I Strongly Encourage You To Read This. Please.

Apple Cider Mage wrote an article earlier today, and I strongly encourage you to please take the time to go read it, if you haven’t already.

People write for many different reasons, but one thing I always stress here in my personal writing the importance of being yourself, and of being honest.

One thing you will find with Apple Cider is a person truly being herself, and being absolutely honest.

You will also find one of the most courageous writers I have ever seen.

If you do not write in a public forum yourself, let me share with you that the post Apple Cider wrote humbles me with the courage she has shown.

No bullshit, to have the strength to face what she has and is facing on a daily basis, to deal with it and fight like hell to stop it, to never give up and find the strength to deal with it anyway ongoing, and then to write it all down like that and share it with all of us?

Let me say that again. To write it all down, to publish it, to make it all public and bare herself to the possibility of even MORE harassment and pain in order to share her life, her experiences with other people, and hopefully show anyone else in a similar situation that you are not alone, and you do NOT have to suffer without help. And to also offer a guide to helping deal with that kind of abuse immediately after.

To give us a brief taste of ย her ongoing nightmare, to grab us by the balls and make us feel, just for a moment, a small glimmer of what she has had to deal with and give us hope that there are things that can be done.

And to show us just how fucked up the entire system is that it is THAT DAMN HARD to stop a complete bastard if he’s determined to make one person’s life a living hell.

Her courage and strength are incredible, and I am in awe.

She has shown, to me at least, that she is the ideal I wish I could strive for every day.

Please. Take the time, read her post, and if after reading it you feel moved to offer your own support and encouragement, please do.

Oh, and run on sentences. I haz them.

I wonder. Is it against the law to suggest that I really do wish it were easy enough to just get the pricks address, drive up and pop a few in the back of his head? I bet it is. Good thing I would never say something that screwed up, not even in jest.

26 thoughts on “I Strongly Encourage You To Read This. Please.

  1. Tripple B – thank you for reminding us to be Human is being the best that we can be. Sharing the light from another from your own platform is a great part of that, I’d have never gone to that site (no mages in my barn). I was touched by your comments and moved by both blogs. You’ve made my day better and made me better for the day. Thank you!


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  4. Its a pretty screwed up world where some emotionally stunted excuse for a living being can get away with mental torture for YEARS and suffer virtually no consequences for it. I just cannot believe that he’s not currently sharing a cell with someone making his own life hell, for what he’s done.

    My heart goes out to Apple – I can’t begin to imagine the torment she’s been through, and the stress it must cause. xxx


  5. Cudos BBB.
    And a BIG don’t sell yourself short to Apple Cider Mage, you got more chutzpah than the testicularly-challenged individual who has been your bane.

    Gotta admit though, the story brought to mind an old saying:
    “There are very few problems in life that cannot be solved by the proper applications of high explosives”…shame certain things are illegal, ain’t it?


  6. Wow, she sounds like she’s made of steel coated with velvet. Most everyone I know would have lost their mind under an prolonged assault like this.

    It is clear that she has tons of evidence against this asshole and if there was any justice in our society he’d get taken down fast. Sadly though our laws do more to provide cover to the guilty than relief to the innocent, especially in cases of harassment over the internet.


  7. Thank you BBB for sharing and linking. Everyday I wish I could blog like you guys.. I R DUMB, however.


  8. That creep deserves to die in a fire. Seriously, someone needs to go and wreck his shit. (Pardon the language.) I bet a couple people showing up at his dorm to have “harsh words” and “take his computer offline” would do the trick.

    Damn. >.< this makes a peaceable fellow mad.


  9. BBB you’re a tank in more ways than in WoW ๐Ÿ˜›

    your support and cheering for the wow blogging community is one of the many things that keeps me reading your stuff. And will keep me reading long after i quit WoW (if/when that happens)

    I read Apples post, and had to fight back rage and tears, and by the end the urge to stand up and cheer.

    Another blog added to my google reader list thanks to your good self ๐Ÿ™‚

    Take care


  10. Thank you for linking this. I’m very impressed with how tough she is, I don’t know if I could handle that as well as she has. Reading it also made me grateful for my guild family, who’ve been supportive of each other through some awful real life situations.


  11. I’ve complimented you before on your staunch support for those of us in the community who face adversity, harassment, and discrimination. I just want to comment on your very last statement:

    It is neither wrong nor illegal to say that, nor to think it would be satisfying to do. What matters is /not to do it/. And that is a fine line in the sand that seems so terribly in the rear view mirror for many. To know that what we feel is an honest feeling, but to know that acting on it would be wrong.

    Part of me, the part of me that has spent a lifetime being an emotional, and sometimes physical, punching bag makes me want no more than to punch people like Apple Cider’s tormentor in the face, repeatedly. But I wouldn’t, even if I could, I hope. But it makes me sad, and so very frustrated, that the only option left in the world seems to be to let it happen. It feels like a decent society would protect each other, but instead, the world we live in protects the attackers, and I just do not understand why.


    • To be honest… I am the sort of person who would.

      I used to have many philosophical and moral discussions on this theme with my friend Mark. He’s a mormon with an extremely well thought out moral code, and our conversations on whether or not torture was right or not, and some of the hypotheticals we spun out, made for some damn interesting conversations.

      In the end, many of our conversations would end on the question, “Who is so absolutely certain of their facts and in the justness of their cause that they could take upon themselves the role of executioner in the act of harming or killing another human being? For if you are wrong, if there is in fact any possibility that you are wrong in your belief that you know the facts or that the punishment you intend to inflict is justified by the crime you think occurred, the crime that you commit is as heinous as any you seek to avenge.”


      • To that, I give you the original BMF:
        “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brotherโ€™s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy My brothers. And you will know My name is the Lord when I lay My vengeance upon thee.”


    • Thank you very much for your kind words, Errol. Ah, how could I ever forget that day, or that story. Much though I’ve tried.


  12. triple b has some power wheather he wants to admit it or not.
    i hleped him get his hits. and read all he sudjests. even gnomer ๐Ÿ™‚


  13. wow i just read her blog. how fucked up are people?
    if you read this apple id love to help.
    i posted on your site to.
    sadly all i can say is wow wtf.
    dotn give up people love you the right way too


  14. thank you…omg, so much. This post is making me choke up a little. I’ve had such overwhelming support today and I just don’t even know what to do. It certainly makes dealing with the consequences easier. :>


  15. triple b. i discovered you when. when wow took away my tree form. and i needed good tank advise. i threw temper tantrum and never healed again. i went tank and needed advice. you had the best advice. loved it. i kept reading you cause of your righting style i love it. i was very disappointed you took down post. huge gratz on 2 mil. you earned it. i helped you get it. i read you religiosly. love your style.
    been reading your blog. for very long time. very entertaining to me.

    your biggest fail on me. i dont read you at lunch i read on train ride home.
    you an increadibly good writer. im disappointed when no new blog.
    when i write it like monkey throwing paint at a board. but i apriciate an artist
    if yu know when they took tree away that when i started reading you.
    i look forward to it. was afraid your were going to quit when you took down post.
    love you triple b. now going to read that post because you sudjested it.
    long time reader. i helped you get your millions.

    im proud of that. yur righting style got me


  16. You know, when I read Apple Cider Mage’s post earlier I reflected on how, in a simpler age, such a person would find themselves facing the full strength and fury of their victim’s social support… in person. In what, I’m sure, would be a completely nonviolent, calm, and reasoned encounter, designed to explain to that individual the moral and personal merits of reforming their behavior.


    • I just have this image of us all getting together for a barbeque on the guy’s front lawn. Inviting him to come enjoy a hot dog … and then the Bear can start with the sea stories.


      • If you put me next to him with a lit fire nearby, it wouldn’t end well for someone…

        And I’d eventually leave something charred and smoking that would need to be pissed on to put it out.

        On the other hand, have you ever used a grill to cook hot dogs wrapped in bacon and held in place with little toothpicks? You have to soak the toothpicks first, of course, but mmm mmm good!


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