The Cub Report – Yuscha told us where to go!

This is a special report!

Holy crap, what a fun couple of days.

First, a bried recap.

In our last Cub Report, I talked about our smash and grab through Deepholm, and the trials and tribulations of Pebbles the potential pet.

Since that post, I’ve been checking each day, and we’ve managed to get two Lost in the Deeps in a row, out of ten needed for the Pebble pet achievement. Either they buffed the frequency, or we’ve been seriously lucky with the pop rate on that quest at Throne of Therazane.

In the comments of that post, Yuscha talked about and linked a related pet-providing Daily Quest, Underground Economy.

I say pet-providing, but only sorta.

I had studied this one back in the day, but since I only collected pets on my Druid, and my Druid didn’t do and WASN’T going to do Deepholm, I didn’t look too close.

Suddenly here was Yuscha, reminding me that things have changed. Pets will be shared across account. I’ve got lots of other characters exalted with Therazane to do quests.

This mission just got reactivated, Mr Phelps.

Hey Yuscha, how hard is this Tiny Shale Spider gonna be to get?

In the Crumbling Depths, that tunnel full of gyreworms in Deepholm, there is a Daily Quest giver named Ricket (yes, the awesome Ricket from Storm Peaks and the Molten Front!) that CAN have a quest for you called Underground Economy.

The way this works is, just like Lost in the Deeps, Underground Economy is a Daily Quest that may or may not be there each day. Even more interesting, it shares the time slot with Lost in the Deeps. If Lost is up, Underground ain’t. I think Wowhead said there is also a third quest it shares with, but that didn’t give me a pet, so screw that one.

The second interesting thing is, Ricket is to be found INSIDE the Crumbling Depths tunnel, before you reach the untargetable/unkillable elite massive gyreworm that goes in endless circles. And if you are not IN the Crumbling Depths tunnel? You do NOT see the quest exclamation point on your map!

That’s right, you can’t just fly overhead looking for an icon for the quest giver. You have to go inside the Crumbling Depths to see if she’s there.

The hilarious thing is, the quest doesn’t give you the pet… it just gives you the means to get to where the pet is. Or at least to Jadefang, the rare mob that has a 100% chance of dropping the pet… if Jadefang happens to be there.

Jadefang is pretty popular. Not only is there a 100% pet drop, but Jadefang is a cool green shale spider pet that hunters like, for her green color. Goes with a Blood Elf’s eyes, don’tcha know.

Yuscha and the Wowhead link made it clear, clear enough even for me to get; If Ricket is there in the tunnel, you get the daily quest from her, and she gives you bombs. Unlimited bombs.

These bombs have knockback. Hellacious, insane knockback… controllable knockback. Send you UP and BACK knockback.

Inside the Crumbling Depths, there is an upper ledge easily within view of the first large cavern after you get past that Elite Gyreworm that keeps running circles around and around.

When you get in that first big cavern, there are lots of tunnels that come off from it, and directly across is one higher ledge. That’s the one Pebble appears at when you get the Lost in the Deeps quest. Well, if you look to your upper left from the entrance to that big cavern, next to Pebbles ledge you’ll see another, slightly higher, ledge. THAT is the dead end tunnel where Jadefang hangs out.

Boiling all the comments in Wowhead down, all you got to do is get to the ledge where Pebble usually hangs out, stand on the edge of the ledge with your ass pointing in the direction you want your character to fly, making sure the big cystal/white rock isn’t gonna block you, and drop the bomb.

Boom, instantly blown to the Jadefang ledge, first time, no problem. Easy as SHIT, man! Right?

And once you’re on the ledge, you’re good. You could drop the daily if you wanted, but why do that? As long as you’ve got it, you’ve got bombs to get back there whenever you’d like. But you’re on the ledge. Log out, check in every once in a while, try odd hours, sooner or later you might get lucky.

Well, last night I went and looked with my Priest, and there was Ricket with some bombs to hand over.

I took the boomies and ran, man.

I got to the ledge first time, just as I said.

No Jadefang. Aww.

According to comments in Wowhead from the dedicated and hard working rare farmers out there (Like Perculia), I could anticipate a nine to twelve hour respawn timer… but I had no idea when Jadefang was last killed.


Camping time! Where’s my Kindle, it’s John Ringo time! Time to get comfy, stay a while and readem’.

I’m not gonna give you a blow by blow for the rest of last night.

Everybody camps in their own way. For me, I tapped the keyboard to jump every once in a while, waved to other players that hopped in and then saw me and logged out in place when I saw them, and read my Kindle.

This had all the makings of one long, tedious, boring night. Some fun, right? Hours of camping.

Ah, but this isn’t the Bear report. This is the CUB report!

Cue the Cub, who wants to see what Dad is doing.

I explain what I’m doing… and as expected, he gets interested, logs into his Death Knight, and flies into his beloved Deepholm to explore the Crumbling Depths.

“Is this the quest giver you were talking about?”

“Yep! She’s the one that gives you wings. I mean bombs.”


A little while later, I walk over to the ledge and look down. There he is. I point over to where Pebble spawns. “You want to get over there, then blow yourself over here.”


And not long after… I have a visitor. Who blew himself over to the ledge in one shot, I might add, did it himself.

From that point, as the saying goes, Hijinks Ensued.

You see, I grouped up with him, and he discovered the joys of setting bombs and blowing himself all over the place. Then I taught him how sneaky Life Grip can be.

Then we started experimenting.

One thing he found was if you set your bomb, then time a jump, it has a bit of a radius effect. It will still bounce you even when you’re in mid-jump.

Then he found you can set bombs while on your mount. Blowing yourself up while in mid-flip on your Golden Dragon mount looks pretty hot.

Then we started playing with mutliple direction bounces.

See, if he stood there, and I stood behind him, and we timed it, he placed his bomb about 1/3rd of a second before I placed my bomb right behind him, then his bomb would go off first launching him backwards just as my bomb went off flinging him in the other direction, leaving a zig-zag contrail in the cave.

We also found out it’s fun to play ‘tag’ with bombs.

As an adjunct to that experiment, I can tell you with 100% conviction that a Priest can use Leap of Faith to pull another character up to Jadefang’s ledge from the lower level. Even after you blew them off with a bomb.

Ah, good times, good times.

Which is a damn good thing, because I camped that spot for seven hours and no Jadefang.

But there would always be other nights.

We both logged out in place, and went to bed at our seperate times.

When I woke up this morning to work out at 4:45 AM, I logged in quick to check…

Jadefang Up! Woot!

Boom, pulled, punched, pet acquired, instant regret sets in.

Shit, I should have logged Alex’s character in to get it first! Son of a bear!

I had good reason not do it at the time, but I had second thoughts immediately afterwards.

Alex wanted to do it himself. He wanted to see Jadefang, he wanted to fight him, he wanted the thrill of victory for himself. That a pet would come from it was the bonus, not the point.

He loves “boss fights”, he loves the experience of taking on the big bad. So I wasn’t going to take that from him, I grabbed Jadefang myself to get it out of the way.

As soon as I did, the second thoughts came rolling in about wasted opportunity.

I get up lots earlier and stay up lots later than Alex does. I have more opportunity to camp than he does, so the first lucky shot should have gone to him to make sure if there isn’t a second shot, at least he got the pet. He only has a very limited window, right at prime time.

Was it right to sacrifice a sure thing in the hopes he’d get lucky again later?

Crap. Crappity crap crap.

When Cassie and Alex came to take me to lunch at my work, and yes I do like my new job thank you, I told Alex about waking up this morning early and getting the Jadefang kill, and the Tiny Shale Spider pet. I also told him that, with the respawn timer, Jadefang might be up again early this afternoon, so he should log in and remember to check.

Alex was super stoked. He wanted to know what the boss looked like, what the pet looked like, how hard it was, etc. I told him it was a giant green version of the little Depp Spiders he’d been knocking off in the cave last night. Cool!

I’m sitting at work today a little after lunch, and the phone rings.

I pick it up, and there’s a seconds silence before an excited young Cub starts screaming in my ear “I got the pet, I got the pet, it’s so cute oh wow it’s so cute, it’s awesome!”

Turns out, when they got home from lunch, Cassie went downstairs to check since she didn’t trust my respawn math assumptions. Sure enough, she logged Alex in, looked around, there was Jadefang standing right behind him. Jadefang wasn’t hostile, btw. It didn’t start eating his face right away.

Cassie pulled him with Death Grip to tag him, then yelled to Alex to come running before he got his face eaten off and turned the reins of power over for the actual kill. 🙂

Well, I guess it all turned out all right after all.

Seriously. If I had had any idea how easy it was to get to that ledge with the bombs, I would have done this months ago, hell, a year ago. Of course, it would have been far more heavily contested then.

So, I don’t know when it respawned exactly, but I killed that sucker at 4:45 AM, and it was back up by 1:30 PM. So, less than eight and a half hours at least that time.

We had so much damn fun in there.

It’s a rockin’ fun place to party down.

I have these visions of a small meeting of friends just heading into Crumbling Depths and partying, drinking, chatting in vent and blowing each other all over the caverns for an evening. Talk about a wild time!

Next time you have a guild meeting, why not have it in Crumbling Depths? If yo’re a member of the guild, and your officers are all stodgy and stuck up, mention it to them as a way to seem ‘hip’ and exciting.

Then while the serious officer types discuss the TPS reports fro your last heroic DW raid, the rest of you can drive them crazy blowing each other up. For extra fun, bring lots of crafted leather balls and paper zeppelin kits!


Shiny Happy Slithering Serpent Chopper!

My son got a drop in Outlands while running with Cassie and I in SSC, where we were just trying to get him neat looking stuffs, the Pauldrons of the Argent Sentinel. The shoulders look very cool, so he transmogged them and has used their appearance ever since.

One day he saw me on WoW Model Viewer, and I showed him how I could load his character from the Armory and play around with different looks.

He asked me if the shoulders he had were part of a set.

Well, shoot. I think so. You’d think they would be, they’re pretty sharp looking, right?

Not so simple.

What I found was that technically they are a recolor of a recolor of a Paladin shoulder armor from a Tier set, but they weren’t really part of a full recolor “set”.

I had faith, however, that if I scoured the Model Viewer long enough I would find a complete matching set in theme and color.

So I have, and I’d be delighted to share it with you, because I think it looks very… dignified. It seems to me to be the equivalent of Full Dress Uniform for military plate. I can envision a Plate Warrior or Paladin using one set of armor on the front lines, spiky and brutal and efficient, and then having this set of armor as Full Mess Dress. Your Dress Grays, as it were, for The Field Army Ball.

The set consists of the following pieces, all from Outlands. If you pay close attention, you might, I say MIGHT, detect a pattern;

Head: Brighthelm of Justice – Drops from easily reachable boss Hydross the Unstable in SSC (Serpentshrine Cavern)
Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Argent Sentinel – Drops from boss Morogrim Tidewalker in SSC
Back: Recovered Scarlet Onslaught Cape – Purchasable from Justice Points from the legacy vendors in Dalaran
Chest: Glowing Breastplate of Truth – Drops from the Lurker Below in SSC. Best have your Fishing skill up there for this one.
Gloves: Glorious Gauntlets of Crestfall – Drops from boss Lady Vashj in SSC.
Waist: Girdle of Hope – A drop from boss Azgalor, in the Battle for Mount Hyjal raid.
Leggings: Pyrium Legplates of Purified Evil – A strange one for this set. Crafted by an iLevel 397 Blacksmith with a Dragon Soul pattern.
Boots: Blue’s Greaves of the Righteous Guardian – purchased from the Justice vendor in Shattrath
Weapon: Two Handed Axe, Honed Voidaxe – You might have trouble here. This is a quest reward for completing the Ring of Blood in Nagrand. If you already did it, and got rid of your reard or chose something different, that’s gonna hurt. This is a rockin’ axe look.

So, if by chance you happen to be part of a three or four person team that would all like to take your geared up level 85s (or, with MoP, level 90s) and farm some interesting gear, why, this is a fine set.

Almost like a team of two adults and a few gaming youngsters, huh? Go figure. 🙂

Happy hunting through the underbelly of slithering serpents for the gear!


The Cub Report – Rock Guys Rock!

This last weekend saw a lot of movement, mostly in an upward direction.

Alex and I spent a bit of time on our Death Knights questing, and saw the 100% completion of Deepholm.

Alex has achieved level 84, and thanks to some of his Archaeology adventuring my DK only reached 83.

So, we’re in Uldum. We did the first two sets of Harrison Jones quests, and then he had me turn off his XP gain, because he wanted to get more experience learning PvP before hitting the “big time”.

I now have the opportunity to catch up so we are both 84 before continuing on together. I think we’ll ding at about the same time, I’ve had experience leveling with Cassie before, where we both dinged at exactly the same time on the same quest. it just takes careful timing. Queue ‘The Gambler” soundtrack. 🙂

We both played our Death Knights as Unholy two handed the entire way… without any research. No guidance, and I’ll be honest, without really caring what all the buttons did. We spammed whatever lit up, put everything new on our bars, and hey, stuff died so it’s all good, right?

We were having too much fun chatting side by side while exploring the mysteries.

Oh, and fathers, just in time for Fathers Day, don’t ever forget the awesome power we wield. It’s not just the finesse of choosing the perfect age to watch Star Wars, Transformers or Indiana Jones together. (Note: It is not yet time for Raiders of the Lost Arc. I give it another year or so for the spiders, dead bodies impaled by spears, and snakes).

As an aside, I think nine is the perfect age to first introduce Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Galaxyquest.

No, but beside that, just think… if you time it just right, YOU will be the one to pass on the rites of manhood.

Such as the Beans song.

Teaching the Beans song to my son has elicited hoots of laughter.

For those of you whose fathers did not accomplish their mission;

Beans, beans, the musical fruit
the more you eat, the more you toot.
The more you toot, the better you feel,
so hey let’s have beans for EVERY meal!

These are sacred mysteries. You must not be derelict in your solemn duty.

What the heck was I? Oh, right.

You only think I’m joking when I lose my train of thought. At this point, it ain’t really a train, it’s more of a wind-up tonka truck.

Hey, did you know Tonka Trucks originally came from here where I live in Minnesota? They were built in a factory in Minnetonka, Minnesota, hence “Tonka Trucks”. I think they’re made in China now or something, but hey, fun facts, right?


Oh, right. playing Death Knights like whack-a-mole.

I finally went and visited Elitist Jerks forums to see what they suggested for specs and ability synergy and all that. And Glyphs.

After that, I went to the Training Dummy, and did it my way. I got about 3800 DPS. I had Alex go for it. He pulled in about 5200 DPS. Pretty good, pretty good.

Then I respecced myself, optimized the abilities, moved stuff around so I could hit what they said were the best ones, and tried again.

I got about 8000 DPS.

Alex is now rocking about 10,500 DPS. Sustained.

I’ve been in LFR with people sporting lower DPS. Not that he’s gonna be in LFR any time soon, but still. I think that’s good for going on into the level 81-84 PvP bracket for a week.

Alex really likes the Harrison Jones quests, although I’m curious what he’s going to think of Schnottz.

Oh, who am I kidding. As soon as Gobbles burst into flames, he went into a giggle fit. Did anyone fail to see that coming?

The biggest hit of leveling so far, I think, was Deepholm. As a self-professed fan of “Rock Guys”, exploring and questing in a world devoted to all things Rock Guy was the bestest thing ever.

I’ll admit to a twinge or two along the way.

He doesn’t quite get the philosophical design reasons behind mindless grinds and repetitive, miserable questing to get something cool. He just doesn’t have the same beaten in, fundamental grasp that some things you think are neat and cool have been intentionally designed so that items most people who will want them won’t ever get them.

The idea that someone would want to intentionally exclude players from having something neat just hasn’t occurred to him. As experienced players, we all know that Blizzard intentionally designs some super cool, neat things so that most people won’t ever get one. Won’t ever even SEE one.

They are always things that do not affect or hinder progression in PvE or PvP. Things that nobody in the game is stuck without. I’ve seen them called vanity items before, but they’re really just… cool, neat stuff.

They’re items that are neat and cool, that you don’t have to have in order to play and succeed in raiding or PvP, that are kept rare either by making them super-rare drops, or requiring extensive research to know how you get them through questing, or through Rep or Honor grinding.

We’re used to it, right? It seems normal.

You see something and think, “Oh, sweet! That rocks! I’d love to have that!”

Then you research it to see how you get it, and find out that if you farm this one remote critter for about 48 hours straight, you might get one. Each kill only has about a 0.01% chance of having the pet Whelp or Firefly or whatever drop, though, so you might just be the exception that blows the curve. Good luck on that Baron Mount!

So it’s kept rare, only those folks that are willing to suffer enough, invest time enough, or pay money enough will get it.

I know that I’ve read that the rares are thus more desirable from a certain point of view.

I know I’m freaking weird. I accept that. I might be the outlier on this one. No offense, but as far as I can tell it’s the point of view of “Nyah nyah, I’ve got one and you doooooon’t”, but what the hey. I’m more than willing to admit that I might be the idiot that doesn’t get it. I mean, I love the Creepy Crate, and it’s not rare at all. Anyone that wanted to do the quests last hallows End can have it, and it rocks. Likewise, I love, love, love the Red Drake you got for running timed Culling of Stratholme.

What I love isn’t having stuff other people don’t have, it’s having a complete collection. God help me, if I let myself, I will try and collect an entire set of… well, anything I think is cool. I hope Alex doesn’t have it as bad as I do.

Anyway, we get all of that about neat rare stuffs. We get that, if you really want something, you have to prove your commitment through sacrifice. Kinda like, if you really want to get the opposite number to go on that date with you, you have to cut your ear off and mail it to them to prove you’re serious. Right?

Oh, wait, wrong support group.

Alex doesn’t really get that part of games, not so much. The first twinge I had along these lines in Deepholm, of course, came the very moment the cute wittle Pebble appeared and offered us quests.

What was the very next sentence uttered by Alex? Oh c’mon, you know what it was.

“Oh, he’s so awesome and cute! Do we get to keep him later as a pet? He’s the greatest!”

Aw… just, crappity crap crap.

Thus follows a fun teaching moment.

“You don’t get him as your pet at the conclusion of these quests, son. You feed him and help him and spend time with him, yes, but he is not a permanent pet just yet. If you want him for a permanent pet, you have to complete all the quests in Deepholm until the daily quest givers are unlocked at the Throne of Therazane, and then you have to check every single day to see if there is one particular quest available, called Lost in the Deeps, and then you have to do that quest a total of ten times. Once you’ve done that, you’ll get the Rock Lover achievement, and you’ll get Pebble mailed to you for your very own pet.”

“Oh. Okay! So I have to do the daily quests for ten days? No problem! It’s just like when we did daily quests to earn our Wintersaber mounts and it took a month!”

Sigh. Yes, that would be the logical thing to expect, wouldn’t it? To simply invest ten solid days of daily questing to get one cute little non-combat pet that you want because you love “Rock Guys”.

“Actually, son, it will probably take more than ten days. In fact, when we finish questing we’ll want to check back every day. You see, the quest doesn’t show up every day. There are all sorts of quests that can appear, a different selection ever day. And if we’re really unlucky, why, we might never see that quest at all.  So, it’s actually something you have to devote a little time to checking every single day for the long haul. So the question you have to ask yourself is, just how badly do you want that pet Pebble?”

“If I get Pebble, will he fight with me?”

Sigh. Oh, do you mean will there be more of a reward for your time and effort other than a standard pet? No, no there won’t. But of course I won’t say that. He just has an honest question. he knows what it takes to get normal pets, and he knows there are pets he has gotten from quest chains, and even pets from the Darkmoon faire dailies. So, if he has to go to what seem unusual lengths, it seems fair to him that there be unusual rewards.

Ah, the innocence of youth, when you still think the game developers LIKE you and just want you to be happy. Giggle.

This is more the area of Tish Tosh Tesh, but the Pebble pet seems to me to be a perfect example of this particular design concept. You don’t have to have that pet. It doesn’t affect raiding proficiency, running instances, PvP capability, it won’t even harm future pet battles.

There are no buffs, debuffs, escapes, evades, achievements coming FROM the pet. The pet is the result of getting an achievement, just like other pets like the little fawn and the skunk. It is a reward for doing stuff that you do not have to do to advance by what is considered progression in the game.

It is 100% entirely optional. It is just one of many potential time sinks.

And thus, there is no requirement on the part of Blizzard to make it easy to obtain in any way. It can even be bugged and never appear ten times as the daily quest, and it doesn’t matter. There is no need to fix it. Random is random, better luck next time, it’ll be even better then. And the more rare it is, in some lights, the better it must be, right?

So. It’s gonna be very interesting to see how badly Alex decides he really wants that Pebble pet.

I’m betting, based on how he handles things, that he’ll log in and check Deepholm a few times over a week this summer, and if he doesn’t see the quest for a few days straight, he’ll never even think about it again. He’ll move on to some other fun thing, either in game or out.

Time will tell.

From what I’ve seen of how he handles goals, he prefers taking on a task where he can see progress, even if it’s just a little at a time. He doesn’t like random blind grinds, he likes being able to see that there was some movement, even if it’s only a little bit, rather than just whack and whack and never know if you’re ever gonna see that one drop.

Like what he’s doing right now, which is playing a couple of Eye of the Storm and Arathi Basin matches each couple of days with XP locked, gathering Honor points for the Death Knight set he thinks looks the best, the Brutal Gladiator’s Dreadplate.

It’s interesting he likes that one so much. And after I went ahead and developed a set I thought would indulge his love of crystals!

FYI, if you’re interested in what went into this set, let me know. I can break it down. I know I haven’t seen it on any of the normal Transmog sites, but I love it. Alex, however, has more Brutal tastes. With spikes.

Well, that’s not really what he’s doing RIGHT NOW. That would playing be on his new level 2 Undead Warrior alt, murdering innocent people and eating their brains and stuff.

Okay, now I’m intentionally taunting the silly peoples. Bad Bear! Bad! Sometimes, I can’t help myself.

/sarcasm off

The Cub Report – Does it Hurt When I Eat Your Face?

… Too soon?

As I raided on Saturday night, my level 9 (I mean nine year old, damnit!) son Alex wanted to take his level 60 Druid into some instances.

Here is where I’m going to admit to some probably poor logic on my part.

I asked him not to go into the level 60 Hellfire instances as part of a group yet, because his gear is mostly scattered lower level stuff. I know that, once you hit Outlands, people start getting pissy about having good gear. They have ridiculous “You should be able to solo this place at level 60” expectations, and generally piss poor elitist attitudes.

I’ve seen it on every character I’ve leveled since the Cataclysm. I don’t know why. The heirlooms people have, if they have them, are the same ones they had since level 1.

Maybe it’s that people are confused by all the changes to the original instances and cut each other some slack, but once hitting Outlands everything is the same as in the old days, and so it’s worthy of arrogant disdain?

Is it that most people ran the old instances until they had them memorized, and they are so poor at introspection they can’t conceive of someone else seeing them for the first time?

I dunno. I do know I’ve personally seen a serious shift in attitude among players once hitting Outlands, so before Alex hits them I’d like to make an effort to get his gear at a reasonable baseline of kickass. After all, he has no heirlooms to OP the stuff, he has to get by on drops and skill. 🙂

So, since I didn’t want him to be subjected to abuse by petty little asshats in Outlands instances, I suggested he try queueing for one of the PvP Battlegrounds instead.

Oh, shush. I never said I was overly blessed with common sense, did I?

Wanting to have fun stuff for another Cub Report had nothing to do with it, I swear!

I suggested he get on his level 82 Death Knight, and queue up for Arathi Basin. All this while I was in Dragon Soul getting my healing on.

I told him, “It’s okay, it’s easy. All you have to do is go in there and kill Horde.  Try not to be all alone, find some other Alliance and tag along with them. If you see Horde, kill ’em. If you’re all alone, you might die, so try not to get surrounded and cut off from support.”

Then I let him go have fun.

As he was waiting in the hut for the timer to go off, I pointed out that there were five flags, what the locations were called, and that generally whoever held the most flags the most time won. So you could capture flags, and defend flags if there were too few people at your location, and go try to take flags away from the Horde. Bye! Have fun storming the Lumber Mill!”

He did Arathi Basin, and then he queued for another, and then he did an Eye of the Storm (or two). There was also an Alterac Valley in there. I mostly tossed a few words of advice and let him roll.

As he played PvP, and as I raided, the achievements started rolling on in.

An Honorable Kill. Damage Control. The Grim Reaper. Know Thy Enemy. Stormtrooper. Take a Chill Pill. Eye of the Storm Victory. 100 Honorable Kills. That Takes Class.

I was just telling him “grats!” and pretty much not paying too much attention to the Achievement spam, until he got to “Stormtrooper“.

Wait, what the hell is he doing?

That is when I looked close, and he’s in there just freaking dominating the center of Eye of the Storm, ganking the flag carriers from the Horde side and protecting the carriers fro the Alliance that picked the flag up.

I suggested he go try and capture some of the bases. Like the one the Fel Reaver dominates.

Then I turned back to the raid… but every once in a while, he’d say something as he muttered to himself while running around killing all the things.

I was listening and enjoying the commentary, but there was one line that made me pull out the pad of paper and the pen to write some of the true gems down.

“I’ll kick their butts until they’re red, sore and dead.”

Oh yes, I’m bringing him up right.

“What what what?!? I just noticed the Horde are controlling THREE BASES! Time to get rolling!” No, I’m not joking, that’s exactly what he said, while standing over the body of a dead Horde flag carrier.

I knew he was one of us at heart though, when he finished an Arathi Basin loss, and had this to say;

“I swear, that last one? The Horde had seventeen in AB, because there were ten swarming us in Lumber Mill, and then seven holding Blacksmith! That’s not right!”

Ah, he’s already begun complaining about how the Horde cheat in PvP. God, my chest is just swelling with pride.

As I was tucking him into bed for the night, I asked him how he liked his first time in player versus player battlegrounds. This is what he told me.

“I think the Horde get more achievements than the Alliance.”

You know, Alex, you’ve got a Goblin Hunter. You could go Horde.

“That’s right! I could join the winning team!”

Ah, from out of the mouths of babes. Or baby face eaters, anyway.

He was so excited to get in there again, he got up early this morning, raced downstairs and did some PvP on his level 60 Druid. Then he switched over and tried his Goblin Hunter once.

Apparently, the one time he did it on his Goblin, they lost.

When I got up out of bed, I asked him how it went.

He looked at me sorrowfully and said, “I think I’m cursed. I even lost on my Horde.”

I started to try and reassure him that he wasn’t cursed, that a single win or loss doesn’t indicate a trend, when he told me, “Oh, I know I’m not really cursed, I just like pretending I am.”

It was like rockets went off in my head, exploding with sudden understanding. The epiphany rocked me on my ass.

Suddenly, I understood all the whining QQ threads from people who endlessly bitch on the WoW forums about PvP wins and losses, class nerfs, other classes getting buffed, and all around whaaaaah.

Sure, sometimes there are very valid issues that people want to report on the forums in order to help Blizzard understand key issues in the game.

But then there are all the rest of the posts on the forums, and it’s not always that people really are screwed over in PvP, or nerfed, or annoyed at other people getting buffed.

It’s that it can be fun to have something to bitch about, even if you have to make that something up! Then you’ve got a reason to wallow, if only for a brief moment, in the “Oh woe is me, why am I so persecuted, it’s not fair” land of sadness and sorrow.

Holy shit, why didn’t I see that before? Now it all makes sense!

Well heck, now I understand the forums. Talk about clueless, I finally get what it was all about.

Wait, what the hell was my last post about? Oh, shit.

Uh, excuse me, gotta go delete something real quick. This’ll take just a sec. BRB. /scurry

PS. I’m planning on talking to Tesh, but I can easily envision a new Alex-inspired T-shirt. A huge Horde symbol, with the words “Go Horde! Join the winning team!” on the front. How hilarious.

NO, I guess I won’t be getting a motorcycle

Thanks go to MMO Champion for posting a short blurb listing the mounts that will NOT be Account Wide.

In addition to the class mounts and others I assumed wouldn’t be shared, like the Warlock and Paladin mounts, there were these listed that will, again, NOT be shared account wide;

Grand Expedition Yak – MoP 3 person mount with vendors
Grand Ice Mammoth – Sons of Hodir 3 person mount
Ice Mammoth – Sons of Hodir 1 person mount
Mechano-Hog – Engineering 2 person mount
Mekgineer’s Chopper – Engineering 2 person mount
Sandstone Drake – Vial of the Sands dragon mount 2 person mount
Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth – Dalaran vendor-sold three person mount with vendors



You know, that right there, the mentality behind that list and what it shows, just pretty much chilled me on the expansion, and really, WoW itself. All the fun and excitement I have had, carried on, and was the center of my playtime just vanished.

I’m not even going to bother debating it. This just feels like a personal Fah-Que from Blizz to me. It doesn’t matter how illogical that sounds, apparently I have that one thing that is just one fun-killing thing too far, that curtain that, once pulled aside, reveals the person pulling the strings and ruins the magic trick, and this one was mine.

Honestly. I’m a bit sad. I just went from someone that cared passionately, to someone that doesn’t even care to log in, and sure as hell doesn’t see a point to continue paying for this joyless machine.

That every mount I could use to give my son a lift to somewhere was just blocked outright, not even just the ones that I worked my ass off to earn the gold to buy or craft but all of them, just… you know, Blizz you can take this game and shove it up your ass.

I’m out.

A Mess of a Mountain

I have a minor movement coming from my desire for mount mastery.

It’s too long for another Tweet by this twit, but probably too short for a bear posting in the woods.

Meh, wth.

Back at the tail end of Burning Crusade, I posted about my excitement over the newly announced engineering gadget, the two person motorcycle.

I was so thrilled. My Hunter, my second favorite character was an engineer. I was going to farm rep, level engineering, and make myself a badass bike.

I even worked up a biker set, with eyepatch, for cruising.

I dreamed of how awesome it would be if your displayed combat pet would appear in the sidecar, wearing goggles perhaps.

Tongue out, happily riding along…  We could form Azeroth biker gangs, but instead of Sturgis, we could have Booty Bay as our battling, brawling backwater burg to descend on.

Diablo’s Demons could swarm down and brawl with Tyriel’s Terrors, and the Golden Goblins could take bets on the fights.

Things didn’t quite go according to plan. 🙂

I leveled my Hunter as planned, got the rep, trained in engineering, even flew out to the trainer in Howling Fjord.

I never bought the recipe. I never made the bike.

Right when everything came together for my hunter, I got so disgusted with things on the server and guild at Kael’thas that I came as close as I ever have to shutting it all down and walking away.

I did cut myself loose from everything that was causing Cassie and myself so much angst. Just stepped back, looked around, and said “real pain and suffering from things in a video game is unacceptable, and it’s on us to make a change.”

I can look back now and say it was definitely the right move for us. We haven’t had any stress or pain come from game related stuff ever since.

The problem I have now is, when I came to the new server, I made a new Hunter. Leveled from scratch, raided, adventured, built a whole new history.

I barely even remember I had a different Hunter. Just moved on down the road.

Without a motorcycle.

Well, that is just perfect.

Now I want the motorcycle, and I have a character that could make one, but they’re broke as hell and abandoned on another server without any support, no gear to even get in a normal instance with, no simple method for getting the cash to build a bike.

All the options sound equally stupid.

Server transfer? But I’ve GOT a Hunter I connect with and love. I don’t need a second, not that I have the space for one anyway.

Level engineering and grind rep again? But I did that once, and I don’t have any rep at all. Side effects of speed leveling past Cataclysm.

So..  buy one off the AH, I guess?

But I can make one myself, why spend the additional price, that is silly.

Seems as though, no matter what I finally do…

I’m going to feel like a dumbass.

Too bad you can’t have a Leatherworking pattern that would let you make leather biker jackets that displayed your guild symbol on the back. That would rock.

Also too bad they haven’t added the ability for guild leaders to create their own guild symbols and submit them to Blizzard for approval.

Still, even if there were…


Dumbass, I’m telling you.