Mug of Coffee Pleasure +5

I have an announcement to make!

I have attained another level in my ‘adult’ base class by becoming a strong adopter of hot morning beverages.

In other words, I now drink coffee more than anything else, all morning long. Just like my parents, and my grandparents, and so forth.

Now, my beverage of choice is coffee, but I’m not going to be elitist about this. While I myself haven’t gone for one of the prestige classes built around Latte or Chai Tea, and I haven’t taken the disadvantage “Expensive Name Brand Vendor Only” in order to qualify for a higher social standing prestige class, I can appreciate what a delightfully diverse culture the hot morning beverage crowd has become.

Still. For me, it’s all about the coffee.

Coffee like you get in the generic can, with the color dot that says “not too strong, not too light, straight down the middle like a wuss afraid to fight”.

I’m interested in branching out, I keep an open mind. I’m not prejudiced, I like experimenting with the occasional Celestial Seasonings blend, a Mocha or a Latte, just for a taste of something different.

Seasonal coffees like Pumpkin Spice on a cold winter morning, mmmmm, yummy.

I found the Cinnamon-flavored coffee was amazing. It won my heart, yes it did.

I went back to get cases to stock up, only to find it gone without a trace. No location code, no shelf space, and the store has never carried it again.

It has become the Coffee That Must Not Be Named. Truly, it’s flavor was good, but now that I cannot have it, it has become that most exquisite of tastes, exotic and mysterious, never to be equalled.

I think, in fact, that the reason it was pulled was because it was tooΒ seductive.

It posed a threat to our modern American way of life. Homeland Security labeled cinnamon coffee a terrorist threat, and took it away, never to be seen again. If you listen close, you can hear the rubber hoses beat the beans and smell the grounds burn under the glare of the high-intensity lights.

Coffee that good? Too dangerous for mere mortals to comprehend or consume without terrifying effects.

I don’t like to think on the horrors that poor coffee may be suffering in a cell in Gitmo.

Instead, I like to think that the cinnamon coffee I sampled and now desire above all other blends was destined for the hallowed halls of Asgard, and it was a simple UPS sorting error that sent it to lowly Aldi’s Store #78545 instead.

A terrible fate may have been averted in the nick of time. Who could say what wonders or terrors my typing fingers may have bashed out under it’s divine influence?

The world will never know. The world was not MEANT to know!

Whew! Crisis averted.


Oh, right. Coffee.

I be drinking coffee, and by coffee I mean a hot brew. I do not drink chilled coffee. To me, chilled coffee is what happens when you’re writing a long blog post, bring the cup up to take a sip, and make a face. Blech! Cold coffee. Shudder.

Nothing for it then but to prove geek cred by applying microwave radiation directly on tepid liquid, infusing pure, raw power into my beverage, power born of SCIENCE!

This post is not meant to be a passionate statement about coffee. That’s a bonus.

No, this is meant to be a message for all those like me who delight in the drinking of a nice, hot drink now and then.

While my hero Jack Reacher has his own thoughts on the perfect vessel to drink coffee from, what I like is a heavy ceramic mug, thick walled and oversized.

When we visited Walt Disney World, I saw the perfect mug, and carefully carted it back intact to our home on the other side of the country.

I have now been testing this mug. I’m not gonna endorse a mug until I’ve put it through it’s paces.

Well, I’m here to tell you, this mug is the cats meow.

I happily present to you, the Tigger Coffee Mug.

Now, I understand your concern when you see the words “oversized”.

Yeah right, heard that one before. What, it can hold a whole extra teaspoon? I need the ounces to be weighty, I have typing to do!

Allow me to reassure you. It is, indeed, oversized.

Here is my mug next to my other beverage of choice for the purposes of comparison.

There. That sucker will EAT the mountain dew can. Step off, dew, You’ve been warned.

So there you have it, my friends. When you’ve got a payload as powerful as coffee, shouldn’t you have a delivery system that shows the world you are SERIOUS about what you do?

Of course you should. πŸ™‚

30 thoughts on “Mug of Coffee Pleasure +5

  1. Ah, yes, coffee. Or: The thing that keeps me running!
    I do like my coffee black and strong – I did post some Garfield cartoon as a warning next to the coffee maker at work, and my cow-orkers have been advised to water theirs down if I made the coffee.

    The Tigger cup is awesome, though. One of those should get you through most of the morning πŸ™‚

    And Mountain Dew… well… it’s the juice that makes dentists rich. If you drink a lot of that stuff, they can tell.


  2. Oh man. I have to pipe up here. Go to the grocery store, find a bag of Dunkin’ Donuts brand French Vanilla coffee. I used to nab various foo-foo flavors in the tiny wee little bags, but ever since I found the Dunkin’ Donuts stuff — seriously. It’s crack. In a cup. Delicious, delicious crack in a cup.

    P.S. Love the mug!


  3. Just as obsessive about tea. I brew it double strong (and black) in the morning and fill up an air pot. Dispense about 6 oz of liquid creativity at a time, toss it down before it gets too cold and I start sorting molecules of air based on their orientation


  4. Tigger mug! (Pounce) Now THAT’S a coffee mug.

    I roast my own beans sometimes… never liked flavored coffee myself; if you drink GOOD coffee, you don’t need any other flavors. Used to take several roasts of the same type of coffee to potlucks… light, medium and dark, all the same beans, just to show how much difference there is. Sumatra, with the right roast, actually has blueberry flavors in it without any additives at all.


  5. My #1 drink, all day every day- coffee with a couple spoonfuls of Ovaltine, and some flavored creamer (current favorite is International Delights Southern Butter Pecan). I have to use a normal sized mug though, because I tend to sip it slowly, so it’s usually starting to get cold (yuck) as I’m finishing.

    And in addition to the cinnamon stick in the filter, there are some cinnamon flavored creamers you could try.


  6. That is an awesome mug!

    I recently discovered the joys of different types of brewed coffee myself. Used to be an instant coffee drinker in my life before moving to the US.

    I find that you can grind small batches of coffee (recently ground tastes better to me) in most stores like Giant, Wegmans, Haris Teeter etc. At least here where I live in Northern VA, most tend to have a good selection of flavors and taste quite good (as long as they’re fresh – freshly ground and then stored air tight).

    There is a “Death by Chocolate” blend of coffee that I like I lot at Giant – it has cocoa mixed in with the coffee beans for a very nice chocolate taste.

    You said you already have a contraption for brewing your coffee but if you ever explore alternate brewing methods, check out the aero press. (

    I love the science behind it (uniform mixing of water and the ground coffee) and it does make really smooth tasting coffee. I am by no means a coffee snob but I really love the coffee I get out of this thing.


  7. Times have sure changed. I remember (I AM quoting BBB here) “It smells really good but I don’t know how you can drink it”


  8. The best coffee I’ve ever found comes from the interweb – I’ve become very fond of Ethiopian Harrar (, Mocha Java (, and African Cinnamon (

    I recently bought a Keurig coffee maker (and a my k-cup), so I can have a cup whenever I want without having to brew a whole pot. No cream, no sugar, just good ol’ nectar of the gods. It’s also really handy for making a cup of tea if desired (“tea, earl grey, hot”).

    I leave you with this quote: “It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion, It is by the beans of Java the thoughts acquire speed, the hands acquire shaking, the shaking becomes a warning. It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion” – The Programmer’s Mantra (parodied from the Mentat Mantra in David Lynch’s Dune (film).


  9. Wow… your coffee cup is sooooooooo BIG!

    You know what they say about men with big coffee cups, right?

    They drink alot of coffee


  10. Bear, try to find Melitta brand. IT is very good. I’m in canada, so we have Tim Hortons. It’s a chain restaurant across the country. They make an addictive brew. Enjoy your java! (remember to put a dash of salt in your grinds too, it makes the water hotter)


  11. A fine mug indeed. Personally I use a large black, Deatheaters mug my brother was kind enough to procure for me on a trip he made to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. As I tell the folks in the office: “It’s not what it says about me, it’s what it says about my boss.”
    Welcome to the world of brewed caffeine delivery systems B^3!


  12. I didn’t drink coffee until I was in the army…and then when I worked in radio and the mornings I had to get up at 3:30 to be at the station an hour later. Then it wasn’t so much a question of IF, but how much. To this day there’s nothing better than a day like this morning…a nice breeze in the air and sitting outside or in the front porch, reading my blogroll with coffee in hand.

    And cold coffee? Ew. Seriously.


  13. Ahh coffee….how I hate thee…..Many long hours I spent with coffee while driving across the great USA in my big rig. I did prefer my coffee a little on the chilled side, not cold, but not hot either. This seemed to happen because of the excess milk I would always put in my coffee, though I must admit, some of the best, and worst coffee can be found at the truck stops off the beaten path. Wish I could go back to them and market their coffee…hmm now that is a thought.

    Anyways enjoy your coffee, I learned the best way to drink it, is to drink it the way you like it. Every person on this planet will have their own way and method and brew, find what works for you, hot or cold or lukewarm, it is the best part of waking up!


  14. As JdJdJd said, a cinnamon stick in the filter with the coffee should do the trick and you should get several uses from on stick. I don’t recommend using ground cinnamon (although it does work) because it clogs the filter and you can get overflow….

    Personally, tea is my beverage of choice in it’s many varieties (in a Bodum Pavina glass/mug)

    Truly, the Tigger mug is most impressive and I know someone who’s headed for Disney next month. Must negotiate! I’ll bet it will be perfect for hot cocoa too


    • I’m going to try the stick. I use a black and decker cup at a time brewer, so I will try cutting the stick in half.


    • It only takes about 1/4 to 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon in the grounds to get good flavor (but I tend to prefer a light flavor, or even just the aroma of cinnamon). I’ve never had a problem with clogging, and I always use a gold foil reusable filter. Also, consider buying whole bean and grinding daily. Whole bean holds peak flavor about a week, ground begins to break done almost immediately. And don’t put coffee in the freezer, just protect from light, moisture and air.

      If you want to try an even more elite secondary tradeskill, try ground cardamom. Definitely an acquired taste, but common practice in middle eastern countries.


  15. I will confirm that, IMHO, that IS indeed the best coffee mug ever. In fact, I want one… I do not have enough Tigger mugs yet (just 5 of them). ❀

    I now have Mountain Dew envy thanks to you… We only have Sugar Free RedBull in the UK! 😦


  16. I am truly addicted to Diet Mountain Dew, and drink it like water. I was never one of the coffee set until a coworker introduced me to a poor man’s mocha…one packet of Swiss Miss in an oversized coffee mug, pour in coffee, stir. If I have more than one of those in a day, it’s Richochet Rabbit time…whereas, I can drink Diet Mountain Dew all day, and sleep like a baby. πŸ™‚


  17. While I cannot handle coffee, I’ve found I’ve grown quite fond of herbal tea in my “old” age. One of my favorites? Orange cinnamon. Pure heaven in a mug!

    I suffered a pang of longing when I saw that Diet Mountain Dew (I refuse to use the abbreviation!). I used to drink it daily until I found it was worsening my gout attacks and making me ill in other ways. I’m better these days, but I still miss the taste, and the caffeine buzz.


  18. It has become the Coffee That Must Not Be Named. Truly, it’s flavor was good, but now that I cannot have it, it has become that most exquisite of tastes, exotic and mysterious, never to be equalled.

    Ben & Jerry’s keeps doing that to me with ice cream flavors. Incidentally, the first of my favorites to vanish was Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz. It reappears sporadically, sometimes in mutated form.

    Cinnamon sticks are great in tea, gonna have to try that in coffee. Oh, how about cinnamon coffee ice cream? Someone needs to make that happen.


    • I have never forgiven McDonalds here in the UK for withdrawing root beer. I can’t find anywhere that sells the stuff like it tastes in the US. Sainsburydid for a while, about 8 years ago, but then switched to some other brand which is pure evil.

      Nevertheless, coffee for the win! Tea, in any shape, form or disguise, is the devil’s urine.


  19. I left coffee for diet mountain dew, myself, after going to coffee to get away from coke zero. I have no real good explanation for any of this.


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  21. Bear, I love that mug, it is indeed perfect. But not for coffee, I’m afraid. At least not in Portugal. If you drink our black coffee in one of those mugs you’d be havin’ a serious heart condition in least time than it takes to write a bear wall. If you travel this way leave the tiger at home. Just a friendly advice from one coffee drinker to another. πŸ˜‰


  22. About that cinnamon coffee. Lots of restaurant in Mexico serve cinnamon coffee. At least they used to. The easiest way to make it yourself it to put a cinnamon stick in the grounds when you brew it at home. If you can’t find whole cinnamon sticks in your market in the spice section, try the ethnic food section. They normally have little clear packets of spices etc there in the hispanic foods. It would be called canela there. You might find it in both places. The one in the ethnic foods aisle will be cheaper.

    Just put it in with the dry grounds at the start. You may even be able to get more then one use out of a stick.



  23. I must concur with your general point that coffee is awesome.

    I find I cannot function through the day, nor fall asleep at night, without having at least one massively oversized cup.


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