Great Bountiful Mountables!

I haven’t said anything. I haven’t even whispered it, even to myself. Saying it may jinx it.

But Blizzard had suggested, along with account shared Achievement and Pets for Pet Battle, they were thinking, possibly, maybe, probably not but could be, that they would make Mounts be shared across accounts as well.

I kept that on the down low. Some things are just too sweet to believe until it happens.

According to MMO Champion (and WoW Insider, of course) the latest Beta build saw Mounts go shared account wide (at least, server wide).

It may be buggy, it may have gaps or quirks, but it’s playable. The time is now. The Mounts have come upon us.

Oh dear lord, yes.

You know, Pets are awesome. My main, Bigbearbutt the Feral Druid, has over 150 pets. I think I’m at 158 now, and I’ve got room to grow. Haven’t gotten any Darkmoon pets yet, for example. I could, conceivably, reach 175 pets before Mists is launched.

But Mounts… ah yes, mounts.

I love mounts. But my Druid is also my main for reputation, for doing stuff, for being there when really cool shit drops… and I only ever use the same three mounts.

I ride along the ground on my Sethekk Halls chicken mount, an iconic mount once requiring a Druid just to activate the boss encounter, thus coming to be thought of as “that damn Druid mount that never drops”.

I fly through the sky snatching Herbs in my Epic Flight Form. Damn, I love my flight form. Always have, always will. Did you know that in the last Beta build I played, you could choose either the Epic OR the normal appearance of Flight Form? Pretty cool, huh?

And then, of course, I have my Epic Dragon Form. It’s mine, and it’s exclusive to Druids. Druids only.

Oh, shush.

This… this changes everything. Now, I actually have a REASON to go out on my Druid and hunt for moar mounts. I have an excuse to go run through old instances, farm rep, and do all the things that I like doing anyway.

But now, instead of being asked what I’m doing, and saying “Oh, just running through some stuffs looking for transmog gear”, I can say, “Farming mounts, of course.”

Or better yes, “Farming mounts for my Priest. Of Course.”

Oh, it’s going to be so much fun!

And so painful, running stuff and not seeing things drop for the 3,000th time trying!

I know there are some folks that will find reasons to complain, but I can assure you, I am nothing but 100% delighted. Those characters that earned multiple reps that other characters already had, just to get mounts, were not time wasted… because I have enjoyed those mounts for all the time since I earned them. There was no waste involved. I enjoyed playing the game to get them, and I enjoyed playing the game with the mounts. Now, even more characters can have the same opportunity.


12 thoughts on “Great Bountiful Mountables!

  1. man – just tried looking on Beta – only mounts are toon-specific now – and my pre-made monk lost all his mounts – granted, the game is crashing all the damn time – so may be worth waiting for a build or two…


  2. Very happy about this. I was silently (or maybe not so silently) hopeful it would happen. They suggested they wanted to do it, but didn’t think it’d make it for launch. Which largely made me sad because my paladin (my old main) has the tundra mammoth – having somewhere to sell while levelling up to 90 – awesomeness! It also means I can go ahead and make my Mekgineer’s Chopper!

    What seems to be interesting is the 100 mounts/100 pet achievements have disappeared on beta so it’s giving me some motivation to get to those achievements before MoP (hello Nagrand… yes I do want 9 mounts from you).

    The profession based mounts have a profession level requirement – so even if they go account wide you won’t be able to use them on your other toons until you have the required profession – that is already the case (as I see regularly when guppet tries to mount me up on a flying carpet without tailoring any more).


  3. I am drooling in anticipation. Now my main can ride the stone drake my hunter got by pure luck as a level 84 and my hunter can ride the nether rays I spent ages farming rep for!


  4. That would be awesome if all of my guys could get the bring a friend Zevra mount. My druid also is my main mount guy, but I rarely use any of the flight ones because of flight form.


  5. Think about the holiday mount farming. You actually wouldn’t mind getting a mount on an alt if this stays live. Now the horseman’s mount can disappoint me even more!


    • This means I can finally delete that extra Brewfest Ram my alt has in her bank that I kept in the sad hope I could mail to my main toon (and she can ride his Kodo in exchange).


  6. In the beta, yes, you are able to choose swift or normal flight form. But normal flight form doesn’t get the speed boost to swift. Don’t believe me? You can check your current speed in the default character panel.
    Makes me a sad Druid. I prefer normal form over swift…


  7. I noticed something on Beta I hope is a bug, or at least “not working as intended.”

    Non-Warlocks on Dreadsteeds.

    This is an abomination that can not go unpunished! We shall rain (green) Fire from the heavens until our mounts become class exclusive again!

    I’m sure it’s just something they overlooked. I can’t imagine they’ll let Paladins ride Warlock or Death Knight mounts.

    Also? Everyone on the beta today is riding either Anzu or a Mechano-Hog. That’s why I pulled out my White Polar Bear mount. Had to stand out from the crowd a little.


    • You will never have your green fire, warlock. The paladins will deny you at every turn! Despair in your poverty! DESPAIR!

      My lock, however, would love green fire. But my paladin is my main, and he has total control over the others. No green fire for the lock…


  8. Will the mounts that are profession-only remain profession-only? I have a Tailor with a flying carpet…would my non-Tailors now get to use the carpet?


    • I have not looked it up, but I believe I saw a comment that the exceptions when it went live were going to be profession-exclusive mounts and class-specific mounts. And also very possibly the daily quest Dinosaur/Wintersaber.


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