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A while back, I asked for your suggestions on archived posts, or other things that I should add on the sidebar lest they should be forgot.

I haven’t forgotten all of the comments and suggestions you took the time to offer me. It’s just busy as hell around here. You know, little things like vacations and new jobs and shitstorms of drama, all that good stuff.

I’ll truly get to implementing your ideas, this post is my promise and proof that I haven’t forgotten.

One thing that was suggested was that I place a “Bears Favorite Books” list on the sidebar.

I’m going to end up removing the “Now Reading” plugin to put a list up, which will work better all the way around. Frankly, I read far too many books in a short amount of time to keep the damn thing updated. I go through a few a day most days, who the heck can remember to login multiple times to update that I dropped one on the floor and picked up another? Or that I’m bored with where I was on one, and happened to pickup a Sin City trade in the bathroom for a mid-book break?

Sitting down, nailing an “Absolute favoritist books” list? And then updating it when I truly add a new ‘absolute favoritist’? That I think I can manage.

And there, all of that build up is just to say, I HAVE an update to the non-existent list of favoritist books that is only in my head.

I read a book a week ago. One of you recommended it in a Tweet to me, I reserved a digital copy through the public library for Kindle, and finally got it a week ago.

The book is Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.

I started the book late in the evening, which was a bad move, since that meant I couldn’t put the damn thing down until about 4 AM. No skimming, no speed reading, I devoured every single word with loving attention.

I’ll admit, the book had me worried at the beginning. I didn’t know Ernest Cline from Ernest Heming… oh wait, I’ve read all of Hemingway’s books. Umm… I didn’t know Ernest Cline from Ernie Pyle. Er, shit, Ernie and Bert?

Okay, it turns out I know a lot of Ernies well.

At the time, I didn’t know Ernest Cline, is what I’m getting at here, and thus when certain forays were made into literary territory that threatened a descent into tired science fiction tropes, I didn’t have a lot of faith or trust in his being able to avoid them.

I admit it. I started out with a sci-fi fan chip on my shoulder, with my finger pointed at the book, daring it not to suck.

I just got a flash image of an authoritarian figure, pointing at a book on the ground, with the caption “I DARE you not to suck!” stuck in my head. No, I don’t know why, my head just works like that.

Thank GOD I stopped concentrating on the finger, or I would have missed all of that heavenly glory!

Seriously. Enough from me.

Read the damn book.

Mannyac? Read the book.

Friends? Read the book. I dare you to allow yourself to be entertained!

I gave it a week without returning it, read a bunch of other stuff to cleanse my palate.

Yep. I started reading it again today.

Go get it. Read it, borrow it from the library.

I wonder if there is an audiobook, I’d like to listen to it in the car. I bet there is, there is an audiobook for everything these days.

I think it would be worth, and this is a hell of a leap for me, I think it would be worth my paying actual money to buy it for future re-reading. In hardcover.

Damn, I hope they make a movie. I can’t see how they could, but I hope somehow they do.

What are you doing here? READ THE BOOK!

20 thoughts on “Recommended Reading

  1. I’m not really one for audio books actually — I really like holding the actual book in my hands. It’s hard, because of that, to actually find reviews of “Enter Player One” that deal with the actual hrad book instead of the audio book and sometimes there is a marked difference :/ I was lucky that a friend referred me to the website of a radio show she follows called “The Book Report” — apparently its broadcast over the weekend on a local AM radio station in Miami and she’s hooked on it. I jsut checked their website ( and yesterday’s show is already archived and I was able to finally hear a total review on the hardcover version and it was pretty good. Mya want to check out yourself, but I will admit that your recommendation has def made me give the whole book itself another look.


    • I got the audio book last night. 13 cds, and Wil Wheaton really is that expressive reading it. I’m going to rip them all so I can put the whole thing on a flash drive. My car stereo has a usb input port to recognize mp3 and play automatically.


  2. I read Ready Player One. I enjoyed Ready Player One. I wished that there was something like that for me. However, I have to admit, while I grew up in that era, man, I hated a lot of the things that the creator of that Virtual World was fond of. Like Pac Man. Which I sucked at in the extreme. Extreme extreme.


    • I was a pacman master, getting to the repeatable stages every time. But I never got every dot/kill for points, I focused on board victory.


  3. Bear I’m curious, have you ever read perdido street station? There is a lot of fabulous imagery that I’m almost certain you would enjoy


  4. I just read that. It’s WONDERFUL! One of my gaming friends recommended it to me. I read it in two evenings, had terrible trouble putting it down to sleep the first night!


    • Hasteur has it right!

      Listening to it read by Wil Wheaton is a double-geeky pleasure.

      Especially when he reads a section talking about the “great Wil Wheaton” being revered in the future. Very recursive 🙂

      The story is really fun and has lots to love — obsessive geek heroes, evil corporations, hacking, VR, giant robots, quests, and a world-changing scavenger hunt. Plus growing up through the 70s and 80s, I’d watched all those movies, listened to all those songs and played (almost) all those games. A real nostalgia trip!

      Good call!

      (Now I’ve got to watch his movie, “Fanboys” — I hear its a road trip tribute to Star War die hard fans.


  5. I too read Ready Player One in something less than a day….It was such a fun read. It’s definitely a book I recommend to all my friends.


  6. I, too, read and LOVED Ready Player One. I would never have heard of it if not for a blog post from my absolute favorite author, Pat Rothfuss. I can’t find the exact post at the moment, but it’s gotta be there somewhere. If you haven’t read Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicles (Book 1 is The Name of the Wind, Book 2 is The Wise Man’s Fear), please do give them a try!


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