NO, I guess I won’t be getting a motorcycle

Thanks go to MMO Champion for posting a short blurb listing the mounts that will NOT be Account Wide.

In addition to the class mounts and others I assumed wouldn’t be shared, like the Warlock and Paladin mounts, there were these listed that will, again, NOT be shared account wide;

Grand Expedition Yak – MoP 3 person mount with vendors
Grand Ice Mammoth – Sons of Hodir 3 person mount
Ice Mammoth – Sons of Hodir 1 person mount
Mechano-Hog – Engineering 2 person mount
Mekgineer’s Chopper – Engineering 2 person mount
Sandstone Drake – Vial of the Sands dragon mount 2 person mount
Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth – Dalaran vendor-sold three person mount with vendors



You know, that right there, the mentality behind that list and what it shows, just pretty much chilled me on the expansion, and really, WoW itself. All the fun and excitement I have had, carried on, and was the center of my playtime just vanished.

I’m not even going to bother debating it. This just feels like a personal Fah-Que from Blizz to me. It doesn’t matter how illogical that sounds, apparently I have that one thing that is just one fun-killing thing too far, that curtain that, once pulled aside, reveals the person pulling the strings and ruins the magic trick, and this one was mine.

Honestly. I’m a bit sad. I just went from someone that cared passionately, to someone that doesn’t even care to log in, and sure as hell doesn’t see a point to continue paying for this joyless machine.

That every mount I could use to give my son a lift to somewhere was just blocked outright, not even just the ones that I worked my ass off to earn the gold to buy or craft but all of them, just… you know, Blizz you can take this game and shove it up your ass.

I’m out.

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  1. Man – BBB – I feel your pain – I actually grinded up engineering to max-Wrath on an alt to do 2x FL skinning per week to hope to offset some of the costs of the 2-person bike in hopes I could have it available pre-cata – so all my toons (10 @ lvl 85) could use it. That, combined with the hopes that all my toons could use the vendor-mount to unload junk while leveling, and have access to a portable repair station are dashed as well… ugg…


  2. Well, considering the scope of it – *all* the other mounts will be shared, where once they were not – it’s still pretty super. Besides, do you really need all your mounts on all your toons? Sure, it’s fun, but what are the likely implications for you in terms of how you play?

    I see this as an unexpected awesome thing that we had no reason to expect. A gift horse (hahaha). Sure, it’s not quite as comprehensively cool, but there’s still much cause for celebration – kinda like when you were a kid hoping for an NES for Christmas, and even though you were hoping for the one that came with R.O.B. the Robot, you still got one that came with the zapper. And they only ever made 2 games for R.O.B. anyway.

    Point being, it’s pretty awesome, and the fun of being a passenger kinda wanes after a minute or so. And there’s the flippin’ Druid glyph! Perspective. πŸ™‚


  3. I’m with the bear on this one. In fact, there is less of an arguement for gold sink and profession made mounts than there is for rep based mounts, which it seems are account wide.

    Re: profession based mounts. Keeping them not account wide will reduce income from these mounts, not increase it. There is no way I could be bothered to farm an Chopper on all my toons, and I change toons a lot so that means I won’t bother at all. If it was account wide, I would bother because I would have it no matter what my main is. I’m sure I’m far from being alone in this approach.

    Re: gold sinks. Its the same thing. Of the list the only one I have is the Tundra Mammoth. I would never bother buying another one of these mounts because when I change my toon, it will be a case of pay the cash again, or not have the mount. If they were account wide I would farm all of them, so all my toons have them.

    Those mounts seem strange in a world of cross-account achievements. In fact, I don’t see a reason to make ANY mount not account wide, because someone can always roll an alt to get it. If the point is that we are trying to represent what the player has done, rather than the toon (which is what account-wide features do) then why have any restrictions? The only reasonable restriction is that you don’t want to force people to roll alts to get achievements, which supports making class-specific mounts, mounts limited to one profession and Horde/Alliance mounts non-account bound. But I can’t think of any good reason beyond that.


  4. I hadn’t seen this until I read your post. I have to say, I’m with you. As an avid mount collector, I was hugely thrilled that everything I’d put the time and effort into collecting would be available across all of my characters. I expected that some of the class- and profession-specific mounts (paladin warhorse, warlock dreadsteed/felsteed, DK deathcharger, engineer flying machines, tailoring carpets) would be restricted to relevant characters. Not a big deal, that’s part of the flavor of those classes and professions. Now, seeing those restrictions, I’m very disappointed. This seems like a real break with the “play the character you want, because all of your achievements/mounts/pets are shared” theme that Blizzard had going. I suppose you could even say that the gladiator (PvP) mounts (and I don’t have any of them) are so special that they should be restricted to the character you earned it on, like the accompanying title. But why is the Argent Warhorse restricted? None of the other Argent Tournament mounts are. (And I don’t accept the argument that it’s because there are separate Horde/Alliance versions. If you faction change, stuff like mounts, titles, and gear converts over to their equivalents. So it’s clearly possible.) That just seems arbitrary.

    Having a multi-person mount is ridiculously handy. I use mine on a daily basis to do stuff with friends. (My dream mount is something like a gigantic war kodo that holds an entire party of 5 people.) Oh, did I mention they’re phasing out the X-53 Touring Rocket?


    • I agree with you, and many other points in the comments, but I will say, on the X-53, I’m pretty sure they are retiring it to bring out something new. They once had the Zhevra mount, which my Shaman on another server has, and then they retired it to bring out the X-53, which my Hunter has now. So I believe there will be something new on the horizon. I also expect it will not be account shared. If they shared it, where would the incentive be to bring in more than one friend? Or was that too cynical of me. πŸ™‚


  5. Long-time reader, occasional poster and all-around bacon fanboy. I left WoW in May 2011 and in the infrequent and brief moments when I miss what I enjoyed about WoW, all I have to remember are 4 syllables “kung-fu panda”. πŸ™‚ I’ve been playing SWTOR for about 5 months now and the next big patch is finally supposed to include a party finder. Consequently, if you decide not to buy multiple new WoW expansions you are timing a SWTOR transition perfectly because the majority of the rough edges in TOR have either been fixed or will be remedied shortly. There aren’t any bears unfortunately, but the biggest male body size does have a rather large posterior and might live up to the big butt legacy. Just my 2 coppers πŸ™‚


    • LOL! I tried it in the beta, and I thought it was pretty good, but WoW drew me back in. I have never been against SWTOR, just felt that it didn’t grip me in the same way.

      I can see a day where it is polished up and a fine tooled machine, and WoW is left to die because Blizzard’s new MMO is finally ready to blow.

      I’ll be totally honest, though.

      If Blizzard’s new MMO codenamed “Titan” turns out to be World of Starcraft, and I can play an MMO as a Space Marine/Terran, I’m probably gonna be on board with that.


  6. I was disappointed to see the chopper not account bound, and the mammoth. I would think that more people would save up and buy those mounts if they were account bound. Also, for those who may want to change to monk as their main, would have to buy them all over again to have them on their main. I do hope they change it so they are account bound.


  7. I’m also royally pissed off about the motorbikes. I busted my butt on my engineer alt to make bikes for myself and my friend. Initially, before this announcement, I was excited that my alts too, could zoom around like biker chicks. Gold is NOT one of my worries, considering that my enchanter and JC keep my stable of alts spoiled rotten in gold from the AH.

    I’m just.. not happy. 😦


  8. I know compromise taste bitter, but how about this proposal to Grand Master Poo-Bah Blizz: The new mount, the Yak, how about that being account bound? Since, you know, it’s new and all, and yeah.

    I agree with Tome, and have said this many times – any time Blizz overly manipulates the social aspect of this “social” game to the detrement of personal enjoyment with solo, partner, or small group play straight up annoys the hell out of me and mine.


  9. I sure understand the “having all the air whoosh out of me” feeling and it’s interesting what different things do it to us. For me realizing I couldn’t get the Iron Chef Achievement without being in a guild did it. I was so pissed at Blizzard over that one. I felt like they’d said, be social you weird antisocial loser you! I guess with the new expansion that will take care of itself but I’ll still be mad about it dammit.


  10. I get the logic behind this, especially for Engineers who can make a decent livelihood selling the bikes and would have lost out on a lot of gold if they’d gone account-wide.

    I also get that this makes mains ‘significant’ again and alts ‘secondary’. This way you don’t even need to compare achievements to grasp that.

    Blizzard are Gits 😦


  11. I’ve been deliberately sticking my head in the sand so that when the expansion goes live I’ll not be quite so disappointed …


  12. Wow, count me as another bummed person. I was looking forward to all my toons having Mekgineer’s Chopper.

    My enthusiasm for for MoP is very meh at the moment. There are so many issues that have been plaguing the specs/classes I love for years that aren’t getting fixed (they don’t even seem to be getting looked at) and that’s very depressing. I’m talking things like shaman AoE healing abilities (are they just going to make all the MoP raids stackfests? If they don’t shamans will continue to be screwed the same way they have been since Ulduar) or boomkin movement issues. Resto druids haven’t gotten a single new spell in two expansions now. Symbiosis (lol balancing nightmare that the devs will realize was a TERRIBLE idea only after MoP drops) and the stupid mushrooms (bad copy of a horrible spell!) do not count! I wouldn’t care about the lack of new spells if they’d give us some nice tweaks like removing the Lifebloom stacking mechanic (the lame glyph which is going to be a requirement not a choice is NOT a fix) but no.

    I don’t mean to rant but there’s so many naggy little things bugging me right now. As my husband pointed out when we were talking last night, the game has 7 years of baggage. Don’t get me started on how I’m going to have 40+ keybinds in MoP, over a dozen of them for situation abilities that will get used maybe once per patch but I’ll still need them keybound anyway. And why in God’s name do kitties have 13 cat specific abilities when the cat specific bar only has twelve spaces? Devs want druids to shift more? Then why did you take Skull Bash away from resto? I used it all the time and guess what, it meant shifting!

    I’ll stop now. I promise. Long story short, I was really looking forward to Cata but overall it didn’t live up to the expectations. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Not gonna get fooled by MoP.


  13. I completely felt the same way when I saw the list. I was SO looking forward to having my sandstone drake and my travelers mammoth on all my characters. It’s the level 60 pvp gear transmog issue all over again. They keep announcing these awesomly cool amazing features, and I get all super duper stoked about em, and then after months of excitement building they pull the rug out from under you and it leaves this terrible disappointment in it’s wake. It’s worse than not having it to begin with, because you got your hopes up. Not cool, blizz, not cool at all.


    • And that’s why I don’t get excited and just see what’s going to happen. I’ll look into a new feature and be like that’s going to be cool, but don’t get overly excited until I actually have it in game to experience.


  14. I can see the single biggest reason why they’d keep those from being account-wide.

    Every other mount, it seems, can be obtained through RNG or standard farming.

    Those mounts, however, all represent Blizzards Gold Sinks through the ages. We know they want to remove more gold from the economy (even as they offer us unlimited dailies at 90g a pop), hence the Black Market AH.

    So this is their way of keeping the gold sinks in game as much as they can.

    Granted, if they want so badly to remove gold from the economy, why not just… stop giving out so damned much of it through dailies?


    • The gold sinks are aimed at taking money out of the pockets of the super rich or the AH mavens. The dailies are aimed at giving everyone else enough money to be able to afford stuff from the AH.


  15. I’m a bit bummed myself… Hubby and I have three accounts and it would be nice to cart toons around regardless of server they’re on… Course, I’m still not optimistic about the mounts and pets TRULY being account bound…

    But I’m skeptical anyway.

    Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the game and there’s some of the new stuff that looks interesting to me.

    At least he and I both have the x52 rocket… so maybe there still is hope [though I doubt it]


  16. I was bummed when I saw the list too but I can see where they’re coming from too.

    I believe all the two seater mounts on that list are made by professions and I think they’re just trying to protect the revenue stream for those professions. It seems like gold will flow freely in MoP with daily quests rewarding 90G each.

    Also, to play the devil’s advocate – I have not made nor bought the sandstone drake or the wotlk 3 person mammoth on any toon. If they went account wide I’d get them in a heartbeat. That is one more sale made by an alchemist selling that vial than they’d otherwise make. Perhaps feedback such as this will make Blizzard reconsider. It is beta after all.


    • Actually, I see more in common with a lot of these — it looks like every mount that has a faction-specific version is on that list. Like the Tundra Mammoth — it has two different spell IDs, one with Alliance vendors, one with Horde. Just banhammering it seems like a real copout on Blizzard’s part — “hey, we can’t figure out how to make this work for both sides, so just don’t let them do it.”

      The good news is, as you said, this is beta, and thus this is the time to bitch about things we don’t like so they don’t end up in the final product. We know Blizz engineers are smarter than this. If we complain enough, they’ll figure out a solution.


  17. Bear, I’m not sure why this is such a huge affront to you considering you don’t have this ability right now, either? And you sure seem to be enjoying your family play time, judging from your posts. I can get why you’re disappointed, sure – and it makes sense – but I can see why they didn’t want the super-expensive mounts that are gold sinks to be account-shared.

    However, it IS still beta – maybe make your voice heard, that this reason – to give rides to your son, or friends, family, etc – is something you’d really want in an account mount. Who cares about vendors, or if it’s cool or prestigious, just a 2-person mount. And who knows, maybe they’ll listen and go “hm that’s a good point” and take it into consideration.


    • It’s “such a huge affront” because it is. That’s how I took it. Starting off anything telling me how I should or shouldn’t feel about something isn’t going to work well. πŸ™‚ You don’t feel the same way, and that’s cool, but saying that you don’t see why *I* should is a small step from saying I don’t have a right to feel however I may feel.

      Part of why I do feel massively annoyed is that I have most of the mounts on that list… actually, when you take into account ALL of my characters across two servers, I think I have them all except the bikes. Including the 3 person mammoth that is a rare drop from the Wintergrasp raid.

      You mention gold sinks and my playing with my family, there are going to be, demonstrably, LOTS more gold sinks of greater significance in he nerw expansion. The jewelcrafting mounts alone look to be a whole new tier of wtf. These mounts are old content, and are priced low enough, except for the Travelers and Dragon, to be trivial to most any player. Except for the ones that are hard as hell to get to drop, or the ones that take effort to grind out that you may have on, oh, a player you don’t play anymore or got the lucky drop you wanted on someone you DO play a lot.

      But I’m not going to debate it. Debating the thing puts it in a measuring situation, how much was this worth, how much was that worth, how much disappointment was it really compared to the effort, is it really all that bad, it’s not really all that bad, oh whats the big deal, etc etc.

      As I said, it’s not about how serious or not serious it is. It comes down to being pumped full of enthusiasm, and having all the air whoosh out of me at once, leaving a vacuum of “oh screw this for a game of soldiers, why am I wasting my time playing this again?”

      I personally am utterly uninspired by everything I’ve seen in the Mists of Panderia beta… except Pet Battles, new pets, shared pets on accounts, new mounts, and shared mounts on accounts. I’m not feeling any of the rest of it, it’s not grabbing me at all.

      I expect I’ll enjoy it, but I’m not charged with enthusiasm for any of it. There’s a reason I don’t spend any time here gushing about the beta, and why I’m not spending any time in it.

      So, proportionally speaking, this took a huge portion of what I was enthusiastic about and pulled it out.

      Having had a few minutes to get perspective back, though….

      Pet Battles is going to rock. Well, pet customization, naming and training, and doing Pokemon style battles with my son is going to rock, and rock hard. Mists will be a good release for me for that reason alone.

      So, I guess now my big enthusiasm is going to be pet battles and new pets. Woot!


      • Sorry Bear! I didn’t mean it in a confrontational way, I just meant, I am curious and here is why. Didn’t meant for it to come across antagonistic!

        I think the part that confused me was how this affected your current enjoyment of the game, but now that I hear about the lack of excitement about other things in Mists, it makes a lot more sense. πŸ™‚

        And, good points about the new gold sinks. It also occurred to me that while a Mammoth (or whatever) might be a gold sink, it’s not like many people buy more than one of those ANYWAY, so after some thought I realize making them account-wide really wouldn’t affect how many are being bought to begin with. Heck, it’d probably lead to MORE being bought, actually.

        And, I hope they do change this for your reasons, but if not, I’m glad there’s still something that sounds appealing for time with your son. πŸ˜€


      • I have actually been toying with writing a new post presenting my crushing heartbreak in terms of the stages of grief. I’m now at least halfway joking about the whole thing, and thinking of how I can make it into entertainment.


      • Oh, no I didn’t take it personally buddy, you know that.

        I just wanted to point out it’s rarely a good idea to try and talk someone off the ledge by telling them “Oh, I’m sure it’s not all THAT bad, you’re probably blowing it all out of proportion”.

        No, you gotta pretend to sympathize first, uh huh, oh yeah, that’s just terrible, then once you’re on their side, THEN you get all reasonable with them. There’s a system man, you gotta get with the program!

        Talth also raises a good point… I thought it was there, but the Grand Black War Mammoth, the mount my Hunter on my old server has, ISN’T on the list. So.. oversight, or will I get it after all? Interesting. That would be much more happy making.

        Plus, the brewfest kodo, which my Horde Blood Elf paladin has on kael’thas, also isn’t on the list. Damn, I’d love that kodo on my Worgen Warrior.


      • Judging by what you’re saying, seems you’ve grown past WoW. It happens. Doesn’t really matter what triggers the feeling. I’m sure you’ll find something fun to do with your time. Hope you still keep blogging about something, since you do write entertaining stuff.


  18. Hey Bear.

    I reacted similarly today.

    There is still ONE multi-passenger mount that’s not on that list. X-53 Touring Rocket.

    So maybe a little hope?

    But yeah, I have been grinding up money to buy those mounts for when it went live and…it was just a bit ol kick in the naughty bits.


    • I do have the X-53… I noticed it, but assumed frmo the rest of the list that it simply hasn’t been noticed as blocked yet.

      I’m already trying to identify the cheapest multi-passenger option, and I’m just going to buy one for every toon I have and move on.

      it is what it is. No cause for whining, just adapt and move on. And be damn glad that I didn’t already make a motorcycle and equip it on my Druid, who wouldn’t be using it, like I did with the Travelers Mammoth, who i would have preferred on a different character if I’d known it wasn’t getting shared.

      As it is, I’m farming the mats for the motorcycle anyway, I’ll just make damn sure it’s on my Hunter when equipped, that’s all.

      As I said, it’s not a case of any ‘slap in the face’ or anything. My crushing disappointment was purely emotional, not based on a lack of functionality. I had gotten my hopes raised up, despite it being beta, that’s all.


      • Oh, and I know that sounds strange… “If he’s all irritated that the passenger mounts won’t share in Mists because he wants to give his son a ride, why is it bad then but okay now?”

        I mean, that’s a damn good point.

        See, the truth is, I do have one passenger mount per most played characters with my son… except my Death knight, and that’s because we are staying equal on those.

        My Druid turns into a passenger pigeon, I mean dragon, and my hunter has the X-53. I was looking forward to the rest, including lower alts, having them for when we make pandas in the future to level together again. Especially so I could bring Cassie’s new panda on the mount TOO.

        Not that big a deal, just… it’s freaking pointless. Suck your gold out with the emerald panther mount costing a million gold or whatever.


      • I’m hoping that because they went through and marked mounts that have never existed on live, like with the flying carpets. That they arent going to be marking more things.

        My issue is that blizzard has said multiple times that the gold difference between people is extreme. The majority of players have never broken 10k. Those people will likely never see a mammoth or vial or motorbike mount.


      • “The majority of players have never broken 10k. Those people will likely never see a mammoth or vial or motorbike mount.”
        That’s not a bad thing, though. Those things were meant to be gold sinks from the getgo. They are meant to combat the excess amounts of gold there is in the game. If you don’t have excess, then you don’t really need a gold sink either. That’s probably part of their reasoning here.


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