Regulators… mount up!

Oh sure, I get the blue beetle, Cassie gets the sporty green Lambo, and that damn kid has the Ferrari. Go figure.

The expansion, she be coming, and that means….


It’s kind of funny, really.

I never pursued mounts as a quantity kind of thing before. As long as each of my characters had their own ‘unique’ ride to fit their character, I was happy.

Hadn’t ever pursued the expensive mounts (except to be a Dragon, of course), hadn’t ever spent much time trying to get any of the unobtainium forged flyers. Chances were good I’d get them on my main, and, well…

Flight Form trumps all else.

Shared mounts. Account wide.

This is delightful.

As you can see from the picture above, I’ve taken the news as a spur to drive me on to doing some of the things I never spent much time on before.

Like clearing trash in AQ40, looking for a shiny red ride.

Yes, my son ninja’ed the red one from me. Oh hell yes he did, too. No, I’m not joking, he totally jacked my ride.

And killing the first boss in Karazhan, every week, on every character that can solo it, until that damn horsie dropped out of sheer exhaustion.

I can’t stop looking at those eyes… those damn, knowing green eyes… what have they seen?

I love soloing content on my Druid. Always have. Mostly, I don’t. Over the years I finally faced up to the truth that I really am that shallow… if there ain’t something I want out of it, something concrete I could carry away, I’m not going to do it more than once. After I’ve had the thrill of exploration and adventure, I’m not going back.

Unless there are shinies of some sort.

It’s a hard truth to accept, but there it is.

Is there an enchant that might drop? A chance for a rare mount? Neat looking transmog gear?

If I can’t use it, I’m not gonna solo it.

If we made all gear drops Bind on Account, I’d never leave my Druid again, except when Team Snuffy needed a Priest to heal. I’d just run as a Druid and hand shit off to my alts, man.

Caer Morrighan has a great pair of posts on pursuing the Mountain O’ Mounts achievement, and I’ve been following it on my Druid as much as I can, with an eye toward soloable content.

The ‘Bind on Account’ thing is supposed to really mean ‘on Account’. Like, taking into account all characters on ALL SERVERS. There was a blue post that made that point very clear.

If I take into account the mounts I have across all characters… I think I might have 100 right now. Maybe.

Or… maybe I’m missing one.

One little RED ONE.

Little red ride jacking ninja mutter grumble mutter…

4 thoughts on “Regulators… mount up!

  1. Wouldn’t it be epic if flight form was one of the account wide mounts? I would actually do stuff on my other toons… instant flight is that big a deal for me. It was actually why I started a druid in the first place – my bff Jill was a druid, I was a paladin… he flew off, I ‘summoned’. I was sad. I wanted that. I power leveled my druid and my Paladin (and DK and Shaman and Rogue) have all paid the price for not having flight form.


  2. Pro Tip: Farm the trash packs before the first boss. You can then use the ‘five hits an hour’ thing (and the dungeon reset) without the need for dragging yourself through the entire instance. I’ve had the red mount drop once from those packs, and several guildies have been lucky in the same way.


    • Yeah, this is how I got the four AQ ones for myself, and when my guildies asked what I was doing, I got a bunch of sidekicks. We all got the red mount, and the other three. Go in, kill all the trash to the first boss, go out, reset.

      Only problem I ever had on it was with my paladin; With her low DPS, she took a long time to kill stuff, and one of the giant mooks had a self heal. I couldn’t kill him, he couldn’t kill me, so we eventually gave up out of mutual exhaustion.


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