The Annals of Awesome

Welcome to an entry in what I am going to call The Annals of Awesome™.

I came home tonight and asked Cassie what she might have been thinking for dinner. Her reply was, “I was thinking quesadillas and soup. We still have half a pound of bacon, so I thought we could fry up the bacon and add that in for…. bacon and cheese quesadillas.”

Crunchy bacon and delicious melted cheese in a grilled flour tortilla?

Oh yeah. 

“Dear”, I said afterwards, “These quesadillas are five star. At least.”

She just looked at me with a serious expression, and replied, “You can’t rate food five star when bacon is involved. It skews the results. I could take ice cream, sprinkle bacon on top and drizzle with strawberry sauce and caramel and you’d call it five star.”

To which my jaw dropped, and I made dot noises like this, “…..”

Ice cream with bacon, strawberry sauce and caramel?


17 thoughts on “The Annals of Awesome

  1. Jack in the Box has Bacon shakes… but the strawberry and caramel topping would make the lowly bacon shake unto the mighty king of domination.


  2. We have a thread on our guild web site called, “Bacon,” that’s been going strong since April 03, 2009. I don’t remember seeing anything repeated.

    The wonders of bacon will never cease.


  3. Just so you know, my wife walked by and saw “Big Bear Butt” and “Annals of Awesome” and said “What are you looking at? They can’t even spell it correctly”.


  4. I’ve had maple bacon ice cream, the real thing, handmade at an indy cafe, and it was seriously good. And that’s not just the bacon talking 😉


  5. I am gong to have to disagree here: there is something about the sanctity of strawberry ice cream and bacon that need to stay separate, forever and anon. Perhaps this is a “less is more” sublime reach for nirvana, but combining two gods of taste will not create anything more supernaturally fantastic–I need my bacon, and I need my strawberry ice cream, preferably Blue Bell (taste from childhood) or homemade by my dad. Bacon fits with my grandmother’s big southern breakfasts, scrambled eggs (with a consistency I still cannot duplicate), gravy, biscuits, and sausage, too–yes, sausage AND bacon. As always, I love that you made me think.


  6. I recently cooked mashed potato by Blumenthal’s recipe. Amazing shift in flavor. My favourite thing with bacon is maple syrup. You just know that much sugar, salt and fat can’t be good for you:). Have you tried speck instead of bacon?


  7. Quick! Patent that ice cream idea! You’ll be MILLIONAIRES! 😉

    I have to admit, I found the ice cream idea yummy sounding. However, my tastes are strange.


  8. LOL .. I love the “dot noises” 😛 Not completely getting the whole ice cream and bacon thing – although both are pretty lush seperately, I just can’t really imagine them together – but I think this is more a girl “they just shouldn’t!” rather than I can’t imagine it tasting nice …

    BTW … we only recently discovered quesadillas – they’re AWESOME!


  9. Your Cassie understands you (and the male mind in general) so very well, BBB. Cherish her!

    My wife is similar in her understanding of the importance of bacon in the human diet. Never begrudges me a bacon, that woman.

    Also, the ice cream thing sounds intriguing… you must update us on how that turns out.


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