The Marvelous Butts of Disney

My family and I recently took a vacation trip of a lifetime to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

We did visit many parks in Orlando, including Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and the Animal Kingdom.

As you might imagine, we took a lot of pictures while we visited the various parks and resorts.

Cassie took many beautiful photos. They turned out wonderfully. Gorgeous sights and scenery suitable for all ages.

You don’t get to see those here.

You see, I took some pictures too.

Mine, you DO get to see.

I hereby present to you a Big Bear Butts view of the Marvelous Butts of Disney.

Let’s start off with those two rascally chipmunks, Chip and Dale. As you can see, these two were difficult to capture in the wild, although I tried several different angles, they defended their butts from direct viewing with skill and artistry. In the end, good solid profiles was the best I could arrange. I salute my opponents, and wish them well.


We will follow that gentle start with a look at the posteriors of those lovable toys from Toy Story. You’d think these would have been difficult, but I managed to get them all nailed to the wall. Oh yes, I got them, my pretties and their little horse, too.


Now I think it’s time to move over to the heroic side of Disney, with a few of my favorites from The Incredibles. Mrs Incredible was justifiably proud of her butt, but Frozone definitely stole the show with his butt shaking in the parade. He had all the moves, and I had a front row seat.


Now, rather than continue with specific themes, I’m going to assault your vision with butt after butt until you must stop and cry, ‘Enough!’


Whew! That was a lot of butts. Lumiere in particular was a pain in the… well, it was hard to get a crack at his… oh, heck, let’s just say the picture ain’t the greatest.

We ain’t done yet, though! I may be biased, but I saved the best butts for last.

I hereby present, in living color, the wonderful Big Bear Butts of Disney! Oh yeah, I went there.

I am particularly proud of the Baloo bear butt picture. I had to go deep into the jungle of The Animal Kingdom to go through the bushes and get behind that bear. Baloo was one heck of a difficult target to attack from the rear, JUST as you would expect from a highly skilled bear. In the end, this here Big Bear Butt got him, well, in the end.

I’ve got just a few last words on this project, I hope you’ll bear with me a moment.

First, this wouldn’t have been possible without the willing, nay EAGER assistance of my 9 year old son, Alex. He went that extra mile to keep on the lookout for butt shot opportunities, and yes, it turns out he is a crack shot indeed. He is directly responsible for there being any shot of Chip and Dale, and he actually called to my attention the wonderful opportunity to catch Eeyore in a vulnerable moment.

Cassie also contributed mightily to this project, indeed I’d say her perfect capture of the Lots O Huggin Bear was nothing short of spectacular.

Finally, I’d like to say that, while Alex went to great lengths to aid me in capturing the Butts of the Disney Princesses, going so far as to approach from one side for autographs so I could take pictures from the rear, in the end I could not in good conscience include them here.

In my opinion, it is one thing to take pictures in theme parks of anonymous actors in full body costumes and place them in a humourous suggestively-themed article. They are there for their pictures to be taken, and there is no way to identify the actor or actress within the costume. It’s something else entirely to take pictures of people who are merely wearing makeup and dressed in nice clothes, even if that makeup and those clothes are intended to resemble a famous character. They are still identifiable people, and portraying real people in any way other than respectfully wasn’t where I wanted to go with this.

So, no you don’t get my pictures of the butts of Snow White, Cindarella, Belle, Ariel, Mary Poppins or Alice.

But… they do exist. And isn’t the knowledge of their existing enough?

I think so.

Have a wonderful week, my friends, and enjoy imagining the kind of searches that will be bringing new readers to my door.

26 thoughts on “The Marvelous Butts of Disney

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  2. “But… they do exist. And isn’t the knowledge of their existing enough?”

    I see what you did there (albeit possibly unintentionally)! And I applaud you, Sir!

    Even if it was an unintentional paraphrase from Say Anything, it still made me remember that scene and the movie.

    And it looks like your trip was a huge success. Glad you had such a great time!


  3. My weekend consisted of taking photos of abandoned and burned buildings. Why do I get the sense that I got the short end of the stick on this one?


  4. You know… you could include the above-mentioned butts in close-up, cropped, and have a guessing comp on which butt belongs to which of Snow White, Cindarella, Belle, Ariel, Mary Poppins and Alice.
    Not that I’m a butt man and would use any excuse to see moar butts. Nor should there be any suggestion that I found this sight many moons ago while scanning the interwebs for the other type of bear butt ;))


  5. I am glad to get to the END of this post, at least with my response I am not bringing up the REAR… it’s ok, I’ll stop now. I don’t want to be the BUTT of any more jokes… ^^


      • I do love how you’ve gotten your son colluding for the pictures… I now fear your family as a team of elite something or others… Sounds like a story potential there somewhere.


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