The Cub Report – Yuscha told us where to go!

This is a special report!

Holy crap, what a fun couple of days.

First, a bried recap.

In our last Cub Report, I talked about our smash and grab through Deepholm, and the trials and tribulations of Pebbles the potential pet.

Since that post, I’ve been checking each day, and we’ve managed to get two Lost in the DeepsΒ in a row, out of ten needed for the Pebble pet achievement. Either they buffed the frequency, or we’ve been seriously lucky with the pop rate on that quest at Throne of Therazane.

In the comments of that post, Yuscha talked about and linked a related pet-providing Daily Quest, Underground Economy.

I say pet-providing, but only sorta.

I had studied this one back in the day, but since I only collected pets on my Druid, and my Druid didn’t do and WASN’T going to do Deepholm, I didn’t look too close.

Suddenly here was Yuscha, reminding me that things have changed. Pets will be shared across account. I’ve got lots of other characters exalted with Therazane to do quests.

This mission just got reactivated, Mr Phelps.

Hey Yuscha, how hard is this Tiny Shale Spider gonna be to get?

In the Crumbling Depths, that tunnel full of gyreworms in Deepholm, there is a Daily Quest giver named Ricket (yes, the awesome Ricket from Storm Peaks and the Molten Front!) that CAN have a quest for you called Underground Economy.

The way this works is, just like Lost in the Deeps, Underground Economy is a Daily Quest that may or may not be there each day. Even more interesting, it shares the time slot with Lost in the Deeps. If Lost is up, Underground ain’t. I think Wowhead said there is also a third quest it shares with, but that didn’t give me a pet, so screw that one.

The second interesting thing is, Ricket is to be found INSIDE the Crumbling Depths tunnel, before you reach the untargetable/unkillable elite massive gyreworm that goes in endless circles. And if you are not IN the Crumbling Depths tunnel? You do NOT see the quest exclamation point on your map!

That’s right, you can’t just fly overhead looking for an icon for the quest giver. You have to go inside the Crumbling Depths to see if she’s there.

The hilarious thing is, the quest doesn’t give you the pet… it just gives you the means to get to where the pet is. Or at least to Jadefang, the rare mob that has a 100% chance of dropping the pet… if Jadefang happens to be there.

Jadefang is pretty popular. Not only is there a 100% pet drop, but Jadefang is a cool green shale spider pet that hunters like, for her green color. Goes with a Blood Elf’s eyes, don’tcha know.

Yuscha and the Wowhead link made it clear, clear enough even for me to get; If Ricket is there in the tunnel, you get the daily quest from her, and she gives you bombs. Unlimited bombs.

These bombs have knockback. Hellacious, insane knockback… controllable knockback. Send you UP and BACK knockback.

Inside the Crumbling Depths, there is an upper ledge easily within view of the first large cavern after you get past that Elite Gyreworm that keeps running circles around and around.

When you get in that first big cavern, there are lots of tunnels that come off from it, and directly across is one higher ledge. That’s the one Pebble appears at when you get the Lost in the Deeps quest. Well, if you look to your upper left from the entrance to that big cavern, next to Pebbles ledge you’ll see another, slightly higher, ledge. THAT is the dead end tunnel where Jadefang hangs out.

Boiling all the comments in Wowhead down, all you got to do is get to the ledge where Pebble usually hangs out, stand on the edge of the ledge with your ass pointing in the direction you want your character to fly, making sure the big cystal/white rock isn’t gonna block you, and drop the bomb.

Boom, instantly blown to the Jadefang ledge, first time, no problem. Easy as SHIT, man! Right?

And once you’re on the ledge, you’re good. You could drop the daily if you wanted, but why do that? As long as you’ve got it, you’ve got bombs to get back there whenever you’d like. But you’re on the ledge. Log out, check in every once in a while, try odd hours, sooner or later you might get lucky.

Well, last night I went and looked with my Priest, and there was Ricket with some bombs to hand over.

I took the boomies and ran, man.

I got to the ledge first time, just as I said.

No Jadefang. Aww.

According to comments in Wowhead from the dedicated and hard working rare farmers out there (Like Perculia), I could anticipate a nine to twelve hour respawn timer… but I had no idea when Jadefang was last killed.


Camping time! Where’s my Kindle, it’s John Ringo time! Time to get comfy, stay a while and readem’.

I’m not gonna give you a blow by blow for the rest of last night.

Everybody camps in their own way. For me, I tapped the keyboard to jump every once in a while, waved to other players that hopped in and then saw me and logged out in place when I saw them, and read my Kindle.

This had all the makings of one long, tedious, boring night. Some fun, right? Hours of camping.

Ah, but this isn’t the Bear report. This is the CUB report!

Cue the Cub, who wants to see what Dad is doing.

I explain what I’m doing… and as expected, he gets interested, logs into his Death Knight, and flies into his beloved Deepholm to explore the Crumbling Depths.

“Is this the quest giver you were talking about?”

“Yep! She’s the one that gives you wings. I mean bombs.”


A little while later, I walk over to the ledge and look down. There he is. I point over to where Pebble spawns. “You want to get over there, then blow yourself over here.”


And not long after… I have a visitor. Who blew himself over to the ledge in one shot, I might add, did it himself.

From that point, as the saying goes, Hijinks Ensued.

You see, I grouped up with him, and he discovered the joys of setting bombs and blowing himself all over the place. Then I taught him how sneaky Life Grip can be.

Then we started experimenting.

One thing he found was if you set your bomb, then time a jump, it has a bit of a radius effect. It will still bounce you even when you’re in mid-jump.

Then he found you can set bombs while on your mount. Blowing yourself up while in mid-flip on your Golden Dragon mount looks pretty hot.

Then we started playing with mutliple direction bounces.

See, if he stood there, and I stood behind him, and we timed it, he placed his bomb about 1/3rd of a second before I placed my bomb right behind him, then his bomb would go off first launching him backwards just as my bomb went off flinging him in the other direction, leaving a zig-zag contrail in the cave.

We also found out it’s fun to play ‘tag’ with bombs.

As an adjunct to that experiment, I can tell you with 100% conviction that a Priest can use Leap of Faith to pull another character up to Jadefang’s ledge from the lower level. Even after you blew them off with a bomb.

Ah, good times, good times.

Which is a damn good thing, because I camped that spot for seven hours and no Jadefang.

But there would always be other nights.

We both logged out in place, and went to bed at our seperate times.

When I woke up this morning to work out at 4:45 AM, I logged in quick to check…

Jadefang Up! Woot!

Boom, pulled, punched, pet acquired, instant regret sets in.

Shit, I should have logged Alex’s character in to get it first! Son of a bear!

I had good reason not do it at the time, but I had second thoughts immediately afterwards.

Alex wanted to do it himself. He wanted to see Jadefang, he wanted to fight him, he wanted the thrill of victory for himself. That a pet would come from it was the bonus, not the point.

He loves “boss fights”, he loves the experience of taking on the big bad. So I wasn’t going to take that from him, I grabbed Jadefang myself to get it out of the way.

As soon as I did, the second thoughts came rolling in about wasted opportunity.

I get up lots earlier and stay up lots later than Alex does. I have more opportunity to camp than he does, so the first lucky shot should have gone to him to make sure if there isn’t a second shot, at least he got the pet. He only has a very limited window, right at prime time.

Was it right to sacrifice a sure thing in the hopes he’d get lucky again later?

Crap. Crappity crap crap.

When Cassie and Alex came to take me to lunch at my work, and yes I do like my new job thank you, I told Alex about waking up this morning early and getting the Jadefang kill, and the Tiny Shale Spider pet. I also told him that, with the respawn timer, Jadefang might be up again early this afternoon, so he should log in and remember to check.

Alex was super stoked. He wanted to know what the boss looked like, what the pet looked like, how hard it was, etc. I told him it was a giant green version of the little Depp Spiders he’d been knocking off in the cave last night. Cool!

I’m sitting at work today a little after lunch, and the phone rings.

I pick it up, and there’s a seconds silence before an excited young Cub starts screaming in my ear “I got the pet, I got the pet, it’s so cute oh wow it’s so cute, it’s awesome!”

Turns out, when they got home from lunch, Cassie went downstairs to check since she didn’t trust my respawn math assumptions. Sure enough, she logged Alex in, looked around, there was Jadefang standing right behind him. Jadefang wasn’t hostile, btw. It didn’t start eating his face right away.

Cassie pulled him with Death Grip to tag him, then yelled to Alex to come running before he got his face eaten off and turned the reins of power over for the actual kill. πŸ™‚

Well, I guess it all turned out all right after all.

Seriously. If I had had any idea how easy it was to get to that ledge with the bombs, I would have done this months ago, hell, a year ago. Of course, it would have been far more heavily contested then.

So, I don’t know when it respawned exactly, but I killed that sucker at 4:45 AM, and it was back up by 1:30 PM. So, less than eight and a half hours at least that time.

We had so much damn fun in there.

It’s a rockin’Β fun place to party down.

I have these visions of a small meeting of friends just heading into Crumbling Depths and partying, drinking, chatting in vent and blowing each other all over the caverns for an evening. Talk about a wild time!

Next time you have a guild meeting, why not have it in Crumbling Depths? If yo’re a member of the guild, and your officers are all stodgy and stuck up, mention it to them as a way to seem ‘hip’ and exciting.

Then while the serious officer types discuss the TPS reports fro your last heroic DW raid, the rest of you can drive them crazy blowing each other up. For extra fun, bring lots of crafted leather balls and paper zeppelin kits!


15 thoughts on “The Cub Report – Yuscha told us where to go!

  1. One other way to get up there is by dying just below the entrance to that cave then corpse jumping up there. You can use this way if Rickett’s quest isn’t available.


  2. I read this post yesterday and I felt compelled to give it a go. The first time I saw Jadefang was ages ago when I was levelling my second char through Deepholm and NPCScan went off. I jumped on Ironshield (my main and my ach / pet etc… collector) and charged down to the area. Alas I couldn’t figure out how to get up there, and Ricket’s quest wasn’t up. I read a bit about it, but promptly forgot all about it. I’m not a big one for camping, I don’t get a huge amount of WoW time as it is, but I thought I might as well have a look.

    So yesterday I headed down to Deepholm, no Ricket so I logged off down there. This afternoon, I log in and see a little blue !, result, I’ll pick up the quest and have some bombs to play with and then I’ll just check in at random times and I might get lucky. Anyway I bomb myself up to the ledge just to try it. Land it first time (beginner’s luck?) and turn around and what do I see? Jadefang, just hanging out. So with all of about 10 minutes devoted to the endeavour I am now the proud owner of a Tiny Shale Spiderling.

    Thanks for bringing this back to my attention, and sorry to all those who’ve been stalking him for ages with no luck.


  3. Additionally, Terborrus the rare gyrewurm spawns right outside the entrance to the cave, and he drops 345 plate bracers that are nice for a newly-minted 85, and NPCScan will still go off for both if you’re at the entrance. And I’m not sure, but I’d bet the rare dragon that drops the mount also would go off at that same area.


  4. I’m really glad I could help! I hadn’t even bothered to check back on that post I made haha.

    Glad to see you guys were able to get that pet with little trouble; on my server there were constantly 2-3 people camping him whenever the daily was available.


  5. NPCScan and Silverdragon find Jadefang too, so you don’t have to go all the way down in the tunnel if you don’t want to. My shaman was working to get the head enchants from Therazane, Jadefang was up and Ricket set up us the bomb. I looked around to see if there were any hunters in the zone. No hunters! Clear conscience, beat down the spider. (Personally, I prefer the purple eye’d one for my hunter’s pet, but I’m colorblind enough that the red, green and yellow ones all look about the same to me. I can see the purple…)


  6. Hah, awesome! I was hoping that would work out for you guys. I’ve been meaning to get a Hunter up to speed to tame Jadefang… but yeah, that’s not going to happen for a while. Still, great screenshot and congratulations!


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