Asking for some Emergency Mobilization

I apologize for the last minute nature of this request, but I am asking for your help in a very personal matter.

I am asking for you to vote in a poll/contest.

I completely understand if you don’t want to, but I really hope you will, and if you do, the sad thing is it pretty much has to happen tonight. Like, right now.

Here is the situation.

There is a website called is a website devoted to encouraging the play of and passion for violas. There are forums and discussions devoted to the viola, and all things said it is a nice website run for those who are already devoted to the viola as a musical instrument, and they also try and encourage more people to pick up the viola and play for the first time.

Now, a while back in January, started a contest, where people could submit a video they created themselves into a contest, and the most popular video as determined by a poll on the sidebar of the website by a certain time would win an actual viola.

Of course, that final day is today. The last chance for votes is tonight.

Here we come to the personal part.

My brother-in-laws’ daughter, Jessica, is a college student currently studying her tail off to be a veterinarian here in Minnesota. She works full time to support herself and pay for her schooling, and while I have never personally been a struggling student, Cassie was, and I think a lot of you who I consider my friends know full well what that’s like.

Jessica, besides fulfilling her dream of studying to be a veterinarian, is also passionate about the viola. She played one in band for years, is ardent enough in her love of the instrument to be a member of the website.

As you can imagine, she can’t really afford one of her own. For Jessica, this contest seemed like the perfect opportunity to try and earn one through her creativity and let her passion shine through.

She created a video for the contest using claymation, and submitted it back in January.

The contest ends tonight, yes tonight, and she is currently not doing very well.

I am only JUST NOW finding out that Jessica, who is really, gotta say, hellaciously smart and creative and hard working, was doing any of this. I had no clue that she was trying to unleash the power of the internet and friends and reach out to those who might cheer her on and so forth.

Yes, I know. You see, I am family, but this was one of those ‘word of mouth friends and family on Facebook’ things, and of course everyone just assumed someone else had mentioned it to me.

I’m not on Facebook. Go figure. I had no idea.

As you know, I don’t really know anybody on the internet, and there is no way I could find a friend or two to vote and help out. Oh, of course not. Sigh.

Now, it can be hard to find where the stuff about the contest actually IS on the website. It seems in earnest, but for example it will be hard for people to judge and vote for Jessica, since over the last few months her entry got, well, no longer where it’s easy to find out of the three contestants.

That’s right, Jessica is one of THREE final contestants, but you can[‘t easily find her video to judge it on it’s merits.

I can help you with that. Here is the video Jessica created on her own for the contest;

The contest rules are supposed to be on the site somewhere, but it boils down that, in order to vote, you have to register as a member, and then you can vote once and only once on the poll on the side. You can’t vote more than once per email address OR IP address. This isn’t a contest to try and spoof the poll, it’s a simple “I liked this better so here is my one vote” situation.

I ask of you to watch the video Jessica made for the contest, and if you like it, I hope you will go to the website, register, and then vote for Jessica in the poll.

I really, really would appreciate it. This would mean a lot to me.

Remember, please only vote once. But, and I’m serious here, if you watch the video and like it, please vote.

Thank you all for your time.


14 thoughts on “Asking for some Emergency Mobilization

  1. Also late to vote, but glad Jessica got the viola! Maybe she could make a little video of herself playing it?


  2. Dammit, the one day I DON’T check your site for an update… so I missed the voting. That was a cute little bit of claymation, and reading forward, glad Jessica got rewarded for it.

    But I want to call you out as a liar right here and now: I know for a fact that your niece never played viola in band.

    … the proper term is “orchestra.” “Band” has no stringed instruments at all. 😉


    • Huh… when I went to school in Miami, it was all called band, and I should know… I had band for all my electives one year, taking bass clarinet in one class and regular clarinet at advanced class in the other.

      Times DO move on, and my apologies.


  3. Just went to to see what they were going to do about the tie. Long story short, the other guy in the tie donated his votes to Jessica – so she won! Grats to you BBB for helping your relative out. And thanks to all who voted (I got to this thread WAY too late).


  4. I two went to try and vote but was not able to. What is really sad is how the “violaman” handled all of this mess. To come out and attack and accuse someone of the things he did, when it was his own shortsightedness that caused the issues in the first place. Even in one of his forum posts he says that he did not even think he would ever get 3 posts. So what it seems he was after was some free advertisement for his site and is now trying to get out of having to honer his contest. I hope that is not the case, for Jessica’s sake, but I would not hold my breath. OH and Great Video Jessica!!!


  5. Just registered with the intention of voting. It’s still the 29th here, but the website is showing the 30th, and I can’t find anywhere to vote. At the moment, it’s tied 45 votes for each of them. Best of luck to her!


  6. Fourthed! I went to vote, but alas no vote button since it’s stuck in UTC timezone and I can’t see where to change that 😦


  7. Grrr, same issue as Iru and Cinder. I’d like to vote to push her over the edge, but no vote button is availble for me :


  8. 6.30 BST – poll apparently not long closed on a tie. Too late for me to vote, sadly, but if they do voting for the winner of the tie, let us know.


  9. @cinder: same here. I think it’s a timezone think

    @bbb: shows jessica & headcheese a dead heat now, and some people ticked that she got some very late support

    Seems like the Internet IS for drama. Who knew?


  10. I can’t figure out how to vote, right side shows results, but no links/radio buttons to vote with, just a link to the video


    • Thank you!

      Sadly, at last count the opponent is up by 5, no way I’ms eeing for Jessica to win. Every time she gets a few, Headcheese gets 3 more. These things happen, at least we had a chance, even if only at the last minute, to have more positive feedback on her video. I really think it’s pretty awesome.

      She says it took her about 20 hours to create. I hesitate to ask her to do a bear claymation for me… but maybe I can get her to teach me how to take a swing at one. 🙂

      Really, thank you all, everyone who did vote. We tried, we gave it our all, and that’s all anyone could ever ask.

      Really, thank you.


  11. It’s a cute video.

    Done, and posting to MY facebook. She’s running just a few votes behind now BBB, so maybe we can all put it out for you.



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