Wrapup for the writing? Look, shiny!

Thank you to everyone that took part in the writing challenge!

I had no idea so many folks would participate. I knew that a few would, and I knew they’d be amazing stories. Holy cowsareus, there was even a song! It’s not the quality that has stunned me, I expected that. It’s the quantity!

Cassie saw that I was swamped yesterday and spent a couple hours putting together a compilation post for the wrapup. What she did, though, was follow each link to the original website and copy the entire thing, then put it in the post with a link.

It took a lot of work, but it wasn’t what I’d been intending, because if a reader came here and read someone else’s work in it’s entirety, would they really feel like following the link through to the website and commenting to the author?

I know that there is a certain amount of truth to the idea that not many folks are going to follow every link to read stories on other websites and come back here, but this wasn’t about pagehits for me, and if someone wrote something on their blog, it’s their property and people should go there to read and enjoy it.

I love what MMO Melting Pot does in that regard, they do a theme post, put links to other blogs that are relevant to the theme, add an exerpt of the destination article and their own commentary. It’s bloody perfect. Helps guide people to awesome articles they may have missed, gives a teaser to entice you to go read the whole thing, and adds a little value with their own opinions. Bloody perfect for the community, in my mind.

Now that I think of it, if I do the wrapup, everyone will be coming here and giving me pagehits as they go back and forth to stories.

Hey, Hugh… err, you wouldn’t happen to be interested in doing a wrapup post, would you? Umm, then people would give YOU the pagehits as they go back and forth to all the stories! Yeah, that’s it!

What, a lot of work? Oh, pshaw, it wouldn’t be nuthin’! It’s not like there were, oh, dozens of stories or anything. How bad could it be?

/whistles / runslikehell

Well, while you wait for me to get above water so I can get a compilation together that showcases your awesome writing, you can just go and, oh, I dunno… read about Mists of Pandaria since half the WoW world got into the beta last night. How does that sound?

Sound good?

Ah, and once again the community of WoW writers becomes split by those that CAN have first hand access to whatever they want to investigate in the beta, and those who CANNOT.

This time, we’re going to get the added pain of those bloggers that committed to an Annual Pass thinking that at least this way they were assured of beta access to write their info posts now being pissed because they didn’t actually get in on the first wave like they thought they would.

The beta invites are only coming through “in waves”.

People may be polite, but if you think there isn’t a little angst out there this morning as MMO Champion pours out the coverage, effectively getting info ‘firsts’ while others bang on the door begging to be let in, then you don’t know the blogosphere like I do.

It’s all good. Damn, there are some awesome Druid Minor Glyphs!

7 thoughts on “Wrapup for the writing? Look, shiny!

    • Well, what I’ve seen is the comments and pingbacks and links are scattered across all posts related to the writing challenge.

      On the positive side, the community has been insanely active in it. Have you seen Navie’s poem?

      Which isn’t fair to single one person out, since every one has been incredible. Thank god my fellow students in high school didn’t put out that kind of effort and talent or I would have failed on the curve.


  1. So, the other morning I was getting kind of mired in the “it won’t be good enough” inner voice, and a young squire reminded me of some of the best writing advice –write for one person. I usually have that “one person” in mind when I write, patiently waiting in the audience, even if it’s a reflection of myself, until the show begins. So, I guess what I am saying is, your pagehits never, ever crossed my mind. This was your hosting of a writers’ group, and if there is a question of page hits, well, I guess then you deserve them. “It’s my part and I’ll page hit if I want to?” But you do have a point – dodging back and forth to make sure I didn’t miss one, well, thank you to Cassie for her hard work, and yes, Hugh – how about it?

    My primary focus when I was an art major was printmaking (for gods’ sake!)). During one exchange semester with the Univ. of New Mexico, we pulled together a “suite” of prints, a numbered, signed collection all housed in the finest paper stock imaginable. (I still swoon when I’m in art supply stores.) This reminds me of that–everyone pulling together for a compliation around a theme.

    Oh, and Z – don’t be surprised if now you are one of those to whom I write. I’ll get you a good seat! I know the stage manager…:)


    • Matty,

      I never thought of it that way, but that’s how I write – to a singular audience member. My gaming group does a lot of extra-curricular gaming via email between sessions, and I typically write to the DM even when sending out a full party post. And for myself, but then I’m typically a jokester, who is the only one getting the jokes…


  2. BBB,

    Thanks for the link love. I really appreciate it! My blog hits went crazy yesterday. I ended with 111 hits! For a guy that is happy when it gets over 10, I was freakin’ delirious!

    This was a great idea. I was also stunned by the sheer number of entries. They were such a high quality as well. I can’t begin to even name them. I mean, posts like the Godmother’s, Rade’s, and OH My Freakin’ Gosh – DID YOU SEE MATTY’S BLOG?!?!?! It was a three act play!

    It was all so good. I’m still amazed.



  3. Additionally, it is wonderful that your challenge, as short as it was, enabled those without a blog to call their home to contribute.

    Some of the stories, written as comments, on your “Writing Challenge goes live tomorrow!”post are worthy of a blog to call home.


  4. Damn good idea… MMO Melting pot are the champs at bringing it all together…

    As for Beta… I’m keeping my eyes plugged and my ears shut.. that will change, but for now ignorance is bliss.

    Be seeing you soon!


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