Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys?

When I posted a while back on the joys of mogging my leveling Mage, Mahdia left a comment asking what the items were I had used for mogging her look.

I’ve been busy, but I havn’t forgotten.

Just like I still need a “player’s choice” section added to the sidebar, a list of favorite books, and some screenshots and blog posts about what the Easter Bunny got for Alex (and it’s not what you think. It’s far, far, FAR more awesome), I know I need to answer.

So much to do, so much to post. Time, time, ask me for anything but TIME! /endnapoleanrant

As a refresher, here was the pic of my Mage, Unbearable;

Unbearable is sporting an outfit that I intended to wear when I created the character, an outfit to wear for most of me leveling time.

I chose her appearance during creation knowing she would be wearing that outfit. Yes, I’m silly, sue me.

The foundation of the outfit is the most expensive part; the Black Velvet Robes.

On my server, the robes frequently appear on the Auction House at 500 gold or so. I saw them and picked them up for the Mage before she was created, because I wanted to wear them fairly soon. There was an alternative; The Silver-Thread Robe, coupled with the Stylish Black Shirt (as mentioned in the Wowhead article on the Black Velvet Robes). I didn’t feel like fishing, and I had the gold, so I went with the Velvet option.

To go with the robes, I chose slightly different items than I saw commonly recommended.

For shoulders, I chose Vital Shoulders. The colors aren’t quite perfect, as they would be with the Flameseer Mantle (a drop in Uldaman), Batwing Mantle (a drop from a rare mob in Razorfen Kraal) or Darkcloth Shoulders (a reward for turning in the Swords Deck at the Darkmoon Faire). The best benefit for the Vital Shoulders is that I could equip them without having to solo instances, but I can replace them once I’m higher level with a more perfect match. Vitals are readily available on the Auction House. 🙂

I also wanted a touch of color so it wasn’t unrelievedly black and grey, so I chose for a belt the Durable Belt (of Fiery Wrath), which has a simple look with a gold belt buckle. Another item that is easily found on the Auction House.

To accessorize and pull together the outfit, I chose gloves that would vanish up the sleeves with a color that matches the grey of the sleeves with just a touch of gold trim for the belt, the crafted Black Mageweave Gloves.

My favorite touch is the staff, because it brings elegance with it’s straight lines and glowing purple gems; the Magician Staff (of whatever). For something so nice, it’s a surprise how easy it is to find on the Auction House.

So, for a lower-level character that can’t solo things, I’ve been very pleased with how nice an outfit you can put together. It may not be fancy Tier, or a complete set of something, but it looks good just the same.

Mahdia, I hope that helps, and thanks for asking! Have a great weekend.

10 thoughts on “Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys?

  1. Im not a mogger, but I saw Unbearable and was “woah” I could go alliance to make a drenaei mage like that, then I thought about Belfs… hmmm I dunno, will get back to you about which way Ive gone, Im currently playing with 2 new druids… on an oceanic realm and transferring 2 pieces of BOA between them depending on which I play… crazy.


  2. I’ve just started to consider getting into mogging (late to the party, I know .. but my main is an undead priest … NOTHING seems to look good on her!). Someone in our guild has been raving about an addon they’ve come across: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/mogit – I’ve only just downloaded it so not had time to play, but it looks like its an ingame dressing up box 😉


    • Yeah, that’s a quite useful addon.
      I started to collect all BoE greens and blues that dropped during my equip-farm-runs through various dungeons in a separate guild bank and if I or some of my guild mates are looking for some special-looking item (armor or weapon) I use this addon to search through the guild bank visually.
      Especially the “sort-by-colour” mode is helpful, not quite exact, but better than nothing.


    • Mhh…if blizzard will pay my bills ;-))

      I have to say that the black set wasn’t my first attempt to transmog my mage. It is inspired by bearbutt’s posting.

      If you have to go to a festive dinner party, you can wear this one.

      Or on a hunt (for rare drops greens for example) you can look like this.


  3. Woohoo, one little question and a complete post as an answer. Thanks very much!
    In the meantime – between your two posts – I crawled WoWHead for black/grey items, and that’s whta I have found:

    The Black Velevt Robes as the foundation have no alternativ. So I checked the Auction Hause and got one for 50 Gold (wasn’t it a deal ;-))
    For the Shoulders I have an really black alternative for you: Silver-Thread Amice, but Flameseer-Mantle is equal.
    So, by looking at your picture and adding some of my own style rules I came out with this black set. Dark, but elegant as a mage should be…

    Thanx for your post, and have a lot of fun with transmogrification, so I do.


    • Those gloves look great! I just wish it wasn’t a fishing drop. 😦

      Your set really does look quite spectacular!


      • Well, I personally love fishing, especially the Stranglethorn fishing contest. It’s a thrilling adventure,

        But concerning the gloves: You don’t have to fish them. Grind Gnomeregan (I know, not everyones favorite dungeon), or (as always) check the auction house. I for myself was very lucky to get them in my 3rd Gnome-Run, but 0.xxx drop rate is really low.


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