Almost Feels Like Stealing

When I got home this evening, Alex was in the shower and Cassie was getting some dinner ready for them, and I had a few minutes to myself because I’m feeling pretty sick.

I logged in for my nightly chance at the Ahune staff on my Priest… nope. As usual, year after year.

I logged over onto my Druid to exchange more Justice for Honor, got myself a new PvP mount, and then checked the LFD box.

Satchel of Exotic Mysteries up?

Why, yes it is!

Shifty-eyes back and forth. I gots a few minutes, nobody is looking for me, let’s sneak one in.

I get End Time.

The group starts out a little inauspiciously, one of the players doesn’t react as we kill the first couple of packs of trash in the Ruby, but you know, things happen. I ask if everything is okay, and one of the other players says that person is just lagging back and is trying to reset their computer.

Okay, no problem, we hang out, do some Bear dances. A few minutes later they log back in, and from that moment on…

It’s a perfect run.

We had bosses go down with perfect smoothness. Everyone did their role, moved in concert, happiness and joy in abundance.

We had a few moments waiting for one of the other players in Obsidian, so we engaged in even more Bear dancing. More Druids! We want More!

It was everything a run should be. Fast, steady, smooth, people typed in complete words, there was even punctuation a time or two!

Nobody was rude to anyone, nobody complained about waiting for a few secs, and you know what?

Even with the waiting, things died faster than in most “go go go” groups I’ve been in, and dear lord I’ve tanked a lot of runs this week.

When the final boss died, I was sad to end out the run. I didn’t have time for another, but that was a group that simply all played well and made me happy to be a tank and do a random PUGged LFD.

It was the kind of run that reminds you how enjoyable the game can be when you have a team of people all working together towards a common goal instead of out for themselves or at cross-purposes.

If you happen to be running in LFD, and you see Aggressiøn-Dentarg, or Treetard-Dentarg (yes, I know, I know), or Dariusboo-Dalaren or Abw-Dalaran in your group…

Wave hello, and relax, because despite a certain wince-inducing name, these are all good players and I’d welcome them back in my groups any time. Damn it, I wish they all could be like these people. I really do.

When the run was over and we’d said our farewells, I zoned back into Stormwind, and opened my Satchel of Exotic Mysteries to see what flavor flask I got this time.

Behold, for the first time, something other than a Flask;

I’m telling you right here, right now, getting rewarded for a run like that seems like theft. It’s stealing, plain and simple.

Ah well. I may not have earned it, and I certainly don’t deserve it, but I’m a gonna ride it JUST like I stole it!

I guess it’s just a week for mounts, isn’t it?


19 thoughts on “Almost Feels Like Stealing

  1. that was the one mount I always wanted and never got.. sadly I’ve still not decided to come back to WOW…
    finances still are saying.. say no to expansions and paying for a game..

    I can sometimes be found over on lotro (free) or star trek (free) when not bogged down by sleep, job, masters classes, and family.

    I think i might start posting stories again.. if I ever get any inspiration out of STO or LOTRO…


  2. Grats on receiving the protodrake without having to buy hundreds of eggs. 🙂
    Quick question, slightly off topic, what add on are you using to tell you the mount cant be purchased from merchants?


    • The addon is Altoholic. With the upcoming account wide mounts and pets, I find it is perfect to show me who already has something. It doesn’t show me items from characters on other servers by default, but the “grid” arrangement, once you tell it to load all your characters for side-by-side comparison, is amazing to help figure out holes in your pet collecting.


    • I just got one on my mage, so it’s still available this year. Like the cloaks, it seems to be the same iLevel 353 item that was available last year.


    • Someone’s full of it because I’ve seen 4 across my army of alts so far, and 1 companion.

      And re: satchel mounts: my resto shaman picked up a white bear mount. It’s still sitting in the satchel in her back. Haven’t decided which other toon to give it to yet, she already has hers from doing the quests in Storm Peaks.


    • Actually, if you read further in the comments on Wowhead, you’ll see a Wowhead note that they know the staff is still available, and apologize for the note being shown.

      Thank you for trying to save me the misery of a fruitless struggle, but I did check before trying to waste my time on this frustrating badger hunt!


  3. That was so awesome!

    I’m finding a vicious cycle in my own tanking life. As a character gets closer to lvl 80, I get more anxious about tanking. I only want to run LFG, because I don’t want to suck that badly with people I care about.

    One of my issues is that I don’t believe that I have time to do the required research into the instances like I think I should. /facpalm

    I’m glad you had a great run and a great satchel!



  4. I did a run very similar a few months back, zoned out and discovered that I too had received the “Green Proto-Drake of awesomeness”. I immediately had to look it up to see where it came from and it’s actual rarity. I was pleasantly surprised and now I ride it around all the time.

    The Satchel Seemed necessary at its time of induction, but at this point, to quote Arrested Development, it’s definitely “So much like stealing.” 😛


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