Bucket List Follow Up – Glory Team

Good afternoon, folks!

As I said I would in the comments to the last post, I just went through the comments and made a list of folks who are actively interested in raiding some ICC action, getting some achievements, aiming towards the Drake.

I currently have 27 people total that are interested and able to go on Alliance side… pending a decision on dates and times.

I will be sending out an email in about 10 minutes to every one of those people, simply asking them to choose one or the other date/times, or both, that works for them so I can try like heck to build a group that will all be able to show up without hardship, and be able to keep coming each week until we all get it done. However short or long that may be.

So, yes, here is how I, in my eternal optimism, am hoping it will break down.

We will run ICC in 25 person mode, going for the Icebound drake. We will try as hard as possible to have 25 people in the group.

Do we need 25 people? Well, probably not. But that will be 25 people with the achievement and the drake, and I’m mighty happy with that plan.

Before each run in ICC, whoever wants to can start like 15, 20 minutes early and run Sartharion with 3 drakes up, to get a chance at that drake.  A Black Drake drops from 10 man Sarth, and a Twilight drops from 25, so technically the group could break down into those who want one or the other or whatever.

I’ll admit, the Sarth 3D thing seems pretty complicated for a tired old bear like me. The more people in the run, the more folks competing for one drake drop.

If you split the group into multiple teams for more drakes, than some folks have to share Battletags with someone other than me, cause I can’t be in both groups at the same time. And what about people who want shots at BOTH drakes? I didn’t figure on the group lasting past the ICC achieves, but even if ICC takes four weeks, that’s still only 4 drakes per group split among the people in the Sarth groups, so a bunch of folks won’t get ’em, and be dissapointed…

You know, this is one of the reasons I stopped raid leading in the first place. I want everyone to get everything and be shiny, happy people, and I don’t want anyone left out. I wonder if I can figure out a way to dump the Sarth run leadership on Orv…

Anyway, I’ve done Sarth 3 drakes with ten players in 25 person mode, and it was a steamroller. Difficulty isn’t an issue, organizing the groups is. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it?

After a quick Sarth run, we form up in ICC, blast through for two hours, either Sunday night from 7 PM to 9 PM Central, or Wednesday night from 7 PM to 9 PM Central.

The times are about the best I can do. I know it still blows for anyone on the West Coast to try and do a run from 5 to 7, and then someone on the East Coast is running from 8 to 10, but I can’t really keep Alex up later than that without cutting into story time and stuff.

So, emails are going out, and we’ll see who is able to commit to what kind of schedule for, say, the next four weeks max and go from there!

I know I’m excited. Win, lose or epic fail, it sure as hell won’t be boring!

29 thoughts on “Bucket List Follow Up – Glory Team

  1. Oh how I wish I’d seen this earlier! If you find yourself still short a dps on Sunday send me a holler. I’d love to help out! I’m well versed in most of the ICC fights but had given up raiding full time by then and missed out on most of the achieves 😦


  2. I sent you my reply this morning. 5-7 Sunday isn’t bad for west coast folks. Leaves some time after the raid to relax and get ready for Monday work.

    There’s going to be a couple of achieves that are hard to coordinate with 25 people and make sure everyone gets – which I know will be worked out but need to keep in mind – the once bitten twice shy one for blood queen (everyone needs to get bit at some point in the 4 weeks… And also not get bit) but we will blow her up really fast with 25.
    Also the one for the princes before her – no one can take a hit for over a certain amount of dmg (it’s usually the shadow tank who will take a big hit since most groups ignore the shadow orbs now, and trying to use them the tank will easily accidentally kill the orbs).

    It’s going to be fun and exciting!


  3. You can duo 10 man Sarth 3D with a pally tank and disc priest. It’s challenging, most of the damage comes from the tank, and once the 3 drakes die the priest has to be able to kill the acolyte in the portal by herself before the tank dies from Sarth.


      • You can also just kill Sarth and just let the 3 drakes kill you once Sarth is dead. Run back in to loot Sarth and get the mount. 🙂

        If you do it this way, you don’t even need a healer.


  4. BBB,

    I hope this really works out for you! If you find you need a tank or dps, just let me know. I can be on between 8-9pm CST. Just email me.



  5. Good luck Bear! Sorry I couldn’t make either time. An will second or third what Rades said. Some of those cheeves are a real PITA, do them on normal then have a heroic run.


  6. I’ve solo’d Sarth 3d 10man on a tank character, and it’s fairly challenging as a duo, easy as a trio. If you miss out on the drake this week, keep an eye on the strategy and go back next week in a small group to get it yourself.

    If you’ve got a full group of 85s you can probably just go in and pull the whole zone, and Sarth will be dead before the first fire wave.


    • Wait, so you think sarth 3 Drakes in 10 person can be done by 3 people?

      February, I know what we’re going to do today!


      • You just need to go in there and do enough damage to get him down before the first drake joins the fight. I did it earlier in Cata. 3 man 10D is possible with a bear tank.

        I recommend going in as a bear tank with 2 dps. You can pre-pot an agi potion and use the next one as soon as the first one wears off. Use berserk as soon as you have him in position (so you get max use out of it) and mangle his face off. The other two people with you need to do crazy high dps – I figure a rogue and DK should be able to too, also pre-potting, and 2nd potting.

        You don’t need a healer. By the time an 85 tank (in raid gear) has taken enough hits to need a healer, the first drake will be down and it’s too late. Also – watch out for the fire walls.


      • So just to clarify, you go in there – the three of you and clear the trash. Make sure you don’t pull any of the 3 drakes – if you do, wipe and resume – you need those 3 up of course. But you need the trash down – otherwise as soon as you pull him, the trash will run in and own you.


  7. If you need me 😉
    I can make the Sunday ones but have a DS run at 8 central on wednesdays. I have a shadow priest, frost dk or rogue I can bring along, whichever you prefer (shadow priest probably best, a ranged-heavy group makes lk much easier. I’m happy to explain the fights if you need someone to, I’ve been running ICC most weeks since it was current content for chances at Invincible, and since they announced account-wide mounts meaning I can get more chances at it by running my alts…well, I think my record week so far was 9 ICC25’s and 7 ULD25’s completed ;p


    • I’ve got all of the first round emails out, still waiting to hear back from 8 people. Once I do find out where we are, I’ll start emailing more folks if we’ve still got space.

      I promise I’ll keep everyone informed.


  8. If it’s not too late to toss my name into the ring, I’d rather like to give it a try… although my schedule really sucks for it.

    My main is kitty/bear.


  9. iv tanked reg icc down to gettting sin to 6 %. what times and dates. it an achiev i missed out on just beating it


  10. I’m in! Woot! Sent ya my response. I’ll bring Mage snacks and a towel. (you should always travel with a towel, dontchaknow). See ya soon!


    • So far, 15 responded and signed up, all good for Sunday evening, and we have tanks and a few healers, plus Rob has said he could guide our steps.

      Only one person won’t be able to go so far, it’s looking pretty good. Just need to hear back from, oh, ten more people. 🙂


      • Well, maybe if you all get everything done this Sunday and Wednesday….you’ll be able to do it really fast when I can actually play?

        :O I hope so. I wants me a big boney dragon!


  11. Hey Bear, I strongly recommend against trying to get both an ICC boss kill and its achievement at the same time. People will suggest doing it, because haha it’s old content etc etc, and this is true…to an extent. And some of them are very easy and you’ll probably get both at the same time without trying.

    But some of those heroic modes have mechanics that are still painful (Sindragosa ice tombs, for example), and some of the achievements are the same way. Considering that at least some of your raid team has never seen the fights before, I’d suggest avoiding that frustration. Wiping on content an entire expansion old can get pretty frustrating quickly, and organizing 25 mostly-strangers is probably going to be stressful enough without that on top of it. Sure, it might take you a little longer to net all the necessary achievements, but the Citadel’s not going anywhere.


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