Dedicated to my Maintenance Homies

For all of you that, like me, spend your lives getting called to someone’s side to fix their shit for them, because something “just happened, I didn’t do it, it just happened”, this is for you, my brothers and sisters.

The Equipment Operator Song;

All I ever do is bitch and pout,
I start up the machine and then I shout,
“Will somebody come and help me out,
I fucked up the machine and I can’t figure it out.”

5 thoughts on “Dedicated to my Maintenance Homies

  1. HA! I love it! Substitute “vehicle” or “car” in place of equipment and machine and it fits vehicle operators in the military to a T!


  2. If you’re not familiar with it, I highly suggest you check out the British comedy show called IT Crowd. Quite a few of their seasons (if not all of them) can be found on Netflix (streaming vid). It is a hoot and at times follows your method of thinking in this post. The show is centered around the “I.T. Department” in a corporation. What I love most about the show is that every time someone calls the I.T. Dept. they answer the phone saying “Hello, I.T.. Have you tried turning it on?” or “Hello, I.T.. Is the computer plugged in?”. hahahahahaha


  3. Graduating from UPT in a couple of weeks and have to say, that’s totally a pilot. I’m actually going to use that on the radio one day – shall I credit you with it?

    In other news, for the boy:

    He might enjoy this new movie coming.


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