The Cub Report – Happy Easter!

In a previous Cub Report, I mentioned that Alex was a huge fan of dragons, dragon mounts, and the golden dragon mount in particular.

We redirected his love of dragons (seriously, he brings home books about dragons from the school library) by running his Death Knight through the Culling of Stratholme timed run, and getting him a nice dragon mount that way.

He was quite happy, and everyone went on about their lives.

Easter time came, and with it the Noblegarden Egg Hunt.

Alex decided that hunting for eggs was the appropriate action for a worgen Druid, and proceeded to camp out in Goldshire for eggs.

His goals? Well, his first goal was to maintain rabbit form uptime as close to 100% as possible. The angst he displayed when the buff began to wear off was adorable… to a point. Thankfully, with the egg basket reward, he could have buffed run speed without being in a form other than bunneh.

Alex also decided that his chosen method was a mix of both camping and chasing… chasing until he found out just how vicious grown adults can be over digital eggs. Holy crap, people. Really?

His reason for collecting? The white bunny ear hat, the BLACK bunny ear hat, and the, of course, yes, the 500 egg mount.


Over the last week, Alex collected about 150 eggs. Oh yeah, and Cassie and I gathered the rest on his character. We made him finish it out, and then he went and did another 50 to get those black ears.

So, he has a mount, and he has black bunny ears (which he wears) and he has the white ones he got as a drop, along with four pet bunnehs, one for him and three to send to his alts.

It was a bunny extravaganza. He also has about ten of those bunny wands, so it’s going to be a long year of bunny parties.

He now cannot fly or fight for an hour, because he won’t do anything to cause his bunny buff to drop early. I fully expect his Druid to remain unplayed for the next six months, just so he is still a bunny.

Oh yes, and the Easter Bunny brought one other thing for Alex as well.

There might have been a golden dragon found inside one special egg.

He was just thrilled beyond words! He was having a sad face because he didn’t want to play his Druid and lose the bunneh buff™, but THIS caused him to forget that completely in his excitement!

The Easter Bunny gave it to him, and he is very happy, but we all know that the Easter Bunny has help, right?

In this case, the Easter Bunny was helped by a wonderful reader named Kyre, who decided to go out of her way to make a little boy’s heart light up with gold one day.

Now, Kyre decided to send Alex a golden dragon mount, and while he was told it was from the Easter Bunny, Cassie and I both know who it was that did that for him, and from both of us and from Alex too, thank you very much for your generosity.

And now, let me be the first to tell everyone else, please don’t send us any gifts. While it was very sweet and he is very happy, at the same time we have an arrangement, you and I.

Come closer, that I can whisper it in your ear.

I write stuff, and so long as you find it amusing, you read it. No gifts needed, no monetary encouragement required, no ads to skim past.

Sound good? I never feel that I am offering you top value in my writing here, so offering me gifts makes me feel just a little bit like a thief. I’m just writing this prattle, and you’re giving my son a moose. Er, pony. DRAGON! Right, dragon, sorry.

I think we got the better end of that arrangement, is what I’m saying. Not fair to you, not at all.

Now, once I get my fantasy novel completed to my satisfaction and in e-book form, then you might see me pandering here, okay? But until that time, this is all just between friends, you and I.

We’ve got an arrangement.

Now, that being said, I’m going to go buy Alex the new golden dragon pet, so he can have the pet next to him as he flies. He is going to freak!

Thank you again to Kyre, and also to everyone that continues to read, you are all my family, and it pleases me no end that we all get to be dysfunctional together.

12 thoughts on “The Cub Report – Happy Easter!

  1. *cough*
    “I write stuff, and so long as you find it amusing, you read it. No gifts needed, no monetary encouragement required, no ads to skim past.”
    Fair enough.
    We’ve got an arrangement.

    Well, kinda. The arrangement is that you sit there and educate, entertain, or at least distract me. In return, you allow me to post a reply, and might even consider no blocking said reply 😉

    I’m currently not in the position to incur your wrath by offering gifts, but the way I see it, it’s another aspect of that arrangement. By allowing some of us to do certain things, we might trigger new cub stories, other stories, etc, that we couldn’t possibly write as well as you do.

    Also: some people are just grateful for your writing and wish to express their gratitude in some way. You reap what you sow – suck it up 🙂

    I know what you’re saying, I’d probably feel the same if I had a regular blog with readers who liked what I write, etc. Just sayin’ 😉


  2. Yay to the peoples who helped make a kiddo’s Easter great! It makes me happy to read about people being kind.

    BOO to the jerkbutts who were mean about digital eggs! I know I had to arrange my egg hunting times to the dead of night to have ANY hope of getting some eggs on my main. Even then, I still got swore at by egg campers who were afk more than half the time. Not my fault if you’re left that egg there when I’ve passed you more than 3 times and you did nothing, Mr. Camper. Standing in one place doesn’t mean you own it.

    B3, you underestimate how much we all enjoy reading your stuff! I know I make a point to stop by at least every week to come read your blog. I’ve yet to be disappointed by a post, they’ve all be enjoyable.


  3. Suxxy, it’s all about mobile browsing! IPhone v websensed work comp – iPhone wins!

    Also, BBB, you are the gift that keeps on giving.


    • Excellent question!

      The answer is, he saw them and said they weren’t the fat bunnies, so he would let them go.


  4. B3, my biggest disappointment with your blog is when you changed web address to a site blocked at my work. No longer could I read both your thoughts and your eclectic readership who post here, at my leisure. Since that day (how long ago, I really have no idea) I now have to find time to read (which is why some of my comments are very late). But I’m still here, making you dig through that trash can like a big ol’ grizzly 😉


  5. To echo Elladrion. You underestimate how entertaining your blog is. Reading your comments, thoughts, and rants is something that I anticipate every day. You have an amazing outlook, and are able to put into words the feelings many of us have. It is an incredible comfort to read about someone else with the same experiences. Do not underestimate the joy you bring to those who read your blog every day. I do not post often, but I have been faithfully reading your blog for a very long time and have gotten countless hours of enjoyment over the years.


  6. I think you underestimate just how much entertainment you bring to people, and certainly undersell it’s value. I know you do it just because you love to write (the best reason to do ANYTHING in life), and that’s fantastic, but most people just like to read. You supply them with plenty of lighthearted, fun anecdotes many days a week, and you don’t even have a donate button anywhere like many blogs/webcomics (rightfully) do. We appreciate it more than you think is all I’m saying.

    On a side note, I love reading these cub reports. in a day where too many parents just plop their kids in front of the TV so they won’t have to do anything it’s wonderful to see parents that care and actively engage in their kids interests and get them engaged in their own. It also reminds me a LOT of my own father, I fully attribute my love of sci-fi and my love of modeling to watching movies (that mom most CERTAINLY would not have approved of!) with him late at night and building planes and cars and tanks on the weekends together. The cub stories bring me back to those days, and I love you for it.


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