Oh Garrosh Hellscream No!

Some of you who have been with me for the very longest time know that what to think if I were to say “Oh John Ringo No.”

I don’t have to say any more, now do I?

Oh, and if you haven’t read Princess of Wands, seriously, what’s stopping you? Go read it, it’s an awesome standalone book. I’m not in it so it’s missing 100% in awesome bears, but other than that, it’s brilliant. As I’ve said before.

Today, I read my Warchief’s Command Board, and through the tears and the pain and the howling cries, all I could think was, “Oh Garrosh Hellscream NO!”

I would hereby like to nominate Garrosh Hellscream as writer of my favorite humor post of the year 2012. If someone else thinks they can top that, good luck and pack a lunch, you’re gonna have to camp that shit all day.

Well done. Just flat out well done.

I laughed, I cried, I fell down. It changed my life. The end. 


12 thoughts on “Oh Garrosh Hellscream No!

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  2. Thought you might like to know that Ringo has another book in that series coming out in August I think. It’s called Queen of wands.


  3. Haha, that Garrosh transcript is hilarious!
    You just made my day Bear! What a laugh 🙂

    Now to explain my surprised colleagues what’s wrong with me…


  4. damit bear.
    i read you on a 10 minute bus ride. on my black berry.
    you had to throw that chalenge.
    im now 3 or 4 posts behind you. im only 3/4 of way thru the challenge read.
    im looping the dragons night song on my comp now. a coulple of girl wrote stories almost made me cry.
    well written shit.
    i dont have time to thank them all i hope they all read you and read this. or maybe you can put it somewere they all see
    im an old carpenter who can barly run his comp. i want to send all in challenge a ty for the entertainment and idk how with out this rply.
    alot replied it was big and alot of good writers.
    alot of difernt thinkers. if you have power to say ty to all for me i appreciate it.
    this best i know how to do
    ty all


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