The Cub Report – Raiding ALL the Things!

This Cub Report is fairly overdue, but I wanted to accumulate datas.

Yes, I said datas. I’ve noticed recently that adding a plural (s) to words that are plural without one is, apparently, cool. I, therefore, being the antithesis to cool, wanted to use it to kill that stupid fucking trend dead in its tracks.

You’re welcome.

In the last two weeks, Alex has enjoyed all that being level 85 means in the game.

We’ve run a lot of Twilight Heroics, and those are cool. It’s boiled down now, though, to wanting that damn two-handed axe that WILL NOT drop. Time takes time, and luck of the drop.

I’m waiting for the moment it drops, and a Paladin queued as healer wins it over him. That should bring his training in the dark side to it’s conclusion.

Until the day Darth Alex rises, we’ve also been doing many things to get pets.

Every single day, I group up with Cassie and Alex to tank Ahune to try and get them the pet. It’s a frosty Pebble, of course Alex would love it.

I refer you to previously mentioned affinities for ‘rock guys’.

So far, I got one on my Druid (who already has one), and I saved it in the bank.

Can anyone explain why the pets are not BoE? I thought this was already covered and announced to be a BoE future for pets and mounts, did Blizzard just totally phone in this seasonal event or what?

I’m saving my extra Ice Chip in the bank on the off chance that Alex or Cassie won’t win one before the end, and Blizzard decides to someday change the Soulbound to BoE after it’s too late to win it but could be bought on the AH for about 5000 gold..

Not that anything like that would ever happen. Sigh.

On the subject of Ahune… tanks? WTF, over?

I’m running it as a Druid tank, and I’m running it as a healer for a chance at the staff.

I am seeing tanks just acting like freaking beheaded chickens, are you kidding me?

I swear, I ought to Fraps a run just to show that chaos and panic does not have to be the rule of the day. At least I would if I had any idea how to turn Fraps video into a Youtube thing. It’s been years since I did one, I’ve forgotten.

Look, I understand, it’s not what you’re used to. But try to calm down and handle it, all right? It’s embarassing.

When the Ahune encounter starts, there will be one large add that hits harder than the others. Be ready and grab it. Lay down a solid whack to get threat and be prepared to be near the ice slick around the boss, but not in it, to grab the two new adds that will pop up.

Grab them, and huddle them together. They can cast at range but respond to threat as melee, you can gather them in. AoE them two times, then auto-attack to conserve Rage for the 1 second it takes for the next set of 2 adds to emerge.

Stay there at the edge of the ice slick. You can grab all of the adds as they emerge, if you just stay there on that boundary between ice and ground. If there is an ice spike forming beneath you, move further along the edge of the ice. Sometimes, if ranged DPS is really fast on the trigger, they may grab one that heads away from you fast, but that is what a ranged Taunt is for.

You don’t have to grab one like a terrier and ride it down to death. Focus as your prime task on gathering them in to you and hugging them, then looking for the next pair (or three on the second round of adds) to collect on the fly. The DPS are powerful, trust in them to finish the adds off, your job is to grab them and hold them and look for more.

Enough said about that, I hope. I’m starting to call Ahune ‘the chicken run” in my head when I queue to heal it, and that’s not a good sign.

Some of our other pet-related shenanigans have included doing the Troll quests in Stranglethorn Vale enough to get the Panther Cub, and sending hmi on an epic quest to…. get a chicken.

That one was hilarious. I showed him the chicken in my companion panel, and asked him, “You wanna go get some chicken?”

Ah yes, how fun. I just told him to head out to Westfall, and once he got there, i coached him on finding a chicken.

Then I told him he had to learn to talk chicken to get it to give him a quest, so he asked how he learned chicken.

There is only one way to learn to speak chicken. Practise.

I made him type out /chicken to the chicken, and then made a macro for him, and told him to get to it.

He started faltering in his resolve after no more than 15 or 20 /chickens, but I got through to him by explaining to him that the chicken can’t understand his accent. You gotta just keep practising on that chicken, it could take up to 200 times!

Pretty soon, sure enough, he got the chicken to takl to him, got the quest, got some special feed, got the egg, and boom! Fresh chicken.

He did this before I sent him after the Panther Cub, and this caused issues.

He rode his ground mount the whole way to the Stormwind Docks.


Well, he couldn’t take a flight or get on a flying mount, the chicken might vanish. Yes, he could resummon it, but that would hurt the chickens feelings.

So he rode all the way from Westfall to the Docks just so the chicken would stay at his side.

The whole time, he’s singing a purely improvised ‘chicken song’. Just singing uder his breath the whole way, ‘My chicken is the best, my chicken passed the test, my mount is slow, my chicken is fast, you better step away or he’ll peck at you next”.

So, pets are his big things. He wants all the pets he can get, and I’m trying to make a list of all the ones I can send him after.

the other thing he loves is raiding.

He wanted to do Dragon Soul for as long as he’s seen me do it.

A big part of that is simply wanting to do the same things mommy and daddy are doing, sure. But he’s also doing it because he likes it.

He loved Deathwing. Just flat out loves him. he loves seeing the fight, seeing us kill him, seeing screenshots and having the big image of Deathwing on his computer wallpaper.

He even got me to buy him a Deathwing poster for his wall.

Me, I hate the LFR for the second half. The fights are fun, but more often than not the groups just fall to crap. Sooo frustrating when you wipe from lack of give a shit in the group! The first four bosses, though, they seem to be too streamlined for even LFR groups to completely lose their cool over.

Ah well, it’s not about me. He likes the Deathwing.

Last week, my goal was to begin easing him into running the Twilight Heroics so he could get the gear he doesn’t know he needs to do the raid.

This is a point that others have made very well, but when you’re leveling up and even running instances, there isn’t a lot of emphasis on the need to gear up first. The gear upgrades are there, and they are nice, but for my son what the gear looks like is of more importance than how powerful it is. The numbers are just numbers, but cool looking shoulders, that’s something to cheer about!

Once he hit 85, he thought he could just play, do whatever. He thought the hard part was learning what to do, developing the skill he would need to do the raids. No worries, we got that straightened out, and he likes running the instances.

I’d gotten him all clear on the way that it works. I crafted a bunch of stuff so he could jump right into the Heroic Twilights. Then we’d run with him as DPS and me as tank until he had all the gear upgrades he could possibly get from the Twilights, plus some Valor and Justice upgrades, and then he’d be ready to step into LFR and try a raid for the very first time.

It made so much sense.

So of course, the second day he’s 85 or something like that, a week and a half ago, the alt night raid is forming up on Wednesday, and I’m asked if I’m up for going.

I let them know I’m hanging out with the youngster getting him geared, and they suggest I bring him along.

To normal Dragon Soul 10. The normal, full on raid.

Well, I guess patience hell, he’s gonna get to go in and kill somethin?

This is the point where a responsible adult would say, “Gee, thanks guys, but I think he should learn to do the Twilights and nail down his class a bit first.”

Instead I reminded them that he was brand new to 85 and undergeared, would have crap DPS, and they said, “Meh, bring him, we don’t care.”

Yep, an adult would put their foot down and say no, thanks just the same, right?


So there we were, in normal Dragon Soul 10, and…


Oh, shut up. I never said I was a responsible adult. Or, if I did, and you believed me? Bwahahahahaaha! Sucka.

So there we were, all plans of careful coaching and preliminary prepwork tossed right out the window. We ran with our computer desks side by side as usual, and blasted through boss after boss. In the few moments killing trash before a boss pull, I gave a briefing on the strategy on the boss, what to expect, and how we’d do it.

What was hilarious to me were some of the things he called our raid out on.

As an example, I’ve trained him to expect a star or icon over the main tank, so the DPS can see at all times where the lead tank is, and know where to shift when he moves instead of waiting to respond to the boss. If the tank is on one side, you get behind the tank’s target. If there is more than one target, you see who the tank is on, and that is who, in most cases, you focus on. From behind. On the butt.

So of course, we go running in and he’s right there saying, “But which one is the tank? None of them are marked and I don’t want to be on the wrong target and pull aggro.”

I’m so proud! Oh, and guys… can someone put a mark up on the tank? BTW, my son says lrn2play, noobs.

Before that night was through, our long-suffering guild endured a player that played as well as could be expected, but whose DPS was simply not up to snuff. We didn’t have any problems at all up to the ship, but once we hit Spine, it was tough. Too tough to continue.

Alex learned a lot, managed to make it all the way through Ultraxion alive and kicking, and did his best, but we just couldn’t quite hammer a nail into Spine. Can’t recall how many times we gave it a shot, but normal Dragon Soul is still a real raid, and a woefully undergeared Death Knight has no place being there. end of story. nice of the guild to have him along, but, no. Not until he is fully geared and pulling his own weight, in my opinion.

On the other hand, he got the tier leggings for his Death Knight set, so he gets to be the first Death Knight on his block with 397 tier pants, and a 347 blue mace.

We’ve run LFR since then, all of the run last week, and the first half again last night.

At first, he said he liked the first half better, and now last night he’s back to liking the second half better.

We tried to stack the deck in his favor for last night on tier drops, Cassie on her Rogue, me on my Druid, intending to do our damndest to roll and pass tier on to him.

Feel free to hate us for it, it’s okay. I’ve long been on the side of feeling that if you did your best performance to help the raid succeed, and the gear you just rolled on is for someone who will be able to actually USE it as a major upgrade, there should be no problem. Rolling just to trade for something else you want later isn’t quite the same to me, but not everyone feels the same way, I know, and I accept that.

What is funny is, we’re in LFR fully planning on rolling on gear to pass directly to Alex, and he goes and wins, with his own rolls, both the tier gloves AND the tier shoulders!

Now he’s got three piece of tier, almost enough Valor for the necklace, already got the Relic and Wrist and Boots, and STILL with the 347 mace!

Tonight, tonight by golly I’m going to get into the second half with him, and if you read something into my queueing on either my Ret Paladin or Fury Warrior, well, you might be onto something there. And Cassie might be on her Ret Paladin as well. No real reason. *cough* sword hacks *cough*  🙂

He’s so serious when it comes to raid. He soaks up the instructions like a sponge, and he’s right at that age where as soon as something is explained to him, it’s as if he knew it all along forever, so don’t come along later asking him if he remembers what to do, of course he does, duh. Just tell him, show him, then let him loose.

Sniff. My little boy is all grown up and killing internet dragons. Sniff.

They grow up so fast! Soon, he’ll be killing dragons all on his own, he’ll get his Druid up to max also, and he’ll be saying to me, “Hey dad, did you know that the target doesn’t have to be in front of you to use Growl on it? And that if you hit Berserk in bear form your Mangle hits THREE targets all at once?””

“No son, no I’d never heard that before. That’s very cool. Now, when you’re done with raid, can you help me program the VCR to record the Rockford Files? Thanks!”

33 thoughts on “The Cub Report – Raiding ALL the Things!

  1. I loved this post so much!

    I absolutely lost it at

    So there we were, in normal Dragon Soul 10, and…


    Anyway, with Alex’s love of “rock guys” have you guys run Molten Core? So Many Rock Guys. The three of you could probably down it with ease and I bet he’d love the place. 🙂


    • You know, we haven’t. Between Ahune for the Ice Chip, fishing in Darkmoon for the Sea Pony, some other stuff and leveling a new worgen druid as feral (yes, his second worgen feral druid) we haven’t been doing big raid stuff at the moment.

      He wants to do Firelands, and there will probably be a guild raid to clear it sometime next week that we can go on. And we cleared all three of the level 80 ICC instances, he wanted to do the Lich King fight and flee moment, which we two manned with my Druid. Easily two manned, I might add.

      Next is to see about trying to three person ICC normal 10. I don’t know if that’s possible, but he’d love to do it, and hell, Cassie never saw half those fights, and I onil;y killed the Lich King on my worgen warrior, so we’d all love that.


      • I had to comment after reading about your little guy is leveling his second worgen feral druid. I am playing with my son and we are now working on his second Goblin hunter. I’ve tried to explain to him he might enjoy playing another class but nope, at this point, he just wants to level hunters.

        I think part of it is because he likes to tame EVERY beast we come across (literally). We are constantly stopping so he can tame a new pet. Although he wasn’t too pleased when I informed him that giraffes and sharks can’t be tamed.


  2. why do i never play with any of you good players ? im as geared as i can get without raid? im always getting jumped by warrs and dks that wont hold off ther threat 😦


  3. ahune can be easy. or a bitch for a bear. did today. major dps. i rage burned. they all jumed my hits. i couldnt get threat couldnt get hit and didnt hold anything 😦


  4. It’s great to hear that your cub’s doing so well! And I agree with you (as always) on most of your points!
    However, it is *totally* *normal* when you get a new pet, to accommodate said pet to the best of your abilities. If that means to ride down one continent to catch a boat and to ride up the other continent, then so. be. it!

    As to tanking marks, I’ll be the green triangle, please. It fits my orcish skin color. And I want my battle-thong! I would like to peat, repeat, re-repeat, PLEASE mark the tanks. It helps DPS. It helps the other tank to find you and stand on top of you for things like the PMSing Baradin Hold chick. I don’t want to kill the raid with a taunt-swap, just because I can’t find the freakin’ gnome/goblin/elf other-tank because my camera is so far out. I’d like to see if “you go left, then I go right” on trash before Hagara. I *want* my casters to be BEHIND ME in heroic whatchammacallit-rogue-boss-thing. And I want to see when some awesome-tank drags the Dreadblade into the pink circle on the boat, facing the entire raid – or if it’s an aggro-issue and the tank chases after it…

    Ahune – I’m doing my best to pick up adds, but I found it pretty impossible. The little adds just die too fast with most groups. And yes, I’m guilty (on two of my DPS toons) of not caring if the tank gets threat on them – they sometimes get a smack in, but they hit like a wet noodle. What surprises me on Ahune is that the memo hasn’t gone out to the DPS that Ahune is invulnerable before the submerge. And that during the submerge adds can be safely ignored.

    Oh, and gear drops? I haz mage with 3-piece and 359 pants. Not even the HoT heroics will drop upgrades – I can relate. And my rogue is rocking the One-Piece-Set – because I think this late in the game, I have to roll against half the raid on tier tokens… RNG is the boss to beat 😉


  5. Hey Bear,

    I’ve got a LFR ready hunter that I can use to help you get gear for you son with. Just let me know when you’re on. I’ll log on and help you out with a little pew pew.



  6. Cub reports are my favorite thing on this blog and that’s saying a lot considering I love your blog posts.

    Makes me wish I hadn’t left WOW for a Galaxy Far far away….even if all my friends went there…then left the game. And some are now dabbling in WOW again.


  7. RE: BoP Pets. As I understand it, once pandas arrive you’ll be able to ‘cage’ a current BoP pet, removing the soul boundless, therefore making able to be sold or exchanged with another player. I have a large number of soulbound pets in the bank as a result. DON’T VEND ANYTHING!


  8. There’s a mod called Guppet that helps you keep track of mounts and pets… one button to randomly choose a mount from your list, one button to randomly choose a pet from your list, configuratble so you can turn off the stuff you don’t want but got for the count (Draenei fuglyphants, I’m NOT looking at you here… ew.) You can also set ‘when I’m in this zone, use this list of mounts / pets’, and it shows you all the available mounts and pets in the game, along with where to get them.

    You can ALSO set it to bust out a pet whenever you land, after the one you had despawns, and it can be either ”always this pet’ or ‘one of these pets’. Does it automatically once you dismount and move.

    Glad the bear cub is having a good time and good runs… I’m off LFR forever from one really lousy load of clowns. Sounds like he’s got better gear than I do. 🙂


  9. I see what you did there –give us a grammar lesson on the use of “data” –nice! Going to use that one.

    My guildmate and I went to LFR yesterday and wiped six times because of those who could not, would not, single target blistering tentacles. Oh, and a DK pulled the boss before a full group. So, I have to weigh out a cost-benefit analysis, and realize if I do get something I can trade or hand over to a running buddy, to at least off-set the repair bills, then so be it. The guilt is gone.

    And when we finally did succeed, and my wings were popped, smoking ashes and dying cinders all around me, a mage who didn’t need it grabbed the dagger he was hoping for, yet again.

    Love the cub reports, as you know, as always!


  10. Bear, when I heal Ahune on my druid, I just stand on the tank. Resto druid healing aggro seems enough to draw everything towards him!


  11. Two different comments in what you’ve put bring back one long memory, from a vanilla long time ago…

    Running from Westfall to Stormwind? That’s easy-mode 😉 Pre-BC our RP-guild decided to try and run an event. We called it “The King’s Messenger”, and the story was that King Magni Bronzebeard needed a new messenger training up, so our (guild) military group had been asked to find some allies and give the new guy a tour. Of every flight point in the Eastern Kingdoms.

    Turns out that it took approximately seven and half hours to run to every Alliance flight point from Coldridge Valley near Ironforge up to Light’s Hope, back down the east side flight points to Booty Bay, then up the west side ones to Stormwind. Westfall to Stormwind (no FP in Elwynn back then) was the last leg. The “new” guy being a fresh character, it also turns out that you got enough XP to level to level 4 from starting just by explorer XP running through all of that.

    The messenger wore the star. For all seven and a half hours. I still have flashbacks. I don’t think I’d do it again, but it was one heck of a trip, an event and an achievement 🙂

    On a more related note – sounds like both you and your cub are having a great time 🙂


    • I’m just gonna start having Alex play my characters. He’s done two LFRs and part of a normal DS, and he’s got a four piece bonus and Gurthalak.

      Neither my Paladin nor my Warrior have that, damnit. Better to be born lucky than rich, right?


  12. When I do Randoms, even while leveling, I’ll always Star the Tank if they’re not already marked, because the Tank is the frigging star of the show so he/she deserves a Star.

    Plus, as you said, it makes DPS job hella easier if we know where the Tank is, especially when they do huge pulls and we’re Melee DPS. I wanna be behind his/her targets, not in their face where my blows may get parried.

    And yet many times I’ll Star the Tank…only to see the Tank clear their Star. WTF? L2Star, Tank, L2Star!


  13. Every time I read another of “The Cub Reports,” it almost makes me wish I had kids. 😉

    The way you and your better half [it IS arright if I refer to Miss Cassie as such, yeah? Even though I don’t know y’all like dat…?] have been teaching, training, and generally having fun with your son has been amazing to read about. In particular, I love the fact that you’re equally protecting him from the worst of the evil [cf. leaving group when someone’s being an asshat] while not overly sheltering him from the reality that evil exists [healy-pally likely to win the axe he needs].

    Keep on rockin’ in the free world, fella.


  14. The fact that he got through Ultraxion no bother is very impressive – I thought it was almost mandatory for people to take at least a few attempts at it before learning when to press that damn button 😛


    • Fading Light is the killer. The normal button for Hour of Twilight, no problem. The Fading light? Different story.


      • Set DBM up so it gives the countdown (from 5) for Fading Light. (from Memory, have only 1 of the last grp of 4 checkboxes ticked).
        I wouldn’t leave home without it.


  15. OMGWTFBBQ!!!11!oneone1 You don’t have to FACE something to Growl it??? I….buh….gah……ARRRRGH! *headdesk*


  16. That’s so much fun! I kinda wish I was Alliance, so I could play with you. But Horde pride… silly, but there it is 🙂

    I’ve finally got my priest to 85 and have been running Hour of Twilight diligently. Unfortunately, I went for cool over better and bought the legacy hat (the wide brim white hat that is just so damn cool) and am now sitting at 1 point shy of being able to LFR. I’ll get enough JPs tonight though to get the legacy shoulders, replacing my 333s, so that should put me over the top.

    Now to convince my guild that I can replace my fully DS10 geared resto druid with this woefully undergeared priest and still do a full clear…


  17. Oh..and I’m curious. Have you introduced him to jousting in yet? He may like having an actual Page following him around if he cares to grind some faction with the Argent Tournament.

    Also – speaking of jousting. There is the Blue Mini Jouster pet. Quest reward in Hyjal.
    And speaking of birds there’s Miniwing. Quest in Terrokar Forest.

    LOL, I’m done for now.


  18. I haven’t played in a while (if I had found a guild like yours I might have stayed). But here are a few pets I seem to remember being rather easy to get.

    Singing Sunflower – play plants vs zombies in Hillsbrad Foothills
    Tiny Flamefly – last quest in the chain in Burning Steppes
    Worg Pup – kill quartermaster Zigris in Lower Blackrock Spire
    Smolderweb Hatchling – Kill Mother Smolderweb in Lower Blackrock Spire
    Withers – Quest chain in Auberdine if your alliance. Vendor in Darkshore if your Horde
    Ancona Chicken – vendor in Thousand Needles
    Razormaw Hatchling – found in a nest in a cave in The Wetlands

    I’m sure there are a ton more. If I get around to logging in soonish I’ll may have a few more to let you know about. I would need to check my collection to see if anything else there was relatively easy to get without a ton of farming.


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