Stay Tuned

The Bear family and I are afk, vacationing at the Walt Disney World Resorts.

Sadly, the blog shall be quite quiet while we’re gone.

This vacation shit is hard work. For those of you who know me well, it should come as no surprise that we have theorycrafted the optimum multi park timeline to gain the most fun without wasted resources.

So far, we’ve nailed the objectives, but the blister boss is taking multiple tries (and nightly lotion) to down, and we experienced our first wipe when Cassie was so stubborn she made herself pass out.

True story, I thought she had died right there in animation class at Hollywood Studios this morning.

Side note, Cassie says the EMTs at Hollywood Studios are very cranky people.

Anyway, stories are what you get when life happens, and we’re in some interesting ones.

I am not idle, this is a working holiday. I am diligently gathering research data for the most epicest Big bear Butt post ever seen.

When the post goes live, I’m not exaggerating when I say it will draw millions of pagehits all on its own.


It might also bring jail time, I’ve still got to check on that.

Still. Millions.

To use a favorite movie quote, “You just let your imagination run riot.”

In the meantime, if you find you miss your daily dose of Bear, you can find me on Twitter, I’m on it each day until the phone dies.

Just look for @bigbearbutt and follow the bacon jokes. You can’t miss me.

14 thoughts on “Stay Tuned

  1. The wisdom that I have inherited, now as parent of a small one who will want to go there a few years down the road, involves working out a compromise between the impulse of the pater familias to maximize the experience if for no other reason than the sheer expense of it all, and the fact that no child can stand that much walking, activity, and heat without a nap at some point, or he or she will turn into a decidedly non-Disney-esque basket case by about 3:30 pm.

    I’ve born witness to this in the Magic Kingdom itself, on the train. Some perfectly normal 8 year old had clearly reached his limit, and no matter how his apparently north Floridian mother admonished or cajoled him to “kewl it!”, and “shaddup!”, little puddin head was past the point of reason.

    It’s supposed to be about them, though, right? I think that it’s unlikely they’ll remember what they miss, if you don’t see everything, and nap time is still powerfully valuable to me as tiMe I also get to nap. Hell, nothing signals vacation to me as much as a nap, be it in Disney or elsewhere.

    Anyway, kudos to you, BBB, for carrying out your duty as an American dad. I didn’t make it there until I was 30. You are definitely doing well by your boy. 🙂


  2. Mmm… turkey leg and then the shooting game in Frontierland, my favorite spot in any Magic Kingdom. A tiny taste of the frontier, but with flush toilets and air conditioning? WIN!


  3. Walt’s cryogenically frozen head is most pleased with Sir Bear and his brave companions, I have no doubt.

    Cannot wait.

    2,000,000 can’t be wrong.


  4. Movie quote from Lethal Weapon 2. The South African guy talking to Murtaugh about what they are doing to his kids during the midnight “visit”. Am I right? Do I win?


  5. Hope you have a totally awesome trip BBB, its not Disney but I saw this place the other day and had to grab a snap as I thought of you out there.

    Its in Leicester, England… tempting to change your holiday destination I know but I really wouldn’t!


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