A Mess of a Mountain

I have a minor movement coming from my desire for mount mastery.

It’s too long for another Tweet by this twit, but probably too short for a bear posting in the woods.

Meh, wth.

Back at the tail end of Burning Crusade, I posted about my excitement over the newly announced engineering gadget, the two person motorcycle.

I was so thrilled. My Hunter, my second favorite character was an engineer. I was going to farm rep, level engineering, and make myself a badass bike.

I even worked up a biker set, with eyepatch, for cruising.

I dreamed of how awesome it would be if your displayed combat pet would appear in the sidecar, wearing goggles perhaps.

Tongue out, happily riding along…  We could form Azeroth biker gangs, but instead of Sturgis, we could have Booty Bay as our battling, brawling backwater burg to descend on.

Diablo’s Demons could swarm down and brawl with Tyriel’s Terrors, and the Golden Goblins could take bets on the fights.

Things didn’t quite go according to plan. 🙂

I leveled my Hunter as planned, got the rep, trained in engineering, even flew out to the trainer in Howling Fjord.

I never bought the recipe. I never made the bike.

Right when everything came together for my hunter, I got so disgusted with things on the server and guild at Kael’thas that I came as close as I ever have to shutting it all down and walking away.

I did cut myself loose from everything that was causing Cassie and myself so much angst. Just stepped back, looked around, and said “real pain and suffering from things in a video game is unacceptable, and it’s on us to make a change.”

I can look back now and say it was definitely the right move for us. We haven’t had any stress or pain come from game related stuff ever since.

The problem I have now is, when I came to the new server, I made a new Hunter. Leveled from scratch, raided, adventured, built a whole new history.

I barely even remember I had a different Hunter. Just moved on down the road.

Without a motorcycle.

Well, that is just perfect.

Now I want the motorcycle, and I have a character that could make one, but they’re broke as hell and abandoned on another server without any support, no gear to even get in a normal instance with, no simple method for getting the cash to build a bike.

All the options sound equally stupid.

Server transfer? But I’ve GOT a Hunter I connect with and love. I don’t need a second, not that I have the space for one anyway.

Level engineering and grind rep again? But I did that once, and I don’t have any rep at all. Side effects of speed leveling past Cataclysm.

So..  buy one off the AH, I guess?

But I can make one myself, why spend the additional price, that is silly.

Seems as though, no matter what I finally do…

I’m going to feel like a dumbass.

Too bad you can’t have a Leatherworking pattern that would let you make leather biker jackets that displayed your guild symbol on the back. That would rock.

Also too bad they haven’t added the ability for guild leaders to create their own guild symbols and submit them to Blizzard for approval.

Still, even if there were…


Dumbass, I’m telling you.

13 thoughts on “A Mess of a Mountain

  1. I love the biker jacket idea, so much more stylish than a tabard!

    What I’d really love to see is pets riding in the sidecar instead of running alongside. Initially I wanted this for hunter pets, but with Pet Battles coming I’d make the case for minipets, too. What’s even more badass than a motorcycle? A motorcycle with a T-Rex in it!

    If I ever succeed in training my pets to click on summoning portals, maybe it’s a small jump from there to getting them in vehicles.


  2. Well… a couple potential options.
    1. Guild engeneer? I think Black Bear’s hunter might be one. To help offset the costs, I’d be willing to jump in and help by going into Ulduar so he can skin Flame Levathan and XT in hopes of getting spare parts (which he totally helped me do on my hunter, I’m willing to help him out to do the same).
    2. Buy the recipe on your hunter, same deal as before, I’ll help you with your hunter to skin robots in Ulduar to help with the money grind. Then you will have it when cross mounts happen.

    Lemme know if I can help man… my Pali tank is almost geared, and my Priest healer is pretty well geared now (and we can cross realm dungeon)


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  4. there just happens to be a dwarf rogue (who is exceedingly handsome) on your server now that has the best discounts and can build said motorbike….I’ll log on sometime this weekend if you wants then vroom vroom


  5. I would suggest grinding the mats (which should be fairly straightforward) and then finding a L25 Guild with an engineer, which will get you the best discount you can afford for the vendor-purchased spare parts.

    I’d also point out, before I go, that Engineers will be getting rocket mounts (by the looks) come Pandaria.

    You might yet want to think about doing the grind again :p


  6. Flame Leviathan is probably going to be close to soloable in Mists, so getting the mats is likely going to get less expensive.


    • He’s two manable now… XT is ALMOST 2 manable… With some creative CC, 3 of us were able to rock it
      Hunter, (PvP geared) Priest, and (PvP geared) Rogue.


  7. Too bad you can’t have a Leatherworking pattern that would let you make leather biker jackets that displayed your guild symbol on the back. That would rock.

    That would be SO awesome! My Engineer-Hunter has also considered making the bike… but I didn’t want to finish grinding the rep just to be able to buy the pattern. But if my LW could make a guild-symbol-emblazoned biker jacket to wear while riding the bike? Yeah, then I think I’d go back and grind the rep and the gold to be able to make myself a bike.


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