Having Fun With Runs

We’ve continued to have fun on Sunday evenings with our 25 person ICC Glory of the Icebound Raider achievement runs.

One of the members of the run, Goose Igaly, took some video of our Lich King 25 (Normal) kill from a few weeks ago, and put it up on Youtube to some nice music.

You can find it on his Restoration Druid website!

The video is cool, not least because i didn’t have to make it, and it sure does look nice and smooth. Man, those folks look professional!

Man, we were good! Just like we knew what we were doing!

Now let’s look at… the rest of the story.

That run, we were going to kill Lich King 25 on Heroic mode. We lined up, talked over the strategy, set some markers down, and gave it a shot.

And another shot. And then another.

We got much better each time, but frankly, the final phase with Defile kept seeing us generating circles of black ooze that grew to cover the platform.

We kept beating our heads against that wall, and in the end we ran out of time and decided to blow him away in normal and come back to him in later days.

So of course, in Normal mode, it felt embarrassingly smooth and easy, right? As if to mock our efforts in heroic.

Regardless, we’re still having fun and making progress. And Orvillius has made some progress on his Shadowmourne, too! Always fun and excitement to be had for the asking.

What do you mean, Mists is almost out! Bullshit!

It can’t come out until we get our mounts!

Time! Time! Ask me for anything but time!

Can’t we delay the release just a few more weeks?

Someone Struck a Nerve

Do you read The Daily Blink?

They have had a cool redesigned website for a while, one that allows you to visibly comment on their comics.

Normally, the number of comments left on a per-comic basis is scarce. Are scarce? Is scarce. Hrm.

A few, a trickle, a drib or drab. The comics are awesome and stand alone great without needing folks gushing over their salutiferous brilliance.

The comic for July 27th? That one sparked some serious debate.

Go check ’em out and read the discussion.

Rarely have I seen such a blatant attempt at spin control.

You see it other times, sure, but check out how many commenters try to assert the following in their statements;

1) The comic is funny, and most of your statements nail people good, haw haw, yes, well done.

2) There is a problem with just one example, this one right here, it was perhaps not accurate,  or it overstated the case, but otherwise well done.

3) People who feel the way that one example depicts are really the ones who are right, you know, not you. You just don’t understand.

4) *I* of course am above all this. *I* am not butthurt. I don’t really care, no, not me, just performing a community service, pointing out a little factual inaccuracy there.

I don’t know that this deserved a post all it’s own, but I woke up this morning, checked my webcomic list, and something struck me as hilarious about a webcomic lampooning the attitudes of forum posters, itself driving a state of outrage from the forum posters and feeding the conversation, such as it is.

The cream of wheat example seemed to really hit the nail for some. You gotta love it.

Isn’t that a sign of success? When you aim for mocking people that display a behavior, and get that kind of a rise out of ’em?

Uh oh. Does this mean The daily Blink are trolls? What next, a webcomic that you have to click through to open, revealing Chris Metzen rickrolling us?

Okay, I’d laugh at that one too.

Smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em

I’ve been gallivanting through a gallimaufry of gaming goals recently, but this Bear cannot get it in gear from group content alone.

There have to be soloing goals to grip me as well, y’know?

At this point in the expansion lull, what do you do? Just keep scouting Archaeology sites to get those last nine rares? Start farming zones for Black Kitty Cats?

I’ve frogflailed around for a focus and finally found a new goal to pursue; playing classes to 85 that I’ve never played before!

yeah, yeah, I know, stop me if you’ve heard this one. I say this same thing, what? Oh yeah, just every damn expansion at this point, that’s all.

I have to admit, I’m a naughty polyalterous player. I start ’em and dump ’em, over and over. Sometimes after making expensive bags and leveling crafting professions, too!

I’ve never played a Mage or a Warlock to max level, any max level

I did get a Warlock to level 52 once. Then I killed him.

It was a Warlock though, so, hey… he wasn’t destined for a happy, carefree existence anyway, right? That whole “impending doom, soul going to hell when I die” thing must be a real drag at parties.

You’d think, with all the pressure weighing them down, Warlocks in general would have a bad enough drinking problem to keep a bar in business all by themse – oh, wait. Right. Sorry.

I look at my alt record, and I feel like I should apologize or something.

The Warlock and Mage classes sound so cool in theory, but when the paws hit the dirt I’m either into something tearing and clawing, or I’m sending my furry minion in as my slaughtering surrogate.

Or, you know, I’m being all lazy and casting the occasional heal while reading the latest book by Stephen Hunter or Lee Child.
Hey! Don’t complain about the heals you’re not getting, I can dial this all the way down to zero.

My personal healing motto is, “Don’t be mad at the heals you don’t get, be grateful for the ones you do.”

I think LFR taught me that, but that’s a motto I would proudly carry into a pen and paper roleplaying D&D group anytime.

So, leveling new classes to 85, but one slot and two classes, which to level, which to level.

It’s not like there’s some kind of RIVALRY or something between Mages and Warlocks, right? No reason one should feel slighted if I pick the other?

No reason at all.

With a known release date for the expansion, my new soloing goal is to take my long lost, lonely and forlorn Mage and try to level that sucker all the way to max and do some LFR before Pandamonium reigns supreme across Azeroth.

Gotta change it up a little, though.

Every other time I’ve leveled a Mage, I’ve gone Frost.

This time, against all logic and in abandonment of pet pal principles, I’ve gone FIRE, baby.

As of last night, I’m at level 62 and, er, burning my way through the Hellfire Peninsula. Hey, they can’t all be winners. Or most. Or some.

Here is where I could really use your help.

I’m really enjoying Fire spec. I’m loving blowing up ALL the things. I like the old school Hunter feel of being able to kite by using Scorch on the run, Fire Blasting with the stun, and then on a Pyroblast! proc doing a spin jump shoot behind Blink on the dismount.

Now if only I could drop two chain traps. Oh, wait. Frost Nova. Sorry, forgot.

I’m enjoying Fire, I LOVE the ‘riding a lucky streak high roller’ feel that reminds me fondly of the early days of Enhancement Shaman leveling with Wirt’s Leg and twin Windfury procs.

But I’m so dreadfully tired of leveling in Outlands.

Please, PLEASE can someone recommend an unusual leveling path through Outlands to get to Northrend?

Normally I do Hellfire until I’m high enough level to hit Erebor in Zangarmarsh, do rep quests for the Broken in Erebor, then jump straight to Nagrand to the end of my Outlands time.

I’m afraid I’ve gone to the Nagrand well one too many time. I’m truly afraid that if I go just one more time, I’m going to crack.

Any ideas?

A Farewell to Armed Bears

I woke up this morning to the farewell to WoW post shared by Precious and Soft.

There is so much to value in her post, so much to think over, but one thing I felt moved to talk about the most was her “fuck you” to asshats she has known and loathed over the years in her random groups.

In speaking of player actions that draw fire in a group, Kelly broke it down into two different categories; those who take a little longer than YOU think is right to act, and those people who don’t bother to do anything at all, up to and including just standing there in the fire.

I’ve talked about this before, and I’m sure at this point I’m speaking to an audience that won’t benefit by my saying it again. The people who need it the most wouldn’t get anything out of it, because it’s not a skill issue, it’s a respect issue.

I won’t let that hold me back, if I never repeated myself here then I wouldn’t have anything to write about.

So, you make a mistake. I make a mistake. In game, in life, at work, whatever.

So what? Mistakes happen. To EVERYONE.

Do you know the lesson I have learned from Raid Team Wanda in Band of Misfits, who have cleared all heroic modes for Dragon Soul AND Firelands?

I have learned that while they are skilled and reliable players, their biggest asset is they don’t give up. They try, and try, and try again, learning from each go, trying to make the next one just a little bit better.

Of course everyone makes mistakes. The only people who don’t make mistakes are the people who never try.

If someone is trying, trying to play their class, do their part, contribute to the victory of the team, then awesome.

Is it frustrating to fail? Hell yes it is. Oh my god, yes. I’ll talk about last night’s Firelands raid in a minute, because it ties directly into that.

The important thing is, if you are trying and trying and not succeeding, it gets frustrating and miserable. Everyone loves victory, nobody loves wallowing in defeat.

You can find some joy in taking on the extremely difficult challenges and seeing success in incremental improvements. You may have failed to down the impossble boss, but did you get closer to phase two? Did you grab that add that sometimes slips out of your grasp, did you move out of the fire right on time rather than just by the skin of your teeth like the last four times? Those can be victories, and feel like it.

I get what Precious and Soft is saying, there are lots of people who can’t stand anybody doing things other than how they have it stuck in their head is the ‘right’ way.

There are plenty of others who will simply go off on you even if you ARE being perfect, just to be assholes. No, really, there are people that will tee off on you even if you are freaking flawless. I suspect there are some that just have a really bad day, are in a bad mood, and decide this is the moment to make someone else just as miserable as they are. Cynical, but that’s me.

It’s bullshit, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that it happens, those people are out there.

I have my own hot button, and it falls on the other side of the action divide. When I think someone else is taking action to hurt the group intentionally, I get really pissed.

I actually enjoy working with people fresh and new to content and working it through together, or with people that want to get through something as a group. People engaging in active sabotage or trolling of groups, trying to make other people fail? Oh, that pisses me off. I am SO troll bait for that.

Even when it doesn’t hurt anyone else to the extent of a wipe, if I see someone I think is trying to screw over other people even when it hurts their own chances at success, I start looking for ways to block them or cause them to fail.

Here is a fine example.

In the Dragon Soul raid, the very first boss, Morchok, has a mechanic that affects a group of ranged players. A Resonating Crystal forms somewhere on the field, and lines of color shoot out from the crystal to link to 7 ranged players. After a short interval, that crystal will explode, causing Shadow Damage shared among all the players affected. The mechanic is, if you are linked, you are supposed to run towards the crystal, until you stand on top of it. Why? The further away each affected player is from the crystal, the more Shadow Damage everyone linked to the crystal will share.

So, if you have a line of color come from the Resonating Crystal to touch you, then all you have to do to reduce the damage all 7 of you will take is run closer to the crystal. You don’t have to make it all the way, you don’t have to ALL stand on it or it fails, just try to run closer. Each and every affected person who manages to run even a little bit closer to the crystal will reduce the damage everyone will suffer, damage that healers have to heal through.

Time and again, I’ve seen the Resonating Crystal form, and time and again there are always people who ignore it. Just blatantly ignore moving from it, and even from the Black Blood.

I don’t get irritated at that shit because it’s going to cause a wipe. The Shadowson Annoyance Test; did you wipe? No? Well, not so bad then in the grand scheme of things.

I don’t get upset because I have to click another heal, either. That’s what I’m there for, and healing LFR DS is a trivial exercise.

I do get upset because it shows someone who is playing a multiplayer game with other people who doesn’t want to do their part for the group as a whole to succeed.

But maybe they don’t know to run toward the Crystal? I know that you can see other people with the color line running to it, but some folks could be tunneling in on the DPS rotation, trying not to get called out by some asshat for having DPS too low, and so aren’t running. or maybe someone sinmply missed seeing the color line in a graphics lagfest sludge slideshow. Some fights cause gaphics cards to churn, and at times like that, all you can do is shoot and pray. I know I used to have issues in Ultraxion when all the twilight effects kicked in.

Maybe a million things. Who am I to say?

But if you watch, and you’re as cranky as I am, sometimes you can see that one person that, even if they are only 15 feet from the damn Crystal and is a healer and everyone is at full, would rather Wand DPS than walk a few steps. 

Even then, I don’t assume. I ask them, politely, if they knew that the Resonating Crystal did less damage if the linked folks all moved closer to it before it blew up. See, I try not to accuse, or to put someone on the defensive, but to follow Aunaka’s ideas on gentle advice.

I try.

If I get incredible, vile offensive shit spewed back at me? Well, there we go. 

I’ve had this a few times, but my favorite time, and one of the best reasons to play a Priest, was when I had one reply to me that he wanted to cause the rest of the group as much pain as possible, and fuck me too. I proceeded to use Leap of faith on him the very next time the Crystal was up to pull him in while he wasn’t moving.

The INSANE frothing at the mouth nutmonkey rantings he erupted with in raid chat brought so much joy to my heart I thought I was going to piss my pants laughing.

He was so enraged at being forced against his will to not screw the group for that one moment out of the entire run, I didn’t even have to Leap of Faith him again. The simple fact that I could and did force him to the Crystal blew his cool all over the place, and he couldn’t recover. He just lost it on raid chat until the group booted him. 

In my mind, the unforgivable sin in joining together to do group content is to try and screw the rest of the group intentionally. That kind of griefing should allow you to do a /ignore-account on that person, so you never have to see them again. Ever. Cross-server wide. Just block them from ever being in your groups or in your communications, ever again.

I want to focus my time on playing with people who enjoy working together, not with people who hate other people.

Last night, our guild had another Firelands run to further Pumpkens’ progression on the legendary staff.

Once again, we failed to kill Ragnaros.

They tried their best, and I tried my best, and each time we took a run at the boss I believe we did better and moved smoother. The last try we had Ragnaros to 42% and were holding so as not to push the next phase before splitting hammer was done.

It could have felt very satisfying to come closer each time, except for two things; the majority of the group were experienced hard mode raiders who killed Ragnaros on heroic, so this wasn’t shit to them. And we were under time constraints to be done before it was past Alex’s bedtime.

We kept failing, in small part because I wasn’t an experienced Firelands raider on Ragnaros, but in large part because I kept having serious problems picking up the closest adds to the splitting hammer and stopping them in time.

it wasn’t a knowledge issue, I knew what to do, I just had trouble translating that into doing it. I failed to perform.

I was, if not THE point source of failure, one hell of a major contributor, and I was getting very upset with myself over it. An entire group is trying to feel that moment of success, and I was preventing them from getting it.

Wanting it isn’t enough. Trying isn’t enough. You have to do it, and do it right, and be able to nail those transitions. If you are going to have the time to keep getting better until you reach that victory, then it’s not so bad. If you only have a shot or two befire it’s quitting time, oh holy crap.

When everyone is counting on everyone else to do their best, and YOU are the one that is letting the team down, it feels like shit.

In a perfect world, everyone could start fresh together on new content, learn it together, make mistakes together. it’s hard to feel like the outcast moron when other people are making silly learning mistakes too.

When everyone else is the old, experienced hand and you are trying to learn everything and master it in the first shot… it doesn’t matter if logically you know shit happens. Emotionally, you’re letting down the team, and it sucks, and you feel like  failure.

How much worse would it be, at that moment, where you feel like a worthless shit already because you keep making small mistakes or aren’t reacting quite fast enough, and then some cockbite starts in calling you what you’re already, in your head, calling yourself?

The TL;DR version would be the same old tired shit we’ve all heard. Everyone makes msitakes, yes even you, so stop being an asshat to anyone that isn’t doing it the way you think they should, because who died and made you the Lord of all creation?

But if you want to screw other people over in groups, don’t be surprised if someone else is going to get up in your case and try to figure out how to really annoy the piss out of you.

If you find those two statements contradictory… yep, they are.

THAT’S the biggest problem. Who can really, 100% be absolutely sure that what you’re seeing is learning curves instead of active sabotage? Isn’t it better to never say anything, ever, so as not to be the one that adds incredible hurt to an already overloaded stressful situation?

But then, if you do… I really do believe that assholes should be opposed. Always.

It’s a judgment call. I know I want to be damn careful not to mistakes confusing someone trying and having problems with someone actively being a seditious dillweed.

To me, that means it can only be the most obvious, blatant, “are you kidding me wtf” forms of asshattery that I respond to. I’d much rather err on the side of kindness than cruelty. Even that one person on Morchok, I whispered them in a non-aggressive way first, and only unleashed the Grip of Flail when they started swearing vile crap at me.

I  also won’t just let everything slide. Is it a failing? If it doesn’t do any good, it’s just drama right? I don’t know, but I do know that it feels real good to see someone trying to hurt other people, and helping to be the instrument that turns the tables on them.

That means I am arrogant enough to take it on myself to mete out rough adn ready street justice to LFG offenders, and looked at honestly, that makes me an asshat too. 

The real solution to all this?

The only way to win is not to play the game.

No wait, I kid.

No, the only real way to take all this kind of stress off and get away from it is to form friendships and only play with people you trust. people you truly trust to not laugh at you, screw you over, or even worse, act like they are oh so superior to you and pity you.

That’s the rub, right? To go away from the current trend of finding fast, easy and impersonal groups with strangers, and try to form groups with people you really get to know and feel you can trust.

If you can’t find a full group of people you trust who want to play with you because they really do like you and want to hang with you and do crazy shit with you first and foremost…

Well, I guess we see what the solution is from Precious and Soft, and the World of Warcraft community will be poorer with her moving on.

But Warcraft’s loss is craftings gain! Have you SEEN her Craftypodes site?

I told Garrosh that Bears like Salmon…

This one time, I’ll explain the obscure reference I had in mind. it’s too good not to.

Not everything I say is a pop culture reference, but more are than you might think. Not because I’m smart, but because my brain has no original thoughts in it, I’m a product of my environment.

Okay, and because everything I say or do reminds me of something funny someone else did.

Yeah, the world cracks me up.

The Cub Report – Force Multipliers

We are right at the tail end of the expansion for World of Warcraft, you can tell by how all the talk is of other MMOs that are in beta or coming soon, and dribbles of news about what we will soon get to have fun playing… in a few months.

A few months from now, boy, we’re going to be having a BLAST!

It is my personal opinion that the lack of a final content/raid patch between Dragon Soul and Mists of Pandaria was a failure to provide value for money. It’s only my opinion, but that’s how I feel. I do not feel that Diablo III or access to a beta is an appropriate replacement for stuff I could have been doing that was fresh during this long, long, long drought of content.

Perhaps my expectations are skewed from the content frequency I see coming from other, fresher MMOs that are trying to claw out market share. Or, maybe I just remember the words of a previous WoW community manager that said we could expect more frequent content patches of smaller size in Cataclysm to give us things to do over the duration rather than run out 9 months before the next expansion…

… you know, exactly what happened here. Guess shame on me for believing it and congratulating them in advance.

I just never believed they really did intend to use annual pass to keep subscriber numbers up while leaving us a long gap in content before the next expansion.

Then again, I’m sure they have the best market research in existence for how many subscribers will be lost per month without new content, and have some serious analysis going on over just how long they can push it before they have to drop something new before the wound flows free. And also, research on how long they can keep people going with news teasers and beta in place of actual stuff to do.

“And this month, we’re going to tell them about new features coming to beta, then a week later show them screenshots, then a week after that show them a new feature in beta that will be playable for testing soon. We’ll get a month right there without having to let them so much as sniff a panda in game.”

I’m not angry or bitter, or even sad. It’s just what it is, and we all know it, but we love them anyway. Those crazy kids. 🙂

I’m fortunate. I may have mostly run out of fresh things to do solo in game, but I am blessed to have a family that can now do retro group content together.

I’m also blessed in having such a great group of folks that stop by and read the blog and hang out with me now and again.

If it weren’t for you and my family, let’s be honest, I’d still be playing because I’ve staked out my plot of land in Azeroth and I’ll live there ’til I die, but I’d be working a HELL of a lot harder to keep it feeling fresh and fun.

So thank you.

I’m deeply respectful of the world that Blizzard has created, I’m still stunned anew by the scope and depth of all there is in what has become a fully fleshed out world, complete and whole and with a rich history and unique cultures to explore.

At the same time… I pay a fee to access this world, and I do expect Blizzard to continue to invest in content for me to pay for to keep me interested in between times that they bring out a box to buy to upgrade the game. There will have been a ridiculously long time between content releases by the time we get patch 5.0, and that makes me sad.

For me, Blizzard fell down on the job. Dragon Soul was cool, VERY cool. But having run ICC and Ulduar and Firelands recently, it just doesn’t seem to have the legs to be expected to carry an entire year of monthly fees all on it’s own. That’s a lot to expect of any content patch.

God bless alts, RNG, LFR DS and other cryptic letter combinations, right?

Enough said about that, I know. I felt it was important to say, though, because I have a tendency to gush just a wee bit around here, but I assure you, I have a perspective on the bigger picture.

Still love this damn game, though.

On a personal front, between us Cassie and I got the materials, and Shadowson made for us a Vial of the Sands, which we gave to Alex.

He was overjoyed… but I think he’s catching on.

I’m leveling my Mage, I’m in Hellfire Peninsula and I called him over to allow him to run me through Ramparts a few times. Aren’t I nice?

He picked me up, and as I took the following screenshot, said, “I’m a taxi!”

Yes… yes you are.

Hey, don’t be like that. The stalwart band of intrepid adventurers strode boldly into 25 person Sartharion with three drakes up, and I won the Twilight Drake drop!

Which I promptly gave to Alex.

You call it a bribe, I call it tipping my taxi.

I know I’m very lucky to have the names of other active players to do things with.

I feel torn about doing any more of these updates, because sure I’m having fun, Alex and Cassie are having fun, but it’s not like it’s fun that we can actually share with you.

The solo stuff, going after the Tiny Shale Spider, hunting down Ghostcrawler in the wild, dancing next to Mylune while fireballing bunnies, these things I can share as ideas for you to go have fun, and ask you for your ideas.

Talking about fun I’m having in groups, though… if you don’t have a similar group to do the same thing, hey, it’s nice I’m having fun, now shut up, right?

BUT… we’ve been doing some stuff with friends and readers of the blog too, and that counts as shareable, right?

As a small group, just the three of us, we’ve gotten into some shenanigans.

We’ve almost completed Glory of the Hero, all of the level 80 heroic Northrend dungeon achievements. Even Alex is almost done. It’s funny, the only stoppers to steamrolling it turns out to be the RNG. We can’t get the water boss in Violet Hold to pop, not once in the last week.

And then Cassie says, “I’m pulling out my Sea Pony for good luck!”

What a great idea.

Let me be the first to start the rumor that doing Vuiolet Hold with your water globe pets out makes the water boss appear.


The three of us blew through the three Icecrown heroics. If you think the old stuff can’t give you that same fizzy feeling, watch a 9 year old get chased by Arthas for the first time, and get saved by a gunship unleashing hell.

We have gone after Onyxia in 10 person mode, and Alex got to see what a true dragon straight up “this is a D&D dragon to be respected and feared” fight can be. We won the encounter and had a lot of fun doing it, mostly due to Druid AoE and Cassie playing her Shadow Priest for moar dots. No, not the achieve, for moar dots, damnit!

We’ve gone through Molten Core, one step at a time, with my narrating what all the lore surrounding it was about. Alex was suitably impressed by the raid, he loves core hounds, I mean LOVES core hounds, his Core Hound Pup pet is one of his absolute favorites.

What was funny about Molten Core was the guild had a Firelands raid for Pumpken to get more of her mats for the legendary staff just a few days before, and they allowed the three of us to go along, WE allowed ALEX to stay up way way past bedtime to take part, and we also had a special guest, Mataoka on her Mage, Ceniza.

So Alex got to raid Firelands, and kill everything except for Ragnaros, who we wiped to a few times.

Honestly? Alex did better on Ragnaros that I did. The raid leader gave a very detailed description of what t expect in each of the phases and how to react.

I’m paying close attention with the speakers on, and I look over at Alex, and he’s not wathcing the screen, he’s playing with toys.

“You need to pay attention, Alex, he’s telling us what to do.”

“I AM paying attention, I can multitask, I can play with toys AND listen.”

He gets that from his mom, I swear.

Along comes the fight, he goes to the band of space near Raggie like he was told to, he avoids the fire waves from the sulfuron smash, he runs to one side, he runs back over to the other, he whacks Raggie…

Meanwhile, boom I get hit by a fire wave, whoops I was too slow in getting on that add, where am I going, what am I doing, and why is that, just omygod I want to curl up and make the hurting stop.

You know you’ve gotten old when your 9 year old is a better raider than you.

In other news, I need to design some bumper stickers, not kidding, that say “Proud Parent of a Dragon Soul Raider” or “Proud Parent of a Heroic Mode Raider”.

You know you want one.

Oh, the funny thing I mentioned? So we did Molten Core after we’d done Firelands with the guild, and Alex points out, “Hey, his shoulders don’t look nearly as cool. And where are his feet?”

I’ve also discovered that it’s fun to have a newly dinged max level son… because I can make him run my alt through instances, and he ain’t bored with it yet! He’s actually HAPPY to go!

He says the things that I only think, and that is part of what cracks me up.

For example… we’re blasting through Hellfire Ramparts, and as we go up the spiral staircase to the top level, he stops by the railing, and says to me, “It looks like the orcs dipped the fence spikes in blood to look extra scary.”

Then he says, “I wonder if they used goats to do that.”

No… no I don’t know either.

I love being the newbie Mage as he is running ME through. It was a fulfillment of his dream to be the boss in charge of our runs.

I made the mistake of getting ahead of him for a second… he tells me, “You KNOW what happens if you get some aggro… whack, whack dead.”

Well put.

But enough about that, let’s talk a bit about the night before, and that same stalwart band of adventurers, numbering twenty-five, that finizhed up heroic mode Icecrown Citadel last night.

Oh wait… no we didn’t because we got our asses handed to us by heroic mode Lich King! lol.

We did complete all of the heroic modes as far as the achievement is concerned, you don’t actually have to defeat the Lich King in heroic mode for the 25 person drake.

Still, solid massive congrats to anyone who actually completed that at level 80 when it was current content.

Just, holy shit, phase 1 we got the Twilght Traps down, phase 2 and we get past the Vrykul, and then phase 3 and WHERETHEHELLENDLESSPOOLSOFWIPAGE.

He looks so happy, right? Here are all these nice people come to visit, it’s been a long time, he’s been so lonely, right? He looks so proud.

We’re the Boy and Girl Scout troops getting our “I met Arthas badge”.

And then? He got hornswaggled!

Seriously, the crew I’m playing with on Sunday nights? The best! If enthusiasm keeps up, I may have to try and keep the Sunday night momentum going long term…. I’m sure people will bow out eventually, but that just means other people can have a chance to get in.

We’ll see how many are still interested once drakes start being won. 🙂

What we did to the Lich King isn’t as bad as what happened to poor Bolvar, though.

Poor Bolvar. Acid, flames, torture, endless anguish as the Lich King, frozen in a block of ice, no bathroom breaks, no chances at a date for the Frozen Prom.

Did you see his skin condition? Holy crap!

Does he look happy, though? He does, doesn’t he?

After all that has happened, Bolvar looks as though he has come to accept his fate, maybe even to be at peace with it. Wistful at what was lost, but at peace.

And then, my Dino has to go and…

That is just… Decoy! DOWN!

Hold on, I’ve got a paper bag and a little plastic glove somewhere…

What is that Orc Smokin’?

After my favorite orc Warchief updated his blog, I was wondering what that orc was smokin’… and then his most recent update cleared that right up for me.

I mentioned before the incredible, brilliant post by Warchief Garrosh, as he related his encounters with a certain Nymph… and they don’t end quite as you might have expected.

But really, he has gone far beyond that with a troika of pure awesome that I might just print out and bind up as a little amateur booklet so I can pull it out every now and then to re-read and howl my fool head off.

Yes, there are other posts in this series, but these three, together, might just have enough concentrated awesome to propel manned interplanetary craft out of our gravity well.

If you haven’t read these before, OH MY GOD, and enjoy!

The journey into awesome begins. (*)

Garrosh ponders a WTF moment.

Garrosh digs derper. I mean deeper.

The Warchief is a hands-on kind of orc. (*)

The Warchief confirms my private opinions of the Druids of DEHTA. (*)

The aftermath, or, Now I know who Garrosh reminds me of: Mark from Empire Records.

The Warchiefs Command Board is always an interesting look at what the hell Garrosh is planning, especially in light of certain prognosticated rumblings about the future of Horde/Alliance relations and some kind of calamity fast approaching Theramore Island.

In my opinion, these posts rise above simple brilliance and reach the realm of pure awesome.

Is it wrong of me to want to see more of this particular style of blog post from the Warchief? Would more be like eating too much sugar in one sitting?

And after reading this, can any one of us really want to hunt him down and kill him? I know if Garrosh ever does get too naughty in Theramore, I’d prefer seeing him forced to serve a decade of community service… with Mylune as his guidance counselor. 🙂

* I said troika, then linked five posts. There are a couple opther posts which fill out the story, and I did link them in sequence, but I’ve put stars next to the three that are pure, unadulterated awesome. You can thank me later.