Inspiration and Transformation

The meme has come, the meme has gone… let’s move on.

Gnomer may have unleashed the latest iteration of 6 of 6 upon us, but he isn’t just a cute little hairy gnome with a mighty awesome (if familiar) butt. He also writes inspirational posts.

In Gnomers latest article, he challenges us as bloggers to write posts that get our meaning across, and along the way link to those who may have inspired us to think about it.

For good or bad, he says, if someone inspired you with love or hate by the ideas they shared, they made you think, and there is little enough of that in the world today. Let’s link to those inspirational people and share them with our readers.

I like the idea of taking the time, while writing a post, to think back to the people who have helped influence me in my opinions and link to them.

I also like the idea of searching through my own archives looking for things to torture Gnomer with.

I started skimming through my archive of posts, looking at titles, starting from the very earliest.

I’ve got over 1500 posts in my archive. What shocks me is how some of them are still very much in my mind, as if I wrote them just last week. Like the Storytime posts on the sidebar, I remember writing them and know they are there.

Like the post I wrote when Cassie first made the decision WoW was a game that was worth spending a little money on. That was a huge leap. What a vivid memory, and the post captured my feelings perfectly.

Speaking of my strongest source of inspiration, here is a post about my thoughts on playing WoW that sounds eerily familiar, a post that was inspired by discussions Cassie and I had back in 2008. The biggest laugh in that old post is my somehow thinking that the longer WoW was out, the fewer Tradechat asshats there would be because they’d jump ship to troll other games! Ahh, I crack myself up. /wipestear

In going over those earliest archived posts, there were two inspirations that really jumped out at me.

The first was when I struck out on my own to create a guild website… way back in April of 2008, Pugnacious Priest put a guide on her website where she taught me how to make a truly awesome guild banner image.

Think about that, Pugnacious Priest has been influencing me and inspiring me from the very beginning. From insight into Shadow Priests, a class I think is awesome, to being the one that helped me create a guild banner, to being a great writer year after year… my how the time flies, right?

The other post I found was directly inspired by, surprise ANOTHER gifted author who liked writing about priests.

Kirk was the long time author of a blog called Priestly Endeavors. Kirk stopped actively playing World of Warcraft in October of 2008, a long, long time ago, but his influence during his tenure was profound. Some of the best writing I did in the early days was usually inspired by him.

This other post from my archive was directly inspired by a comment that was left on his blog, and his reaction to it, and… well, I’ll let you read it, since his website is still very much alive for history to enjoy.

When I read what had happened with Kirk, and right around the same time something similar happened with Big Red Kitty (who still writes about WoW as well as life and craziness on Brain Needs Space), I was inflamed with outrage! Inflamed!

I do that sometimes.

What Kirk and BRK inspired me to write, I just read over, and I’m still very happy with it. I am delighted to find that even four years later, I can read what I said about why I do this thing I do, and it is still true. I could post that on the sidebar permanently as my first post for new readers, and consider it a job well done. It still says how I feel.

Isn’t that the best kind of inspiration? When someone helps you realize how YOU really think or feel about something, and brings it out of you?

I want to thank the Pugnacious Priest, Kirk, and Dan Howell for being such strong inspirations on me, and for still being there inspiring others. While Kirk doesn’t continue to blog the way the others do, he still to this day comments and emails me and helps guide me, even to the point of helping us with our Walt Disney World planning!

For those of you who blog, I really do encourage you to take the time to look at your past archives, or think about who has influenced you or inspired you, and take a moment to give them the best sign of appreciation a writer can have… a damn good post of your own for all of us to enjoy. 🙂

Oh, and Gnomer, buddy… remember how you said to mention how people inspire you? Yeah. Hey, do you remember that time you asked me to let people on the blog know about those awesome mage forums at Mana Obscura? Yeah, you are a true inspiration to me, and that’s a fact. Love ya, bud. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Inspiration and Transformation

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    • Only sorta. Still out of WoW (time and money, not to mention it just doesn’t entice as it used to), but blogging… yeah.


  2. I’m going to throw my alarm clock out. The radio had been blasting various songs that I detest (if I have my alarm on a station I like, I have no reason to wake up) for a good 1/2 hour but I kept on sleeping.

    Then my phone pinged to inform me I had new mail, this post.

    I woke up for that!

    I’ve written before how, when you have been blog reading or writing for a while, the same themes reoccur. What can be amazing about them, if you take the time to read them, is the are often all relevant, each with something of value for the reader, whether they are historic or contemporary posts.

    I didn’t have to click on a few of those links, your posts, your original linkage to the posts and the posts themselves are still familiar years later (although it was great to be reminded of Daniel’s blog – even better that it is still active).

    What is it they say about referrals and how much more attention we pay to them than simple ads for the same “product”? It isn’t just the end post that has stuck in my mind, it is the source (in this case you), but the chain, the referral and destination.

    Would I read a Priest blog (even EP or PP), without a referral?
    Would I read a Hunter blog (even the much loved BRK) without a referral?
    Would I read a Druid blog without a referral? (OK, maybe yours)
    I wouldn’t even read a Mage or PvP blog without a referral!

    When someone I love to read refers me to someone they love to read, well without going into the lover of my lover business again, I am pretty sure it is worth my time to go have a read.

    As for that secret network of Mage communication, I think Gaz changed the frequency to thwart all the Mage hunters… but no matter if or where those Mage forums exist, your post will live on in my memory long after you delete the post.

    I know sometimes we bloggers descend into posts that verge on the unreadable for readers, are designed more for our fellow bloggers, but they fertilize our WoW sodden brains and enable us to continue writing, to continue the banter that crosses class boundaries, world boundaries, even on occasion game boundaries.

    Thanks for the link love, not to me so much, but your other loved blogs… I now feel compelled to read.


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