Oh Garrosh Hellscream No!

Some of you who have been with me for the very longest time know that what to think if I were to say “Oh John Ringo No.”

I don’t have to say any more, now do I?

Oh, and if you haven’t read Princess of Wands, seriously, what’s stopping you? Go read it, it’s an awesome standalone book. I’m not in it so it’s missing 100% in awesome bears, but other than that, it’s brilliant. As I’ve said before.

Today, I read my Warchief’s Command Board, and through the tears and the pain and the howling cries, all I could think was, “Oh Garrosh Hellscream NO!”

I would hereby like to nominate Garrosh Hellscream as writer of my favorite humor post of the year 2012. If someone else thinks they can top that, good luck and pack a lunch, you’re gonna have to camp that shit all day.

Well done. Just flat out well done.

I laughed, I cried, I fell down. It changed my life. The end. 


The Silent Counterstrike

I’ve noticed something unusual, and I’ve sat on it for a while, but I think it’s time to act.

There is a saying; “Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times it’s enemy action.”

Well, we’re up to five now. By the Auric scale, we’re definitely at enemy action.

It’s no secret I enjoy playing alts. I’m one of those folks that may have one or two characters I flat out love, those being my Feral Druid and BM Hunter, but I play lots of alts.

With the advance of Looking For Raid, there has been an added venue for play. Ding level 85, gear for new Heroics, run until decked and then hit LFR for polish.

At this point in time, I’ve got five characters at level 85, and all of them are pretty damn solid in LFR gear; Druid, Hunter, Warrior, Paladin, Rogue.

My Priest is at 83, and my Death Knight Bear and Cub character is 81, so those are next in line. Don’t ask if I’m going to train my 9 year old son to play in LFR if you don’t think you’d like the answer. Just pray his DPS isn’t THAT much better than yours. 🙂

Still, five characters I have geared up 100% through LFR Dragon Soul random groups rather than traditional raiding.

Here is what I’ve noticed and reported on before.

During the initial LFR rollout, you had a period of uncertainty. People were not yet fully accustomed to the idea that they could roll Need on anything they wanted with little to no concequences. So, there was a fairly reasonable chance for at least the first month of winning something as other players that had already won an item would pass.

After that began the period where some groups would begin running together and rolling on everything so they could pass it to a friend in their group that wanted it (enhancing chances), and also the Monty Haul scenario where people would roll on absolutely everything, to acquire trade goods so they could make a deal later for what they really wanted.

That seemed to be the period we were in now. Some folks bring decked out characters chasing that one item, others bring new alts looking for everything, and it often seems that every roll finds you competing against every single player, and nobody passes unless they have no chance of winning due to spec or class.

It can feel like if you did not get the actual highest roll out of 25 people, then you’ve got no chance. Greed and avarice have won. Blizzard has even unveiled new LFR loot rules for MoP that make it clear they are acting as though there is nothing to be done short of a scorched earth doctrine on the existing system.

My experiences over the last month to five weeks are leading me to believe we are seeing a silent counterstrike acting against the “need on everything” culture, working from the shadows.

Five times now, on different characters, the following has taken place;

I run, I do my best. I don’t have the worst gear in the group overall, I certainly don’t have the lowest DPS. There are one or two specific items I would like. During the run, as loot drops I pass on it, until finally one boss drops a piece of loot I have specifically wanted. Everyone rolls, I lose the roll with my number somewhere in the middle of the range. We move on to another boss.

Shortly thereafter, without warning a trade window is opened, and the piece of loot is placed there. No conversation, nothing. I accept, and whisper back my thanks and appreciation. The person then says something along the lines of, “No problem, I didn’t need it and you looked like the person who could use it the most.”

This has happened to me now five times, different people and different items for different alts.

Is it a sweeping trend? Maybe not. Have you seen it yourself? Probably depends on how many alts you’re gearing through LFR compared to actual raiding with a raid team and getting real loot.

But again. Once, sure. Twice, huh. Three times or more? I take note.

I like the idea of a silent revolt against greedy needy players. People who are nice people, and at the same time aren’t all confrontational yelling at other people in raid chat about taking things they already have one of and all that stuff.

People who may have just decided that if others will need for selfish reasons, they can need for charitable reasons. 

Yes, it does put another player in the position of winning an item and then having the power to decide who, in their opinion, ‘deserves’ the item most. That could be a hot little topic for debate, right? How do you decide who ‘deserves’ the loot?

Overall though, I think it’s a delightful idea, one that is worthy to discuss.

We talk about other people rolling need on stuff they don’t have a use for. How interesting that there are folks out there that have looked at the situation and decided for themselves to take a stand, but do it in a decidedly non-confrontational way.

It would take more work, but I have to admit, it’s making me reconsider my ‘pass on all unless I actually need it’ policy.

I might just start playing Secret Santa myself.

What do you think?

Dedicated to my Maintenance Homies

For all of you that, like me, spend your lives getting called to someone’s side to fix their shit for them, because something “just happened, I didn’t do it, it just happened”, this is for you, my brothers and sisters.

The Equipment Operator Song;

All I ever do is bitch and pout,
I start up the machine and then I shout,
“Will somebody come and help me out,
I fucked up the machine and I can’t figure it out.”

Let slip the Bears of War

As you may have seen Gnomer mention in a few posts, I might have maybe sorta played some PvP this last weekend.

Gnomer, Keredria and the Pugnacious Priest along with many others from their guilds did some pre-made xrealm Arathi Basin over the weekend, and were kind enough to invite me along. I went willingly… on my Druid.

I know, right? I understand my PvPing on a druid is considered canon as the 13th sign of the eschaton. Sorry about that, just remember to use cocoa butter oil based sunscreen. It doesn’t protect you any better, but you will be tastier when fried in a lake of fire. Just trying to help!

As a non-raiding player of World of Warcraft, I have surprisingly good PvE gear thanks to LFR. I’ve had some really lucky rolls, I’ve invested in 397 Valor gear, and I optimized everything… for tanking.

When I go into LFR, I do 22k DPS, but all of my gear was gemmed, enchanted and reforged for Bear tanking. I just use a kitty DPS spec for my offspec, switch to DPS trinkets, and go for it.

Yes, it is gimping the LFR raids. At the same time, I only tank for friends, and I feel that right now 22k DPS is adequate. Or, as Shadowson would say, “Do the bosses still die? Right then, whats the problem?”

What this ends up meaning is, when I went PvPing without resilience gear, I had a gazillion Dodge Rating up the furry old butt, high Stam, and a kitty DPS spec. I wasn’t really a glass cannon, I’d say I was closer to ceramic.

The evening was fun. As Keredria said, playing with a bunch of folks with exotic accents is cool, it does bring home the international flavor of the experience. I didn’t know how long people intended to go, but I lost myself in killing Horde until Cassie tapped me on the shoulder and told me it was time to get my son to bed. I blinked, and realised three hours had blown past.

Time is so elastic. It compresses to get tons of things into a blink of the eye while killing, and then uncoils into slomo when waiting at the spirit healer for a rez again DAMNIT.

To be clear, no I do not recommend Bear gear with Cat spec as a good alternative to PvP gear. But it did aid me in burning down the squishies, and you’re supposed to kill the healers first, right?

My favorite moment of the evening was in one of our last Battlegrounds.

The others in the group, being professional BG gankers, had these addons that analyzed the opposing force structure.

Gnomer comes over vent, “Bugger, they’ve got nine healers!”

Holy crap. I can’t even remember if we won or lost. What I do know is that it was like fighting cockroaches, they just would not die. Stomp, stomp, stomp, NO DIE! Damnit, why won’t you die?

Gnomer mentioned I was working on a Shaman and he came and helped out. Let me elaborate on that for a moment.

We were fighting around Blacksmith, and there was a nice big scrum going on. I did the whole Prowl prep to Pounce thing, looking around for a healer to gank. Sadly, this was a target rich environment for healers.

I picked out a Shaman, on the grounds that this Shaman was chain casting and using totems and acting as a force-multiplier, and if I could take the group-buffing totems out of play for a few, that would be a net asset to the offense.

So I pounced and stunned and stuff. I went to town attacking that Shaman. The Shaman didn’t move, just kept casting.

So I kept attacking. Boom, boom, boom, down to 75k, then back topped off. Boom, boom, boom, then back up.

I stopped running and bouncing around. The Shaman wasn’t trying to evade in any way. Just stood there, chain casting and taking it. So I settled in, got all nice and comfortably positioned for an all day camping trip, and proceeded to use every tool at my disposal built around Skull Bash in an effort to kill the Shaman before she could heal herself back to full.

I failed. Completely and utterly failed.

What blew my mind was this turned into a private war at Blacksmith. Neither of us was moving, I was 100% offense, she was 100% defense, and it was total stalemate. Nobody came to kill me to get me off her, she didn’t try to run away, and when I finally mentioned in vent that this Shaman was pissing me off, Gnomer came to add his explosive contribution to the battle.

We still couldn’t close escrow, because that just meant one of the Horde Priests started dropping heals on the Shaman in passing while running around healing other people.

Grrr! Impressive. Very impressive.

In the process of talking about how much fun that was, I had a simple question on Twitter yesterday.

Since we were able to do xrealm RealID BG pre-mades with ten people by timing the queues, is it possible to do xrealm RealID Alliance vs Horde pre-mades?

To be blunt – is it possible to field a Horde blogger vs Alliance blogger pre-made BG match?

Lassirra and Gnomer and a few others seem to think that it is.

Wouldn’t you just love to see PvP bloggers on Horde and Alliance face off in a BG for bragging rights? Beyond that, wouldn’t you love to join one side or the other and take part in the big fat kill?

I hope this takes off. I really do. I’d love my chance to die at the hands of some of my favorite writers, and I’d like to see what kind of rivalries could spring from this… at least so long as people keep their perspective and a sense of humor.

The Marvelous Butts of Disney

My family and I recently took a vacation trip of a lifetime to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

We did visit many parks in Orlando, including Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and the Animal Kingdom.

As you might imagine, we took a lot of pictures while we visited the various parks and resorts.

Cassie took many beautiful photos. They turned out wonderfully. Gorgeous sights and scenery suitable for all ages.

You don’t get to see those here.

You see, I took some pictures too.

Mine, you DO get to see.

I hereby present to you a Big Bear Butts view of the Marvelous Butts of Disney.

Let’s start off with those two rascally chipmunks, Chip and Dale. As you can see, these two were difficult to capture in the wild, although I tried several different angles, they defended their butts from direct viewing with skill and artistry. In the end, good solid profiles was the best I could arrange. I salute my opponents, and wish them well.


We will follow that gentle start with a look at the posteriors of those lovable toys from Toy Story. You’d think these would have been difficult, but I managed to get them all nailed to the wall. Oh yes, I got them, my pretties and their little horse, too.


Now I think it’s time to move over to the heroic side of Disney, with a few of my favorites from The Incredibles. Mrs Incredible was justifiably proud of her butt, but Frozone definitely stole the show with his butt shaking in the parade. He had all the moves, and I had a front row seat.


Now, rather than continue with specific themes, I’m going to assault your vision with butt after butt until you must stop and cry, ‘Enough!’


Whew! That was a lot of butts. Lumiere in particular was a pain in the… well, it was hard to get a crack at his… oh, heck, let’s just say the picture ain’t the greatest.

We ain’t done yet, though! I may be biased, but I saved the best butts for last.

I hereby present, in living color, the wonderful Big Bear Butts of Disney! Oh yeah, I went there.

I am particularly proud of the Baloo bear butt picture. I had to go deep into the jungle of The Animal Kingdom to go through the bushes and get behind that bear. Baloo was one heck of a difficult target to attack from the rear, JUST as you would expect from a highly skilled bear. In the end, this here Big Bear Butt got him, well, in the end.

I’ve got just a few last words on this project, I hope you’ll bear with me a moment.

First, this wouldn’t have been possible without the willing, nay EAGER assistance of my 9 year old son, Alex. He went that extra mile to keep on the lookout for butt shot opportunities, and yes, it turns out he is a crack shot indeed. He is directly responsible for there being any shot of Chip and Dale, and he actually called to my attention the wonderful opportunity to catch Eeyore in a vulnerable moment.

Cassie also contributed mightily to this project, indeed I’d say her perfect capture of the Lots O Huggin Bear was nothing short of spectacular.

Finally, I’d like to say that, while Alex went to great lengths to aid me in capturing the Butts of the Disney Princesses, going so far as to approach from one side for autographs so I could take pictures from the rear, in the end I could not in good conscience include them here.

In my opinion, it is one thing to take pictures in theme parks of anonymous actors in full body costumes and place them in a humourous suggestively-themed article. They are there for their pictures to be taken, and there is no way to identify the actor or actress within the costume. It’s something else entirely to take pictures of people who are merely wearing makeup and dressed in nice clothes, even if that makeup and those clothes are intended to resemble a famous character. They are still identifiable people, and portraying real people in any way other than respectfully wasn’t where I wanted to go with this.

So, no you don’t get my pictures of the butts of Snow White, Cindarella, Belle, Ariel, Mary Poppins or Alice.

But… they do exist. And isn’t the knowledge of their existing enough?

I think so.

Have a wonderful week, my friends, and enjoy imagining the kind of searches that will be bringing new readers to my door.

Just Because I Had A Great Week

You ever hear someone say that people are people all over, and talk about how our parents or grandparents got up to the exact same things we all seem to think we invented? But you don’t believe them. These are OLD PEOPLE, and heck, they must have been born old and dull, right? Just like the modern generation invented drugs, alcohol, gambling, tattoos, rebellious secret languages and wild sex.


Okay, my sarcasm is being noted, but you’re still not buying the premise.

How about this.

Youtube or social media used to rant in the community about the boss you hate or the job you’ve got that sucks.

We invented social media, right? Our generation owns that. It’s our invention, those old fogies our parents weren’t smart enough or cool enough or radically crazy enough to shout their frustration across the entire geographical area for all time like we do. They may have invented those other things, but we’re the ones that took them and ran with them. They just didn’t have the imagination.


Ahem. Bullshit.

Check this out. 🙂

Warning… turn speakers on, and NSFW!!!

Writing Challenge Wrap Up!

True to his word, Hugh Hancock at MMO Melting Pot has put together a great conglomeration of those bloggers who took part in the writing challenge.

Thank you Hugh for spending so much time and effort putting that list together, along with the excerpts and introductions. That goes a long way towards turning a chaotic idea into something resembling a warm community… that reminds me, did someone remember to feed Gevlon? They mostly come out at night… mostly.

While Hugh did a great job of putting the spotlight on most of the writers that have their own websites, there were a few that as of yet hadn’t been linked to. Make sure you don’t miss;

Nymphy and Orvillius’ article on D/E The Tank!
Serenity Saz’ article on World of Saz
Targeters article on Imperial Intelligence!

Now, as I promised, I’d like to highlight some of the excellent writing that was posted directly in the comments of the writing challenge.

Without further ado;

From long suffering LONG LONG time reader Suxxy;

Vincent wasn’t a vain man, even though his nickname in the industry was “The Torch”.
He liked that name much better than “SoL” (Statue of Liberty).
You see, Vincent’s hidden talant was that he could stand at attention and hold his enormous, slender shaft aloft.
Vincent was the star of many juicy porn films… perhaps a not-so-hidden talent? 😉

From Cowsareus;

Riften. Temple of Mara.

Taking a bite off a juicy apple, the Dovakiin was lost in his thoughts… “Many choices, little time…”
Nord? Breton? Or Argonian? Where will I find a spouse? How will I choose?

Imperial, she must be an Imperial. Very smart, versed in the arcane, one that has been to Winterhold College. Pretty face, dark eyes, and a slender body. Vain? Perhaps.

What the heck, I’m the Dragonborn, I can do anything.

Unknown to the Dovakiin, 2 years later a poisoned Daedric arrow with a shaft as black as the armor of a merciless Nightingale would pierce his knee and forever end his life as an adventurer.

For life is short, unpredictable, and fragile above all. Will the stars guide you, or fall down upon you? Will the fire from the torch light your path, or burn down your house?

Mysterious and always hidden are the treads of fate.

From Sheen;

Gracefully the shimmering dollop of dew made its way down the slender shaft of wheat grass. Kuamala reached out her finger, let the juicy drop settle onto her skin and smiled at the simple beauty of nature. Hidden amongst the reeds, Kuamala was supposed to be watching the road for the Twilight Messenger. She’d diligently scanned the roadway for hours on end – still the messenger had not come. Silently making a wish on the Aegon Star, she began to despair that tonight’s watch, like so many others, would be in vain. A glimmer of light began to emerge above the crest of a nearby hill and instantly her hackles raised and her blood began to surge. Crouched low, she inched closer to the hill and the figure that was rimmed in the harsh glow of torch light. Her fingers reflexively gripped the handles of her twin daggers and she paused for one brief, soul-shattering moment. This was not the messenger she had been expecting. Steeling her resolve, Kuamala moved forward, closer to her destiny. Tonight revenge would be hers.

From Charlan (James Fisher) we have;

The Queen rides at Night

In the dark underbrush of the Blarian Forest, Alexin, a boy of ten years, crouches hidden. The night’s stillness is only broken by the occasional gust of wind rustling the tree branches and the scurrying of some critter through a pile of crunching leaves. Alexin struggles in vain to see something, anything, in the gloom caused by the overcast sky.

Long ago, the excitement and nerves of joining the ambush have given way to boredom. Holding the slender shaft of his arrow, he stabs it into the dirt beside him. Die, Bitch Queen, die, he dares to whisper, repeating the swears he had overheard Drunken John yelling the night before, when everyone had thought Alexin had been asleep in his tent. Always in the back, he mutters. Sure, he didn’t understand about taxes and bandits and cessations, but that was no reason he couldn’t be allowed to go along.

Suddenly, in the distance, torches flare to life like angry flame flies. Leaping to his feet, Alexin hears men shouting, the screaming neighing of horses and thunderous clash of steel on steel. Ahead, something is racing through the darkness, breaking through trees, crashing towards him. Fumbling with his bow, panicking, he fires a shot randomly at the dark shape bearing down on him. Hearing a juicy thud, and a high-pitched scream, Alexin dives aside as a riderless horse rushes past him disappearing into the night.

Creeping slowly over to the still form, he hears quiet whimpers and the hollow rasping of breath coming from it. Just as Alexin reaches the body, the clouds part and the blue glow of the moon and stars reveals a young girl, not much older than him, with pale skin and silver-blond hair glinting in the moonlight.

Her eyes dart like a trapped animal, fleeing from his face, to the arrow embedded in her chest, and then back again. With the arrow clutched weakly in one hand, her ragged breaths come faster as a foamy blood froth bubbles from her mouth. No, no, no, he chants to himself, dropping his bow as he kneels beside her, his hands frantically fluttering over the arrow, but not daring to touch it.

Her hand shoots outs and grabs his in an iron grip, forcing him to stare into her face. Her lips move slowly, mouthing something inaudible, her chest rises deeply one last time, then deflates like a broken bellows. Alexin watches as the light fades from her eyes and they glaze over.

Slumping to the ground, he starts weeping and sobbing, coughing as he grabs her and holds her. Die, Bitch Queen, die, he whimpers as he rocks back and forth. Die, Bitch Queen, die, he repeats, like a prayer, hoping that it will make him feel better, but secretly knowing it won’t.

From The Mannyac (Manny Marshall), the best damn role player I’ve ever played with, we had;

The reporter looked the slender women up and down. He noticed her perfectly manicured nails, designer clothes and long mane of blonde hair without a strand out of place.

“I wonder if she got all dolled up just to come see me?” He stopped for a minute considering which of them was, at that moment, the more vain.
“So how can I help you?” I asked.

She inhaled, and in a sultry voice replied, “It’s my bastard husband, he’s been fooling around on me, and I now I want to give him the shaft. He’s been carrying a torch for his secretary, and the bitch had the hots for him too.”

“You know who I am and you know that he’s a big shot politician. You also know he’s up for re-election. This is the kind of thing he has to keep hidden if he wants to win. Well, screw him.” Now she was just plain mad. “Here’s what you need”, she said handing over a large manila envelope.

“You print this, you get it out there, and your career takes off, you’ll be a star reporter.”

She was right, this was the story of a lifetime. I took the package from her and opened it. I looked at the photos, and read the transcripts of phone conversations. Smiling, I rolled up my sleeves and started to type.

From Skip we’ve got this amazing entry;

There is some food hidden underneath the wine rack. It is not as delicous as a juicy steak sandwich, you know the kind, grain bread toasted the meat is cut up already with salad and barbeque sauce that drips out as you take a bite.Salad isn’t my favourite food but I eat it unlike the cat. I tried giving her some beetroot once from a steak sanga and she took it straight to the cream couch , I haven’t been allowed to sit on the couch since then. I hate that cat.

Look at it sunning itself in the shaft of sunlight coming through the kitchen window, pretty soon she will groom her black and white fur. So very vain, even for a cat you have probably heard the saying my dog thinks he is human my cat knows she is god. Not all gods are good. I should really rest, I have just come back from another round of chemotherapy.You see I am dying, and I need to save my energy to kill the cat without my family knowing it was me.

After the purple stain incident I started to watch the cat carefully, she is evil. I am not a card carrying member of the “I hate cats” club.
Our neighbours cats are cute and affectionate, it was their visits that led to aquiring this god, even the hardcore strays in the neighbourhood have less cunning and guile. If it were possible for cats to be declared vicious by the council she makes it purely on her thoughts.

I got the idea on how to do it from when she broke her leg, we were packing up for a fishing trip. The god was playing this game with the children,
they had this thing that looked like a small torch but it had a red lightbeam shining out of it and as they moved the lightbeam around the room
she chased it until she failed to notice the open tackle box she jumped in, somehow she didn’t get hooked, and to this day I really don’t know how she broke her leg
I just remember this fur ball whizzing round the room. My sounds of amusement and pleasure thankfully drowned out by my family’s panic and concern for her wellbeing.

The vet bill was over three grand and with me being sick there was some discussion on if we could afford it but a decision to save her was made for the kids.
So it wasn’t the money that made me think about killing her, and it wasn’t the canceled camping trip. Even though that trip was for me to boost my spirits.
It was what she did on her fourth night back from the vets. I caught her climbing late one night when she was meant to be bedridden. When I woke up the whole house, she made it back to her bed before everyone could see her for the false god she is.

There were mumbles as everyone else went back to bed about the chemo really having an affect on me. That night I knew she couldn’t outlive me, ok, the precise moment was when it won the staring competetion for the next seven weeks my whole family fussed over her, I mean you all found out I was dying the week before her accident and yet you worry about her slender frame (without comment on the chemo racking my body) and all but give her a gold star for her stupidity, someone always at home for her. Worshipping a false god can change anybody.

The food is wedged under a signed 1990 Collingwood Premiership Port Bottle, the only way to get the food out without breaking the bottle is to lift the bottle out first.
When she breaks that bottle swiping at the pigs ear to get it out our humans will have forgotten that they got me after I was kicked out of training to be an assistance dog, I barked at one cat and I flunked.
These are the kind of humans that will choose sports over a god and euthanasise her on principle. Did I mention I an Essendon fan?

Do I end the wrapup on that note? Yeah, I certainly think so.

Thank you again to everyone that took the time to create such amazing works. I think this should lay to rest the fear people may have that if they were to start writing blogs or journals or any other kind of thing, that it wouldn’t be original.

Look at how differently each person took the same starting idea and ran with it. How much more original will your own efforts inevitably end up being if the original seed for your growing idea came from your own passion and point of view?

Wrapup for the writing? Look, shiny!

Thank you to everyone that took part in the writing challenge!

I had no idea so many folks would participate. I knew that a few would, and I knew they’d be amazing stories. Holy cowsareus, there was even a song! It’s not the quality that has stunned me, I expected that. It’s the quantity!

Cassie saw that I was swamped yesterday and spent a couple hours putting together a compilation post for the wrapup. What she did, though, was follow each link to the original website and copy the entire thing, then put it in the post with a link.

It took a lot of work, but it wasn’t what I’d been intending, because if a reader came here and read someone else’s work in it’s entirety, would they really feel like following the link through to the website and commenting to the author?

I know that there is a certain amount of truth to the idea that not many folks are going to follow every link to read stories on other websites and come back here, but this wasn’t about pagehits for me, and if someone wrote something on their blog, it’s their property and people should go there to read and enjoy it.

I love what MMO Melting Pot does in that regard, they do a theme post, put links to other blogs that are relevant to the theme, add an exerpt of the destination article and their own commentary. It’s bloody perfect. Helps guide people to awesome articles they may have missed, gives a teaser to entice you to go read the whole thing, and adds a little value with their own opinions. Bloody perfect for the community, in my mind.

Now that I think of it, if I do the wrapup, everyone will be coming here and giving me pagehits as they go back and forth to stories.

Hey, Hugh… err, you wouldn’t happen to be interested in doing a wrapup post, would you? Umm, then people would give YOU the pagehits as they go back and forth to all the stories! Yeah, that’s it!

What, a lot of work? Oh, pshaw, it wouldn’t be nuthin’! It’s not like there were, oh, dozens of stories or anything. How bad could it be?

/whistles / runslikehell

Well, while you wait for me to get above water so I can get a compilation together that showcases your awesome writing, you can just go and, oh, I dunno… read about Mists of Pandaria since half the WoW world got into the beta last night. How does that sound?

Sound good?

Ah, and once again the community of WoW writers becomes split by those that CAN have first hand access to whatever they want to investigate in the beta, and those who CANNOT.

This time, we’re going to get the added pain of those bloggers that committed to an Annual Pass thinking that at least this way they were assured of beta access to write their info posts now being pissed because they didn’t actually get in on the first wave like they thought they would.

The beta invites are only coming through “in waves”.

People may be polite, but if you think there isn’t a little angst out there this morning as MMO Champion pours out the coverage, effectively getting info ‘firsts’ while others bang on the door begging to be let in, then you don’t know the blogosphere like I do.

It’s all good. Damn, there are some awesome Druid Minor Glyphs!