Bucket List – Continued

Just to let everyone who is participating, or who hopes an opening will come up, know what’s going on…

I did send out emails to enough folks to fill a 25 person group from my thebigbearbutt@gmail.com address.

To date, I have four people who have not responded to my email… and three openings remaining.

So, I’m still waiting to see if any of those four respond, and if not, tomorrow I’ll be sending out up to three more invites.

I can tell you what HAS firmed up:

We’re going to be going on Sundays, once a week, for about two hours, definitely dione by 9 PM Central time.

We are NOT starting this Sunday July 8th. We will be starting next Sunday a week from the 8th.

We also have plenty of tanks, plenty of heals, and plenty of DPS. It’s already a great mix.

And we have a couple people who have offered to lend their expertise on the achieves and bosses. We’re looking good.

I’ll see you again for another update tomorrow!

8 thoughts on “Bucket List – Continued

  1. Forgot to mention in my comment on the original thread that both my healers ( druid and shaman) have dps off-specs too. Glad to see that there has been such a great response to the idea.


  2. I thought you were looking at week nights before so I didn’t respond, however if it’s Sunday I would be very interested in coming along as tank or dps.


  3. If by chance you have an extra dps spot (shadow priest) I’d love to go… I can heal if I have to, but way more comfy being purple!


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