Thank you for your help!

For everyone who pounced on the voting last night, you have my thanks and a hearty “well done!”

While it’s true that the poll was shut down as a tie, and it’s unclear how things will turn out, I think that what you folks did was amazing.

The fact is, the voting was stagnant in that contest for a long time. While it ended in a tie last night, it didn’t finish with a lackluster showing. Thanks to you, there was some seriously dramatic moments last night.

The contest poll, after being open for months, started in the low twenties last night. In just a few hours, you pushed it to 45 votes, and inspired the other contestant to rise to meet the challenge.

I don’t know where the votes came from for the other contestant, but I know if I were the one running the contest, and I was the one who stated publicly that the purpose of the contest was to increase pageviews and drive traffic to my website, then mission darn well accomplished. You guys rock!

For Jessica, I haven’t spoken with her yet today, but I know her well enough to think that just having had your support in this, and the kind comments some of you have made concerning her video, will mean a great deal. I’m sure she’s upset at how it all ended, but at least it’s over. Err, oh wait. Tie. Right. Ah well, at least it’s out of our hands.

If there is anyone I feel bad for, it is the third contestant, Kristen, who only had one vote. That has to hurt. And by hurt, I mean suck really, really bad.

Thank you again everyone, I really appreciate the effort you made, and I hope that your day and week go by swimmingly.

You know, swimmingly. Like, don’t stop or you’ll sink, man.

4 thoughts on “Thank you for your help!

  1. Sorry I missed your post yesterday or would have been happy to help out (my son plays violin and I know how expensive a decent stringed instrument can be). But really pleased to see it looks like Jessica won:

    “…Together, we decided it was time to honor the talent, effort and patience that Jessica put into her entry without any further delays.
    To do so, Pierre is graciously allowing me to “donate” my votes to Jessica’s entry.
    Congratulations, Jessica. It was a great video and I hope it serves as an introduction to the sort of talent you’ll be adding to the family!”

    Sounds like a decision with a lot of class. Think I’ll go create an account retroactively just to show my support (who knows, maybe it’ll encourage my son to pick up a second instrument).

    – Calbry


    • I agree, it sounds as though the folks did decide to move on, and award Jessica the viola.

      Very cool of them, very cool indeed.


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