OMG The Inspiration!

Okay, seriously, this isn’t what this post is about, but OMG folks, did you SEE From Draenor With Love today?

Look carefully at the face of Velen in panel 3.

No, I’m not going to show it to you, go look at their site and come back, sheesh, lazy pockers.

Is that, or is that NOT the most perfect WoW version of the infamous Picard Facepalm of ALL TIME?

I want Vidyala and Rades to put that image, blown up, on the front of a t-shirt.

That is good enough for the majority of us, but for the hardcore, I’d request the caption “Velen says, What part of No Eat Self don’t you understand?”

For bonus points, check out the Troll version of Goodnight Moon that Precious and Soft was inspired to do by the comic!

Okay,okay, back to what this post was about.

Shit, the digressions are longer than the actual posts around here.

So, okay, OMG this idea just came to me and I’m so excited! I just know I’m the first person ever to think of this!

We all know and love transmogging our gear and weapons in WoW these days.

One drawback we’ve got right now is the enchants are handled kinda funky.

Some weapons have inherent glows that overwrite whatever enchant you put on em, other weapons don’t have inherent glows and you see whatever enchant is on the actual weapon, and there is no current way to ensure that your mogged weapon will look exactly the way you’d like.

As an example, I have an agility polearm on my hunter. If you respond that hunter melee stat sticks are going away in MoP, I’ll ban you. The point I’m making as an example is that I mogged my polearm to look like the Hellreaver, a freaking wicked all-red polearm that looks great with my full Firelands set.

What looks goofy about this picture though?

The problem is, Hellreaver doesn’t have an overriding glow, and the Hunter best in slot polearm enchant is the Mighty Agility, and the glow is, well, it’s great for a Druid but for an all-red Firelands set, CRAP!

So, and yes I am the absolute first to ever suggest this, why not simply set it up so that whatever glow your donating weapon has is what goes on your mogged weapon?

Let me enchant Fiery on the Hellreaver, giving is a burning fiery glow, and THEN use it to transmog my Kiril, Fury of Beasts?

Goodbye crappy green glow, but retain the FUNCTION of the Mighty Agility!

Okay, okay, everybody else thought of it too, it’s obvious. But this is my attempt to get it back in front of Blizzard while they are still working on mists.

And just think of the money sink that buying old low level enchants would bring to the transmog market! Hey Blizzard, another benefit!

Oh please oh please oh please

7 thoughts on “OMG The Inspiration!

  1. Iiinteresting. There are probably some technical challenges with separating the visual effect and the game mechanic effect. And as we all know, the more code changes required, the less likely something like that is going to happen (or the longer it’ll take, at least). I do like the idea, though.


  2. Thanks for the link, BBB! Vid really nailed the Velen face, haha. When I saw the initial sketch I howled.

    That enchant idea would be really good, too! Those old (often useless) enchants might actually get some play.


  3. I would love an option of “show/hide” enchant glow. I have the Power Torrent on my staff and it cycles through various colors and some clash with my Priest blue/green set. I would love to turn the effect off.


  4. I make a decent profit off Fiery Weapon. By all means, I support this idea. 🙂

    Of course, aside from being one greedy ass goblin, I do agree with it on principal as well. But then, I also argue a 1H Mace should be able to Mog onto ANOTHER 1H Mace, whether it’s one-hand, main-hand, or off-hand. Hrm, I smell a rant post coming in Amateurland….lol.


  5. I was definitely upset when I found out how the xmog with weapon enchants worked.

    I tried to transmog my Gurthalak into the Training Sword (
    (Killing the most epic of raid bosses. WITH A STICK!)

    Unfortunately then that stick had the huge cloud of dirt that is the Landslide enchant.


    • I know! You find this awesome looking weapon, you’re all set to make your current weapon(s) look like it, but there is nothing you can do about the damn enchant!

      Making the enchant APPEARANCE on the weapon you are mogging FROM take precedence would have a massive impact on mogging, and would also give a purpose to all those old weapon chants that aren’t functionally useful anymore.

      We want to look good, but we also want to play our best.


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