the game.

When we group up in a party, Alex likes to mark himself with a skull and me with a star, so even in the crowded streets of Stormwind City we can find each other. We run around everywhere marked.

As we were running around Fuselight, Alex decided he wanted to involve his non-combat pet in the action, and so went to click on the pet and mark it with a diamond.

I started to tell him you couldn’t mark non-combat pets, and before I could, he did! Put a damn mark right on his pet bunny.

… yes, Alex the Bunnyslayer runs around EVERYWHERE with a pet bunny. What?

I prefer to think of it as Alex being haunted by the ghost of bunnies past.

The other ‘must do’ quests in Badlands in my opinion are the tall tales told by a certain dwarf, gnome and orc over near Dragon’s Mouth.

Alex was enthralled at the idea of the first quest, where I promised him he’d get to punch Deathwing in the mouth. I neglected to tell him that it is Deathwing in his mortal incarnation, and so he was very disappointed when he finally saw him. Note to Blizzard – the child in all of us would like to punch Deathwing the GIANT DRAGON in the mouth, please. Much obliged.

Along the way, something came up that reminded me of just how long the memory of a young child can be.

He was controlling the dwarf Theldurin and punching his way up the Scar of the Worldbreaker, punching through rock walls and Earth Elementals, and he says to me, “I like punching rock guys. It’s been a lifelong dream of mine.”

His saying that instantly threw me back to years ago, when I was leveling a character in Badlands, and he was watching me climb up into those southern areas of the Badlands where Earth Elementals gather. I’d ride up there or run up there, kill the elementals and mine the surrounding ore. Had to have been during Burning Crusade, and he would watch me play, see me kill ‘rock guys’, and then ask me if he could play my character to kill them for a while and I’d let him kill rock guys for a while.

Years ago this was, so it had to be when he was five or six, and here we are now, fulfilling his ‘lifelong dream’ of punching rock guys himself with his own character.

Ah, that all of our life ambitions could be so easily realized.

As of today we’ve completed the ‘must see’ quests of Badlands, and hopefully tonight we’ll be able to go through the joy that is Blackrock Depths.

Our goal is to continue to play until Alex the Druid reaches level 55. At that point, he will achieve a second ‘lifelong dream’.

He will be able to create a Death Knight.

From the moment I upgraded his account, he has spent some time every couple of days on the “New Character” screen, choosing the Death Knight class and trying out the appearance on various races.

I’m frankly curious to see what he finally chooses. I’ve told him you can only ever have one Death Knight on a server, so he has to choose his race and appearance wisely. Whatever he picks is going to be exciting for me, since I deleted my old Death Knight (that I had even bought the DK undead flying mount for!) just so I can pick the exact same thing and level with him.

I told him that you can’t create a Death Knight until you have at least one character to level 55, and so that is a burning goal of his. Will he continue playing his druid past 55 once he has a Death Knight? Only time will tell.

Perhaps having a kickass looking transmog set for his druid will help. Effraeti was kind enough to design one specifically for him, in his favorite color, orange, and he is delighted and excited. Maybe exploring throughout Outlands looking like a pumpkin will do the trick?

His delight in the goat punching quest, his fun at punching his way up the Scar until he punched Deathwing in the nose… those were both memorable moments in the game, epic moments that I know he will remember long after he’s forgotten questing on his druid.

Which brings me to my question for you, dear friends.

What other quests in the game would you consider to be the “must play” quests?

What are the quests that, if your friend were to start playing the game for the very first time, you would say to them, “Oh you’ve GOT to go do this, this is so cool!”

I have a few others in mind, one small chain in particular on Horde side I love, but I’d really like to hear yours!

37 thoughts on “The Cub Report – Dashing Towards Death (Knights)

  1. Well, I loved…
    Thousand Needles getting to drive a boat. My rogue still has the steamboat in her bags. Plus there’s ice-cream related quests.
    Southern Barrens as Alliance was wonderful, but might be a bit dark for the cub.
    The quests where you get to be a questgiver (may be Horde only, but they’re pretty low-level) in either Hillsbrad or Arathi. Sorry I can’t remember which, it’s the next zone you go to after you finish all the Gilneas stuff as undead.
    And of course, how could you not love harpoon surfing in Howling Fjord?


  2. As mentioned, I think he would like the Lunk quests in Searing Gorge 🙂
    He keeps popping up along the zone, as soon as you try to kill something, he comes up with some rediculous but animal friendly way of completing the quest 🙂

    I’d say any youngster would like the Captain Saunders chest quests in Westfall?

    The new EPL quests involving the caravan can be funny at times, espcially the conversations they have. But maybe he’s too young for that.


  3. I think my favourite quest is part of the “Sons of Hodir” quest chain where you leap from dragon to dragon, all 007-like 🙂 I’m so sad it’s not repeatable, but I do have a small army of alts… 🙂

    The other “must do” quest is the Stranglethorn Lashtail Raptor quest chain – I think it’s “Just Hatched” ( Yes, it’s a little heartbreaking when you find out that you handed the cute little one to “The Bad Guy (TM)”, but it’s soooo nice when you come back at 85, walk into ZG, punch him in the face and ‘rescue’ the little guy. I always get a bit of a fuzzy feeling when I decide to pull him out of my collection of pets.

    {Big Orc Warrior ‘sniff’. It’s just some dust in my eye.}


  4. You’re so close, head over to Searing Gorge and do the Lunk spider-riding quest. There’s also one that involves grabbing chickens, but it’s not nearly as silly.


  5. Defias Questline!!!!!!! I always loved looking for the messanger. The quest to kill the messanger was like a race/scavenger hunt because there were always other people out there looking for him too. Then you finally get to do Deadmines. Then there are even follow up quests afterward that give you a great sense of closure.

    Also Duskwood or Darkshire, the quest for sven where you have to go back to westfall and investigate an old chapel. Then you run back to the graveyard to I guess kill his wife. I don’t quite remember I just know it was all so much fun until Morladin snuck up behind you.


    • Speaking of baby murlocs…

      I was going to say: Oh Noes, the Tadpoles!

      Quest in Borean Tundra where you have to let the babies out of cages.

      Quoting one commenter on Wowhead:

      “You can revoke my man card because I have to say it…


      The baby murloc mrggl mmrrglls are great.


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  7. I know it’s Horde again, but the new quests in Azshara (which is now all goblin) are a lot of fun. There’s even a high-way that you can ride instead of a flying mount to get around, and you do that in a rocket which often only approximately stays on the street… And they also have a quest where you free raptors, and end up with 4-5 baby raptors hanging off you, biting you and kicking you.

    The goblin starting zone is quite fun, too, but be aware that you do start with an official boy- or girlfriend, who will betray you, and you get a quest to rip out their still-beating heart (the reason why my goblin is a race-changed character, and not someone I leveled). Try that aspect out on your own first.


  8. I always make sure I run the Grimclaw quests in Darkshore, particularly now that his story is part of the story of surviving the Cataclysm.


  9. I think that if you’re looking at a ‘side’ to do when you get to Northrend I’d go DEHTA. My 6 year old is a great fan of the Mechagnomes, especially the noises they make, so that might be a consideration.

    I’d also suggest Un’Goro. Great zone overall.


  10. there’s a few I could list, and well, probably will.

    Pre cata, I’d have said the linken quest line. It was long, cost a fortune, and you went back and forth across Kalimdor so much it was sickening. But it was fun, particularly to anybody who was also a fan of legend of zelda.

    I’d also say battle for undercity. yeah it was stupidly easy, yeah you could just put someone on autofollow and finish, but when you -didn’t- it made you feel so powerful, unkillable, and was a nice therapeutic way of dealing with the cutscene and serious story you’d just taken.

    Post cata. (primarily a horde player)

    The badlands dragon egg storyline, -very- good. Sad, but good.

    Stonetalon – so delicious, but dark, probably not alex appropriate, same as above.

    The goblin starting zone, I mean really. You had me at explosions, and a belt that turns you into a weed whacker? Everything in the goblin zone has a goblin twist. I cite the following example:
    Normal Quest – Oh no, they’ve taken prisoners and put them in cages! Kill a few guards around them to get keys to open the cages.
    Goblin Quest – Oh no, they captured goblins! Attach rockets to their cages and send them in the vague direction of camp. Killing guards drop grey trash keys. Goblins don’t need no stinkin keys when they have science!

    The story quests in badlands.
    Fighing Ragnaros in Hyjal.

    Dragonblight, the kalu’ak have you go to a shrine and summon a sea god thing. Probably one of the largest models in the game, love to go by there.

    I also enjoy making sure to do the green dragonshrine quests, not because they’re good quests, but it’s my favorite zone in the game I think. So pretty.

    Plants vs zombies quests in tarren mill/southshore area.

    And last, but certainly not least. All nessingwary or brann bronzebeard quests. Because those are always fun. One is good at causing species genocide in zones, and killing the biggest, stompiest things around. And the other has nearly destroyed azeroth…..multiple times….FOR SCIENCE! (why don’t they revoke his archaeology license? I mean, sure, almost destroy the world once, but add in uldum, and he’s up to what, 4? 5? dear god people, DON’T LET HIM DIG ANY DEEPER.


  11. The quests in Stonetalon mountains on Horde side, you eventually work up through the ranks and become a general you meet Garrosh and find out he has some morals… and everytime you fly through that zone you get promoted back to general… oh yeah!


  12. Maximillian of Northshire in Un’goro Crater!

    Or, if you’re checking out the Horde side, Welcome to the Machine at the Silverpine entrance to Hillsbrad.


  13. Gnomebliteration is the one that pops to my mind as well. Since someone has already mentioned that one… How about any of the bombing runs in the game. I don’t know why, but they are quite the relaxing experience to me.


  14. This is a ways away, but the Dwarf Weddings quests in Twilight Highlands (Alliance) are pretty great. There’s also a very funny few quests in whatever fiery mountain zone is West of Badlands (always forget the name) where a Pacifist Ogre accompanies you around making sure you don’t actually kill quest objectives, but “subdue” them in awesome ways.

    The Steambarge in 1000 Needles has some pretty funny quests as well, with typical Goblin/Gnome mayhem. You get to start a bar fight!

    I love that Alex has been fulfilling his lifelong dreams. That really is amazing. 😀


    • No, no we didn’t, and we still have to check for ourselves to see if it made it into the game, but when we just told Alex about what you said, he cried out WOOHOOO THIS IS THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE.


  15. There’s actually a high-end raid use for the marking of non-combat pets.

    There are a bunch of fights where X people in the raid get a condition and have to do something quickly. A lot of the boss mods will automatically mark the people with the condition with specific symbols. But let’s say you’ve designated one player as the person to stack on or similar, and you mark them with a different mark. If that player gets the condition, the boss mod will change their mark, and thus they lose the original mark.

    The solution to this is to have the designated player pull out a non-combat pet (one that sticks close to them) and mark the non-combat pet. Since the non-combat pet doesn’t get the condition or take damage or anything, its mark is always constant, so people can always know where the correct spot to stack is.


  16. I love getting my fix of the Cub Report! 😀 And thanks for the link love!

    I have to say my favorite quest ever was the Battle for Undercity, which is, most unfortunately, no longer in the game. I cannot figure out why they would remove it… I mean, it cannot have anything to do with character progression, cuz isn’t Garrosh not only on the War Chief’s seat in Orgrimmar, but also in Northrend AND in Nagrand (looking completely different than his current incarnation)?

    So to pick a quest that is still in the game… I would have to say the Uldum quest Gnomebliteration has a similar therapeutic feel as you make that goat quest sound.

    Now, I am going to have to go do the goat quest. 🙂

    ~ Effy


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