Determination – Do U Haz It?

When everything is going great, it’s easy to be positive and keep going.

But how are you at staying focused and positive when things get difficult? When it takes effort?

Do you have the determination to keep going, to recognize that it’s go time, and to push ever harder?

When the raid wipes for the 157th time on Heroic Ragnaros, do you pull the plug and fake a power outage, or do you repair, refresh, swear and then step up to go again, determined to damn well put your very best effort in this time. Yes, you thought you did that last time, but you can do better.

You WILL do better.

Bacon. The power to get things done.

Do you have the bacon in YOU?

15 thoughts on “Determination – Do U Haz It?

  1. Determination: Farming Anzu for 4 years, allmost every day, just to see everyone else getting it the first time they go in.


  2. Being sick and in bed for a couple of days now, this movie just made my day. Been a few days since I had a good laugh πŸ™‚

    Thanks BBB


  3. Hello Mr. Big Bear Butt,

    I’ve been lurking, err reading your posts off and on for a few years now and truthfully I’ve enjoyed the vast majority of your comments. One of your posts about your days as a marine and in particular the post where you beat the crap out of some would be muggers…only to see them a few months later in a house you were staying in. Well that one made laugh so hard I spit my coffee on the screen πŸ™‚ Please keep writing, those moments of laughter are precious and I can always clean the monitor.

    btw a co-worker made me a bacon-chocolate-chip cookie…was like desert breakfast and pure awesome. Some days it truly is the little things that get us through.

    Keep rock’n


  4. Thanks, I needed that. Our raid is getting ready to tackle H Ultraxion and we usually run 7 healers so of course that means that at least two of our healers either have to go DPS or sit. And guess who is one of the two healers who maintains a full offspec kit? I don’t even know why I do it. If it was really about not doing dailies as a healer then I would just have a boomkin offspec and solo in my healer gear. But no, I have a fully gemmed and enchanted kitty set and I’ll be danged if I’m going to sit this fight without at least *trying* to claw the pixel dragon’s eyes out no matter how bad I am at DPS (and I am pretty darn bad).


  5. bacon chocolate? that sounds disgusting =O

    much ❀ for the video. not sure I'd go as far for cookies, coated peanuts on the other hand…..mmm..


    • I have never yet had bacon chocolate, but if I were the type to do a bucket list, trying some would be on there. Actually, one item would have to be to try ten different unusual bacon flavor combinations.


      • It’s tiny pieces of bacon inside the chocolate. Basically it has a little crunch, a hint of “salty” and a little “bacon”. It’s not overwhelming or like a piece of bacon dipped under the chocolate waterfall!
        Think “Chili infused chocolate”


  6. Awesome!!! Thank you so much for the non-prescription “upper”.

    I wonder if it’ll help if I *make* *our* *whole* *raid* watch it before we tackle Zon’Ozz tonight. Yes, in 10man. No, not on heroic. Yes, we are that easily distracted πŸ˜‰

    On topic: I need to check if I still have some of that bacon chocolate that my wonderful wife got me for Valentine’s Day!

    Also: The suction cups should’ve worked if he would’ve climbed up the side. But man, that piggie’s determined!


      • He flunked flank. Flanks are more commonly found on cows, ie flank steak. Speaking of steak, in proximity to bacon, someone showed me ‘smokehouse bacon’ the other day… A cow version of bacon. Now I desperately want some…


  7. Open the fridge and climb the shelves! Stupid pig. That was like watching a PUG. And then he just gets the reward dropped down to him from on high when he gives in failure. Your happy inspirational post has offended and angered me.


    • God, I still love this comment. So in keeping with the spirit of the time. That is true sarcasm, where you have to really think about the context for a second. Well played.


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