I just got the word from The Godmother, and I am zerg rushing the presses on this one.

The most important news to come out of the Beta is here.


Mumper commented on this thread an update, and it’s pretty specific;

This is truly liberating news. I know, I know, most people probably read my earlier post about this issue and thought I’d gone batshit crazy. This is probably one of the most trivial issues you could find in the game, and here I am bemoaning some mounts not being shared.

Heck, Druid Tanks are facing some serious issues in MoP right now, and instead of talking about any of that I spend time whining about mounts.

The thing is, this isn’t trivial to me, because a large part of the fun I and Alex are getting from the game come from the aesthetics of characters, costumes, mounts and pets.

Those of you who have known me through my writing for a while probably know what I’m about to say.

Despite my grumpiness in my prior post…

I went ahead and already got a motorcycle mount. I farmed the materials, acquired the gold, and had my good friend Melpo craft it for me. I learned it on my Hunter, fulfilling my own long held desire, and then we spent an evening going for a ride.

I may bitch, piss and moan about how much better something could be, but in the end I said to hell with it and got me mah choppa!

Now I get to enjoy the fruits of my labors in MoP ANYWAY!

Oh, and I was already working, slowly, on gathering the mats for Alex to fulfill what he has wanted to a long time, to be able to become a Sandstone Drake. To transform into a dragon!

How much cooler that, once that is complete, he’ll know that it will be shared by all the other characters he ever has that rises high enough to do it. And if that has a level 85 restriction on it someday, so be it.

Rejoice! Rejoice my fellow bikers, and go forth to conquer those damn mounts!


20 thoughts on “Victory!

  1. Don’t mind me while I stand in this corner and dance with glee! yay! Now ALL my alts can be biker chicks! πŸ˜‰


  2. I’m really glad that Blizzard listened to all the community feedback on this and reversed course. Sometimes, I think that people don’t understand how exciting it is to get the motorbike mounts. I crafted one for a guild member, and afterwards we spent a good hour cruising around Northrend as he excitedly rev’d the bike. A close friend of mine just got one and we cruised around Orgrimmar on our bikes, pondering the value of creating a biker guild. We could ride through capital cities, crash the local inns…


  3. woot!

    Also, check out the sexy silver locks flowing in the breeze on that last pick…gives a sense of motion. Also, schmexy dwarf is schmexy.


  4. Nice. Very nice. Game design victory, that. Seriously, sometimes I look at Blizzard and just… facepalm.

    …and if I were playing WoW exclusively, you can be certain I’d go get one of these Mechanohogs and “Dragon Form”. That’s *my* “endgame”, none of this silly raiding stuff.


  5. I think that’s SO great, each of you has one of each mount, so that you can drive him places together and he can fly you places together. And I am very pleased to hear that the Sandstone drake is account wide because now that I just got mine (which I actually got for Mists so I can quest with a friend) I can do it for all my toons who can fly.

    Grats on the choppa. I love that mount πŸ™‚ Taking random low level toons you meet on the street for a ride to get somewhere is very satisfying and gives you that nice warm feeling πŸ™‚


  6. Soon as I saw the news break on WoW Insider my first thought was Oh Snap, quick go tell BBB. Well maybe the second thought after I said hmm maybe now it’s time to take some of the nest egg and buy the choppa so I can pollute the pristine air in Panderia


    • Oh yeah, there will be fat clouds of exhaust and the thudda thudda of booming pipes roaming around Pandaria. Also, lots of dragon droppings.


  7. As soon as I saw this I came to your blog to let you know if you hadn’t seen it already. So awesome that you will be able to enjoy your choppa on all your characters.


    • And thank YOU for your recent post listing the mats needed. I don’t have to do another shopping list! Yay!


    • I agree, now that its account wide, sandstone drake on the horizon, as well as a super mammoth… yay! Im so glad that now everyone can utilise the phoenix mount!


    • Will do, man, but since the real grind is the 30k gold, no rush. πŸ™‚

      We’ll get there when we get there.


      • Fasterfasterfasterfasterfasterfasterfasterfasterfasterfasterfasterfasterfasterfasterfasterfasterfasterfasterfasterfasterfasterfasterfasterfasterfasterfaster


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