If you follow MMO Champion this morning, there is one damn thing I want to shout from the rooftops. Then I’m off to work, I swear.

The new Druid Glyph of Fae Silence adds a silence component to Faerie Fire.

You hear that, mother f&(*%^?

Druids done be getting a RANGED SILENCE!

That is all.

12 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS!

  1. For PVE this is good news!

    Whether to use this glyph for pvp or not is a good question – I am so used to spamming FFF on rogues to keep them out of stealth that a 15 second cooldown makes me pause and think if I really want the ranged interrupt or not.


  2. Say, umm, that ranged silence. Does that work only on enemy mobs? I mean, can you also use it to shut up the &*#$& !^$%# *&@ DPS who goes “go. go. go. go.”… ?
    Hey, I’m still dreaming, OK? Don’t wake me up!


  3. I’m pleased with the ranged silence, but I guess I’m so used to not having one I can’t really get all that excited. I know how to live without it. It’s nice, but … what really excites me is the Chameleon glyph. Or is the idea of ever-changing hair only exciting because I’m a troll?


  4. *coughcough*Solar Beam*coughcough*

    Balance has had this toy to play with…nice to see the bears and kittehs get some silence love, too. 🙂

    I cannot wait to get Glyph of Stars, Stag and Orca…those will rock!

    (goes back to play and wait for her invite to the Beta to arrive)


  5. OMG Hellz yeah! About time too! Wait, doesn’t this put our only ranged ability on a 15 second cool down? Meh, guess I’ll be carrying large amounts of dust then.


  6. Ahhhhh… so THAT is what woke me up this morning all the way in St. Cloud… I wondered why someone was yelling about silence 🙂


  7. Epic news is epic 🙂

    I also LOVE the Stag glyph – especially with the lack of flying (that’s still in, right?) 10k+ gold for a bike? suck it bitches – I’m my own mount! /dance


  8. This is stupendously good news. This was the biggest single quality-of-life issue I had with Druid vs my Pala and DK alt-tanks. Now they can gather even more dust than they already do!


  9. I’m so happy I could cry! That’s the biggest thing that has always bugged me about bear tanking, they’re the only tank with no way to pull caster mobs. BUT NO MORE!! MUAH HAH HAH! GET OVER HERE!

    Seriously, as much as I’ve poo-pood the setting for pandaria and pandaren, I have been LOVING all the under-the-hood system changes that are happening! The talent changes, the glyph changes, the little quality of life stuff like AoE looting, it’s all fantastic!


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