You wanna get in at the ground floor?

Bear with me here, because I have a confession to make.

I don’t really watch much television.

I am what you might call functionally TV illiterate.

I never watched… well, anything that you might consider “must see TV”.

Never saw Battlestar Galactica. Never saw Stargate… well, I saw the movie. It was damn good.

I saw Babylon 5 ONLY because my main man Mannyac had all of them on video. If not for him, I never would have seen such genius.

I still have never watched Firefly… although I have the series on DVD, and saw Serenity. Loved Serenity… haven’t seen the series before it.

Haven’t seen Star Trek: The Next Generation. Haven’t seen any of the Highlander TV series.

I have seen all of Buffy and Angel. THAT I have done. Own the DVDs, some decade I may even see them again.

I don’t watch much TV. Always been too busy working, or traveling, or lately, playing WoW and blogging.

What TV I do watch, I see because someone lets me know it’s out there to find, or because I happen to come across it while flipping blindly through channels sitting bored in a hotel room during a trip.

I only see Top Shot, Top Chef, Top Gear (I’m detecting a theme), Sons of Guns and Chopped because I know to look for them now thanks to you.

You folks have told me, time and again, about great shows that I never would have seen without you.

Hopefully, this one time, I’ll get to return the favor.

There is a new show on the History channel, in the same style as Top Shot and perhaps by the same producers. I don’t know, I don’t get into that behind-the-scenes stuff.

The show is called “Full Metal Jousting“. 

New episodes appear on the History channel Sunday evenings, 10:00 PM Eastern, 9:00 PM Central time.

The very first episode ran last night, and I recorded it to see what it would be like. I only knew it was coming out because of a commercial on, of all places, a Youtube WoW video I was watching.

It is brilliant.

It is real, real armor, real 2000 pound warhorses, real lances, real full contact, real competitors. They are setting it up as the start of a new full contact sport with a $100,000 prize for first, and are doing it as a ladder competition with 16 contestants.

Alex and I were amazed, and can hardly wait until next Sunday.

Are you excited at the idea of seeing real jousting and the training for it, but missed the first episode last Sunday?

Guess what.

The first episode is being replayed TONIGHT, Monday, 11:00 PM Eastern and 10:00 PM Central.

If you’re not in the U.S., or don’t have the History channel, unfortunately it’s not streamed on the internet just yet, although you can see bios and rules and stuff on their website. I wish I could help you.

But if you DO have access to the History channel, THIS is your chance to get in at the beginning.

Seriously… this show KICKS ASS. Give it a shot!

10 thoughts on “You wanna get in at the ground floor?

  1. Im really hoping you dont watch the American version of Top Gear, I had the unfortunate luck last night to think that I was going to be watching the Australian or the UK version and the opening sequence I did think it might have been the Australians… but no, it was the American version. All I can say is no energy. All flat! It was pretty terrible especially when they started introducing “The Stig”… they sounded like they were reading cue cards.

    Saying all that I did like the looks of one of the trucks they were checking out.

    Im not into watching too much TV at the moment. But I am keeping abreast of Stargate universe (We’re quite behind here), CSI (Late night repeats) and Dr. Who (when hes on).


  2. Done, Bear. We watch a lot of History channel, etc., but mostly Daily Show, Colbert, and TIVO’d SNLs – now this sounds TIVO worthy. And, will share with colleagues who will appreciate it, too, and I know of a group of charged adolescents who will love it, too.


  3. Whoa whoa whoa whoa… Let me get this straight… You _have_ the Firefly DVD’s but you’ve never watched them? I don’t follow… I understand all of the words individually but in that particular order, they make no sense.

    But seriously… I have no doubt that watching jousting… ACTUAL jousting is absolutely fantastic (and I will make a point of checking it out), I would encourage you to watch Firefly sooner rather than later.


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