Just Because I Had A Great Week

You ever hear someone say that people are people all over, and talk about how our parents or grandparents got up to the exact same things we all seem to think we invented? But you don’t believe them. These are OLD PEOPLE, and heck, they must have been born old and dull, right? Just like the modern generation invented drugs, alcohol, gambling, tattoos, rebellious secret languages and wild sex.


Okay, my sarcasm is being noted, but you’re still not buying the premise.

How about this.

Youtube or social media used to rant in the community about the boss you hate or the job you’ve got that sucks.

We invented social media, right? Our generation owns that. It’s our invention, those old fogies our parents weren’t smart enough or cool enough or radically crazy enough to shout their frustration across the entire geographical area for all time like we do. They may have invented those other things, but we’re the ones that took them and ran with them. They just didn’t have the imagination.


Ahem. Bullshit.

Check this out. 🙂

Warning… turn speakers on, and NSFW!!!

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