Jack NMI Reacher – The movie

There is a series of books.

I love them, the Jack Reacher novels by Lee Child.

There is a movie coming. It’s coming December 21st. Two days before my birthday.

Yes, Tom Cruise is in it. Yes, if you’ve read the books, Tom Cruise is not Jack Reacher. Just, no. Too short, too skinny, too… cute. Tom Cruise is a Cyclops to Jack Reacher’s Colossus.

And a lot of people don’t like Tom Cruise, for things outside of his skill as an actor.

I don’t care about what he does outside of movies. I haven’t stopped liking Rocky Horror Picture Show because of Susan Sarandons’ politics, I haven’t thrown away my two copies of the Shawshank Redemption because of things Tim Robbins has said, and I haven’t stopped watching Tom Cruise movies because he jumped the coach. Er, shark. no, couch!

I’m hesitant because he’s too damn pretty-boy to be Jack Reacher… unless they really work hard to nail the personality.

After watching that trailer, I’m willing to be moderately excited. And the movie they’re doing is based off of One Shot, and if you read that book, you know they are using one of the stories that shows Jack Reacher’s analytical skills AND badass kill ’em all skills to best advantage. It’s a good sign.

Cassie is unthrilled. We have a tradition of going to see movies as my birthday present.

And wouldn’t you know it, All three Lord of the Rings movies happened to be released around my birthday. And now Jack Reacher! I do lead a charmed life. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Jack NMI Reacher – The movie

  1. Ummmm, isn’t the world supposed to end in your birthday. You must be planning some kind of a bash to bring on the apocalypse. 😉


  2. Ooooh .. I love the Jack Reacher books. The last one I read seemed to have an unusually high body count (can’t remember the name off the top of my head but it started with a bus crash in the snow 😛 ) – normally he leaves them still alive, just wishing they weren’t.

    I have to agree tho — he’s going to have to do some damn good acting to get over not looking anything like how Reacher should look.


  3. Thanks for the heads up. Love these Books. And I agree. Not Tom Cruise! I can’t come up with anyone though for the role.


  4. But BBB – you must remember The Hobbit is also coming out in December (14th) too! If it is only one movie a year (which is basically is for me) … which wins? 🙂


    • That being said…Tom Cruise. I don’t dislike him as an actor, but…hm. There are SO MANY other big, untamed-looking headline actors out there, Cruise seems a really strange choice.


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