Two Minute Reviews – LEGO Batman 2 (Wii)

Two Minute Reviews – LEGO Batman 2 (Wii)

Quick preface – we have a nine year old boy in the house, and he likes video games. We as his parents like to find games that are appropriate for young players, but also, and how can I put this?

Games that don’t suck.

We’ve learned that ‘games for children’ tends to translate to “games we phoned in with 30 minutes of content, shitty controls, horrible graphics and terrible gameplay because your kids aren’t smart enough to know any better, and they don’t pay the money anyway, all we gotta do is sucker the parents with the pocketbooks with our license.”

Dora the Explorer and the Purple Planet, I’m looking at you.

So, the eternal challenge of the geek parent; find a video game appropriate for kids that doesn’t suck.

This brings me to the LEGO series of games, and specifically LEGO Batman 2 for the Wii.

The LEGO games have a hit or miss record. Some of them have been very good, like the LEGO Star Wars I and II games, bringing good gameplay and cute design with a lot of content.

Others have been okay, but short and kinda boring, like LEGO Indiana Jones.

Then there is the middle of the road, like LEGO Star Wars III.

Guess what true believers, there is a new bame out, it’s called LEGO Batman 2, and here is your two minute review.

It’s a very good game.

I’ll run down the positives, as told to me by my 9 year old LEGO game expert son.

1) Lots of funny cutscenes that rock. LOTS.
2) Plenty of missions that have a lot going on.
3) You can play as Batman, Robin, Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Wonder Woman, even Cyborg from the new Justice League line up.
4) Superman is invulnerable! And he has x-ray vision, heat vision, he can fly, and he can fly, and did I mention he can fly?
5) Batman has lots of costumes, he can even shoot rockets!
6) Robin can get a hazmat suit that lets him suck up this green or red or orange glowing acid goop, and then SHOOT IT AT PEOPLE.
7) There is an amusement park with fun rides, slides, ferris wheels, games where you can smash ducks with a hook to earn Gold Bricks, it’s awesome.
8) If you beat up bad guys extra awesome, they have a chance to surrender and you can buy them to join your crew for reals.

There you go. Alex endorsed, parent approved. LEGO Batman 2 for the Wii is actually worth the money they be asking for it, mon. Plus, hey, cooperative play!

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  1. We got this game for Joe for his b-day…he loves it (as well as the Pirates of the Carribean one from Christmas). The girls really enjoyed the Harry Potter ones, though not sure if that’s because they are good, or they are just big fans of that series.


  2. Anyone else think that Alex just HAS to play the abomination in the Doctor Putricide fight?

    6) Robin can get a hazmat suit that lets him suck up this green or red or orange glowing acid goop, and then SHOOT IT AT PEOPLE.

    PS: BBB, I’ve been listening to a lot of C.W. McCall recently. For some reason, I read all your posts in his voice now. I think it’s the fact that your humor is very much like his. 🙂


    • Amusingly enough, I sing an excellent “Wolf Creek Pass”, which is on my car playlist.

      I also do a mean “Easy Rider” by Charlie Daniels.


  3. Superman fly? Oh pshaw! Anyway, nice post! Glad to see you guys having fun away from Azeroth, too. Mebbe have to get a Wii for us, too and get my teenage daughter away from her smartphone for a few minutes.


  4. And today (7/10/12) it’s on sale at Amazon, $10 off. I just picked it up for the 360, hope my wife and I will enjoy playing it as much as we did the LEGO Star Wars games.


    • I have in the past, read it for several years, stopped for a while, can’t remember why.

      Based on that one, I’ll pick it back up again!


  5. My oldest boy loves the first LEGO Batman. Has for a year now. He really wants this one… it sounds even better than the first. Thanks for the writeup!


  6. Thank you so much for writing this, Bear. My daughter is a little older than Alex, but we have the same struggle. She has Lego Batman 1 and we were looking at Lego Batman 2 for her Christmas.

    Have you tried The Lego Pirates of the Carribean game or the Lego Harry Potter? We thought the Pirates was pretty good, but Harry Potter seemed a bit over done. She also loved MySims Agent, and Wii Sports Resort. Alex might like to try those.

    I would love to see you do more of these reviews.

    Happy gaming.


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