Don’t Blink Or You’ll Miss it

Just wanted to say, you know this Sartharion thing where there are 3 drakes?

You know, in Obsidian Sanctum?

Well, I don’t know about 25 person mode, but in Normal 10, you can kill him with 4 level 85 people in LFR gear (or maybe a little better) very, very easily.

One Bear tank, one Enhancement Shaman, one Unholy Death Knight and one Arms Warrior equalled obliteration, plus the whole run is less than 15 minutes.

I think we didn’t need a tank, either. I think if I’d been there on my Hunter with a tanky pet, it would have been faster, and we might have been able to do it with only three of us.

Alex now has a Black Drake, and a 22 slot bag. That’s not bad for 15 minutes.

The one thing I was really surprised at, was that when Sartherion dies, all three drake adds vanish, regardless of whether they activated or not. So it’s a true boss zerg, dig in and destroy Sarth.

So you don’t even need to worry about the aftermath. Just burn Sarth. Bring strong DPS, no healers, a tank or a tank pet, kill the trash while leaving the drakes alone, then get in the middle, charge Sartharion and burn him down.

Took about 10 minutes, max.

I’m shocked. I really am.

The only reason I never thought to do it before was I assumed you only got a mount on 25 person mode. It wasn’t until Alex used Mogit to browse the mounts, and announced the Black Drake was one of his 5 favorites in the game, that I realized 10 person mode had one all it’s own.

Just FYI, so you can laugh your butts off, his other four favorites (that he doesn’t have) are; Dark Phoenix, X-51 Nether-Rocket Extreme, the Icebound Frostblood Vanquisher, and… the Phosphorescent Stone Drake.

He carefully wrote the names down on paper, and stapled them together to make a book. 🙂

Yeah… the what drake? Yeah, good luck finding Aeonaxx kid, here’s NPC Scan and a bag lunch. I packed it for you, aren’t I helpful? Have a fun summer vacation.

Now, back to answering emails about the ICC raid. You know, something achievable in our lifetime.

I don’t care whether you are a part of our upcoming Glory of the Icecrown Raider group or not. If you collect mounts or like dragons, and you haven’t done this yet, get three friends together and go do it! Don’t be afraid, don’t worry about what might happen.

If you weren’t going to do it anyway, then there ain’t no worries about ruining a lockout by messing up, right? And what else could you be worried about, a repair bill?

If you are, you don’t run LFR with the same people I do. If I walk away with less than 100g in repairs, I’m a happy camper.

Don’t forget, if the number of friends is hard to come by, you can use Battletags for cross-server groups. And when Mists comes out, your mounts get shared amongst your character. !

Just saying… we could all use some internet dragon time.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Blink Or You’ll Miss it

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  2. Aeonaxx is an outdoor raid boss, isn’t it? Not like the Time-Lost proto drake, where it’s a rare spawn mook that one person can beat down… Nope, that’s Xariona. Well, good luck to the bear cub. 🙂


    • Aeonaxx is exactly like the Time Lost Proto Drake, for Cata peeps. When you find him in Deepholm, you mount his back and beat down the adds that come at you.


  3. I’ve done 25 man with 10 and that was really easy so I’m guessing you can do it with less with no problems. I’ve been meaning to get onto that one too but haven’t organized it. Finding 3 others will be no problem though!


  4. 🙂

    So happy you got the mount for Alex – it’s one of my favorites too (and so happy I won’t have to convince people to go back to Wyrmrest so my monk can get it).

    We ran Sarth 10 after every Twilight Citadel run until everyone in our little guild had the dragon. We then ran 25 man once we realized it was a cake walk. Unfortunately, everyone went on End of Xpac hiatus and I’ve yet to get the Twilight drake (My absolute favorite color wise). Maybe at 90, I’ll be able to solo Sarth 25 and not worry about it 🙂

    Best of luck on the ICC runs – sounds like a blast!


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