A Little Too Much Powa!

This last week, I’ve been running frequent random Twilight heroic instances in search of a weapon upgrade for a certain Death Knight Cub.

Alas, the drops have not been forthcoming in terms of weapons, but Valor and Justice are always welcome. Alex turned to me yesterday and announced he bought a Wooly Mammoth!

Yep, tooling around Dalaran, he spotted the Exotic Mounts vendor and checked out the wares on sale. Imagine his astonishment when he found you could buy a Wooly Mammoth to ride as a mount, and instead of costing gold, they cost Justice Points! He happened to have over 3000 Justice Points at the time, so one impulse buy later, he’s huge and hairy riding something huge and hairy.

Speaking of bears on camels, oh wait, that was my run with Precious and Soft. That’s for a different story.

So really speaking of huge and hairy, as I was saying, I’ve been tanking up the heroics for the insta-queue thing.

I thought I’d seen it all, but last night actually gobsmacked me, left me flabbergasted, boggled my brain and blew my cool.

It was wild, man.

We gathered up an all-guild run for a random Twilight Heroic, with Alex on his Death Knight, Cassie whacking all the things on her Shaman, BB throwing the red fire on his Mage and Ursi healing on his Priest from the Hellscream server.

I, of course, was bringing the butt.

The instance we got was Hour of Twilight, which elicited a groan from me. No weapon drops coming from THAT son of a bandersnatch!

Ah, well. Maybe next time.

As I bounced from place to place in true poohtigger style (you can call it Bearcatting all you’d like, I know who I draw my inspiration from), the comment was made that bears bouncing all the time must be a guild thing, since so many of our guild Bears do it.

I made some throwaway smartass remark about having done it for years and years now, as it’s the only way to exercise those rear haunches. Big butts are all well and good, but those legs have got to be strong to launch me into the fray. A wimpy Feral Charge would be a terrible thing, just terrible.

Apparently, my remark taunted the Priest. Sigh.

We blasted through in good time to the final boss, and gathered around while we waited for Archbishop Benedictus to shut up and give us go time.

Was I bouncing as I waited?


No, I couldn’t bounce as per Standing Order: Bear #1369, though, because that bastard Ursi abused the Priestly powers granted to him for no other reason than to prevent our bouncing.

When I ran into the chamber under Dragonshrine, Ursi cast Levitate on me, and then on every other member of the party including himself.

No bouncing! There was no bouncing! I wanted to turn around and say to Thrall, “There’s no bouncing with Benedictus! Thrall, there’s no bouncing! Make it stop!”

He did this with enough time to waste that we were able to comment on how I looked freaking cool bear paddling through the air. Cassie transformed into Ghost Wolf and we noted it looked like her wolf was standing on a flat plane of air rather than doggie paddling. There was plenty of time to pass for the posturing pontiff to propose the primacy of powa, the pontificating prick.

Being in this cooldown period, and having nothing at all to cause damage to pop the Levitate off me, I let it go and shifted to caster form. As soon as we got to about 12 seconds before the boss activates, I popped Bear (Furor +10 rage) and then Enrage (+20 rage +10 over time and prevents Rage decay) so I’d be all up and ready to throw down the bigbuttbeatdown.

What followed was instant epic karma.

The WoW gods are clearly Bears, for never before have I seen such sinister, swift justice to a misguided miscreant.

It all started with a Levitate, and went straight down to hell.

We’re all floating around Archbishop Benedictus, I’ve shifted out and in and have Enrage ticking and I’ve got my Rage bar full enough to get it going.

Boss goes active, I start with a Mangle to set the Bleed, Feral Faerie Fire, Lacerate stack going. My Tidy Plates/Threat Plates addon is solidly in the green. All is right in the Bear tanking world. My rage bar is filling nicely from all the damage I’m doing.

Except the boss isn’t facing ME, he’s facing Cassie and his back is to me! 

I’m trying to move him to the side in preparation for the waves and he ain’t going, but my bars are all green, so I should have solid threat, and he doesn’t have one of those “ignore the tank” mechanics, and WTF is going on? Cassie is a badass doing 28k – 30k DPS, but who the wha the how the fuh fuh fuh fuh

I use Growl to taunt, nothing, I’m doing the “Well DPS harder, damnit” thing,s no dice, I’m still green Threat Plates across the board but Cassie is on vent saying she has aggro, get it off me naow, what kind of fail tank are you, Ursi is healing Cass for all he’s worth, BB and Alex both die from lack of heals when the wave comes through, and it’s just freaking chaos, and I’M STILL FLOATING.

I was still floating.

I was still floating as the party died around me, Growl and Challenging Roar did nothing. My attacks all caused damage exactly as normal, but they seemed to have no Threat component at all. Nothing. But Threat Plates clearly thought I was generating Threat just fine. KHAAAAAAAAAAAN!

All I could do was float there, watch folks scramble, and search frantically among 20 little buff icons under my portrait for the Levitate one to click the damn thing off.

By the time I clicked it off, there was just Cassie and me left standing. Wimps.

We killed the boss, of course, I mean, Bear and Enhancement Shaman, c’mon. Chomp chomp.

That was the single freakiest thing I have ever seen on live. I’ve tanked that powa-ful idiot many, many times and I’ve never seen that happen.

In fact, I’ve done it so many times I’ll admit I was complacent and horsing around. I wasn’t taking him seriously. It was a point of pride in my skillz that of course I’d be full of Rage and ready to pop a claw in his skull the second he came off rant, but that was just because it’s that thang I do. It wasn’t out of fear of losing aggro or anything.

Woke my ass right up.

So of course, the only thing to do was get on my Priest, queue for an Hour of Twilight immediately, take a full PUG group in (Death Knight tank) and Levitate everyone at the same point on the Archbishop just to see what would happen.

It wasn’t to be mean, it was FOR SCIENCE!

Sigh. Nothing out of the ordinary. We won, no excitement, no screams or panic-filled chases. Bummer dude.

I don’t know whether there was some weird confluence of Talents and Abilities that just happened to create the conditions for a perfect bug, but I think I know what the real cause was.

The Bear Gods really did frown on Ursi preventing me from bouncing. And they took swift and powaful justice on the offender.

Let this be a lesson to you all.

Does a Bear bounce in a PUG?


And don’t you even THINK of trying interfere. You’ve been warned.

24 thoughts on “A Little Too Much Powa!

  1. The place where I’ve seen levitate (and slowfall and even path of frost) consistently cause issues is Nef’s pit in BWD. If you do not smack hard into that floor, Nef and Ony will eat your face, regardless of what the tanks do.


  2. I HATE bouncers with a passion. More specifically, any bouncer that isnt a bear. Bears kinda just *have* to bounce – they’re animals, they’re raring to go, they’re enthusiastic and cute. Bears SHOULD bounce. Bears are part-tigger. who-who-who-whooooo! Anyone else .. no bouncing allowed. grrr.

    Btw BBB – I was thinking of you last night as I was healing a bear tank through the same instance – the boss that keeps over-eating beans and leaving clouds everywhere? This bear tank was most excellent .. he is one of the few I’ve seen who calmly walks the boss backwards out of the cloud, so it’s easy for me to stay behind him. PLUS he had some cool buff that kept making him bigger and bigger – it was VERY easy to stay behind such a huge butt 😛


    • Hehe… I know, I love tanking that boss calmly after seeing so many swirling, twirling tanks do it with no regard for casters.

      Also, yes, Kiril for the win!


  3. If you’re seriously going to try and figure it out then if it helps, here’s how I, as a former IT guy, would approach the science of discovering why Levitate is screwing up threat generation.

    It sounds like this issue is mimicking the effect of buffs (or possibly debuffs, depending on how modular the code is) which legitimately impede threat generation. Without having seen the code, but having seen it visually represented in the form of buff/debuff icons, I’m going to guess that as buffs/debuffs are cast on us they get stored in a dynamic array (a constantly changing table) which then gets cross referenced with a static array (a table which does not change) which details effects. My experience is that pulling an unexpected result from an array usually means a counter does not jive somehow. Like one line of code sets the counter (for say, Enrage), then another (say, Levitate), changes it (maybe to search the “effects” array and find “does not generate threat”) without taking into account (or maybe accounting it incorrectly) where the counter was previously set.

    So start looking at not just “does Levitate cause this”, but at “what combination of buffs with Levitate cause this”. Just because it would reasonably be the simplest scenario, look at what buffs are already present (i.e. the ones that would initially set the counter) when Levitate is cast. I’d start with buffs with short countdown timers since they seem like they’d be the trickiest to code.


  4. Amen Brother. I have come to hate Levitate for that exact reason. I will cleanse myself of the glowy white hand faster than I cleanse actual curses. And it’s not just a druid thing, either. I have played Night Elves since I got the game. I’ve tried other races, but always come back to Night Elves. Why? Because they flip, man! They freakin’ flip! Coolest. Racial. Ever. Some priest tries to take that away? Pf.

    And, seriously, because everyone should see it and this seems like a good post for the link, Spacebar Clown is, like, the anthem.


  5. Levitate and the If Dk’s have water walking on that does it as well. I am surprised you haven’t seen it in lfr as its one of the little Griefing tricks people play knowing that sometimes it will bug the tank.


  6. It is definitely not just your guild that bounces. I have the habit too. I don’t tend to do it on my other tanks either so it is just ingrained in tge fuzzy butt(s i do it in cat form too). I think grayfoo is really a bear in disguise.

    Anyway I feel your pain about weapons on a DK. One handers were dropping like flies but a two-hander just wouldn’t drop for me from those instances. The only one that did (the mace from WoE) got ninjaed by a paladin healer. In the end I crafted the molten front one… which of course caused me to win Gurthak in LFR the next time I ran it.


  7. Very eenteresting bug you have there bear of a lot of butt, but I think every druid bounces a lot, ‘cept for moonkin, but they’re weird and moonfare spam with lots of cast timers what make it hard to bounce. But any priest what try to takes bouncing away always finds a right click war ensuing. Durids bounce, they’re tops are made out of rubber and their bottoms are made out of springs. Especially if you are a durid of the Alamo order, then you am has lots of bounce! Durids of the Alamo order am love priests, and sometimes the evil anti-bouncy spell can make dungeon time easier, but we not let priest abuse such a horrific and awesome power!


  8. The other comments makes me wonder is it some mechanic like how you can not attack things in the water if you are out of the water…. maybe it saw you as being on land attacking someone in water — or the same mechanic.. and would not let your attacks really count… weird..


  9. Were you on the raised part of the platform or something? Just thinking that perhaps it was because the game considered you to be out of range of the boss for some reason.


      • I held out till then end… BB needs to not run through everyone when he’s radiating black badness… then I need to not get said blackness 🙂 I sacrificed my safety and life to make it so you and Cass would LIVE… I’m not really a bad guy…

        Power of sacrifice! *Flex*


  10. Happened to me last night, too! Was roguing it up on Murazond, and the paladin tank couldn’t seem to keep aggro and the dragon. Kept. Turning.

    Fortunately, there’s the hourglass! But it was weird.

    Maybe there was an instance server hiccup. Glad for maintenance!


  11. This bug happened to me last night! I was doing Firelands with some friends but halfway through fighting Beth’tilac the priest levitated me and I could not for the life of me get her big adds to attack me. It was like I was BoP’d, but I wasn’t. They were just ignoring me, even through taunts. =/ Eventually I took damage somehow and levitate fell off so I could tank again. That was so weird, though.


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