The Boondoggle – Icecrown Citadel Raid Run update!

Here is your final update for the weekend on the raid group.

All members have been emailed, and a group of 25 has been formed from those who accepted the invitations.

If you were hoping to be involved and weren’t invited, be of good heart. If someone along the way cannot take part due to a change in fortunes, i will be going back through the comments to send new invites as openings happen.

As I said, I’ve sent out invites, received responses, we have a couple people who have agreed to help lead, and we’ve got a great mix of tanks, healers and DPS. It’s going to be a great time.

Now, what I’ve done is create a Yahoo Group for the event, sent out invitations, and I’ve got the group configured so you can conceal/hide your email address from other members to retain your privacy.

This should give us a forum for talking about what we’re gonna do, discuss the weapon and Invincible drops if necessary, put events on the calendar in advance, and have a way to keep everyone in touch without my going insane from managing twenty-five separate email conversations.

Our first scheduled raid night is one week from today, July 15th, so we’ve got plenty of time to prepare!

Go go Warcraft achievement runs!

8 thoughts on “The Boondoggle – Icecrown Citadel Raid Run update!

  1. Yup I’ve had a few groups have trouble with that one too, there’s 2 good strats. The old school, tank it and collect balls method as we did in LK still works, it’s just hard keeping the purple balls alive. I’ve tanked that on my shadow priest using just a short mindflay on the orbs to get aggro without doing much damage and used dispersion as well to avoid taking the big damage when the boss became active. The other way is simpler but needs higher dps, easier on normal of course and I assume since you’re doing multiple runs you’ll be doing a normal modes run for those achievements which are difficult to get on heroic. You just pull the bosses, blow heroism/timewarp and BURN BURN BURN, kill the 1st boss before it ever switches to the orb guy and the achievement is done 😉


  2. Not sure if you’ll need any useful tips for the run with the excellent team you have pulled together, but from experience recently starting the same trail, our group failed multiple times on the blood council achievement. We the realised the hunter that was kiting the boss and pulling in the purple orbs was killing the orbs cause his weakest shot just did too much damage. I swapped from healer to tank spec, used FFF to pull in the orbs and kited the boss and it was simples 😉
    Back in the day things were different, but feral tank to kite boss on that one works a treat!
    Have a blast,


    • I’m trying! At this point, I’m at that horrible place where I have to wait for people to all click the little ‘accept invitation’ button.


  3. Out of curiosity, have you addressed the Shadowmourne quest components? Rotface and Festergut on 25man drop items needed to get that quest line started, and any plate user can do the quest, so it might be good to know who is getting those beforehand.

    The next step involves the person on the quest doing specific things on different bosses. Sometimes this is easy, sometimes it’s a pain.

    The last step just involves collecting special shards that have a chance to drop off any boss on 25-man. 1 per boss, and a shard isn’t guaranteed to drop, and there’s nothing special required except handing them out to whoever is getting them.


  4. Hmmm… We got a couple of emails from you earlier in the week but nothing in the last couple of days. If you still need us we would love to come. It’s my wife and I and you mentioned us bringing our hunters.


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