Time Lost Opportunities

I was reading a great post over at the Daily Frostwolf, the Druid edition. You might ask why it’s called the Druid edition when there aren’t a lot of Druid specific articles there lately.

Silly bear, you can tell it’s the Druid edition because of the attitude. Navi is most definitely a bear. Especially in the morning.

I kid, I kid, 🙂

Great post as usual, but I don’t have to tell you that, I’m sure you already read her wonderful blog.

Reading her post got me to thinking about a few things.

Navi mentioned wanting the Fox Kit pet, a pet in World of Warcraft that you can only acquire as a super-rare drop from killing Tol Barad Foxes. It has a reputation as being a purely random, brutally rare drop much like the old Green and Red Whelplings were before they were changed to zone drops and got even worse.

She wants the pet, she doesn’t have the pet. Her reaction to others who do have the pet? She is happy for them that they accomplished their goal, while at the same time feeling sad that she has yet to accomplish the impossible task.

I sympathize. I do! I felt exactly the same way.

The Fox Kit was one of several items or goals in World of Warcraft that I knew about, wished I could have or achieve, but didn’t pursue because I felt it was an impossible task.

I wanted it, but I did not try because it was too hard to achieve.

By hard, I’m talking about my preconceived assumptions as to how much of my time I would have to invest, and how repetitive and boring the task would be, before I would see success.

I made the worst mistake anyone can make. I let myself give up before I ever even tried.

There are other items just like this in game, too.

The Sea Pony pet, which you can get from fishing, but only by fishing off the shore of Darkmoon Island when the faire is available one week out of each month.

The Seagull pet, which you have to get by doing Tol Barad daily quests to earn commendation tokens and reputation.

The Pebble quest, which you can only get by doing the exact same daily quest ten times, requiring high enough rep with Therazane to unlock the daily quests, and the pure luck of seeing the quest even appear ten times.

The rare Tiny Shale Spider pet, requiring a convoluted progression to get, first getting a particular daily quest that gives you an explosive, then using the explosives to reach a difficult to access ledge, and then camping a rare spawn which, if you leave to go do anything, requires you to explode your way back up to the ledge to resume camping.

The Ghostcrawler spectral crab pet that is a rare spawn, and can turn invisible defeating tracking techniques, just for Beastmaster Hunters to seek out and tame.

Earning enough Darkmoon tokens to buy pets or mounts. Any pets or mounts.

The Glory comprehensive achievements that reward mounts for Northrend.

The Drake mounts from doing Sarth +3 in a group and winning the drop.

Archeology, completing enough rares to get mounts, pets, epic Bind on Account items, and the title Professor.

I can go on and on. Some of them I have done over the years, like acquiring the Higher Learning pet or fishing up a Magical Crawdad pet, but those others up above? None of them I had ever tried, simply because of the grind or the time.

You get the idea, right?

The thing is, just like with anything else, the bullshit trite answer is still true. If you never try, you will NEVER succeed.

It doesn’t matter what someone else says about how hard something it. It doesn’t matter how daunting the task seems to be.

You will never know just what you have inside of you, or how hard YOU will find it to be, until YOU try. And if you finally try, maybe it’s just as hard as you thought, maybe it’s easier or worse… but maybe you’ll find you actually LIKE doing that stuff other people said they hate.

I kinda like the Tol Barad daily quests. I also find Archeology kinda soothing, when listening to music.

That list I made up above?

I had decided that I didn’t have the time to do any of that shit, so I never made any attempt. I never went to Tol Barad, not ever unitl a month ago. Didn’t even know how to get there, always got summoned and then hearthed when doing the raid.

Never bothered to do Darkmoon Faire daily quests, or collect tokens, or fish off the beach.

I’d done Archeology a few times, but I’d stopped doing that because I was always on other characters when in long queues. As someone said in Guild chat the other day, wouldn’t it be AWESOME if your Archeology progress was shared amongst all of your characters, so it would be something you could do while waiting for queue on anyone?

That was then.

With a whole new expansion coming, a few months ago I started making a list of crap like this, and I may call it a bucket list but what it really is, is my list of shit I never even tried to do but always wanted.

I’ve started doing these things, and that Sea Pony? Cassie got it first, and then me, and then Alex. All the same night, didn’t take more than 200 casts for any of us.

Random is random, yes, but that was all three of us. I’ve fished for that Sewer Rat for hours upon hours without a nibble, and this was nothing like that. I assumed it was gonna be as bad as the Sewer Rat, so i didn’t even try, until I finally said “screw it” and gave it a shot.

I also gave the Sewer Rat another try for two nights… that rat can kiss my ass. 🙂

The Tiny Shale Spider seemed complicated so I never even investigated how, but after I actually went and, you know, TRIED, why it turned out fairly straightforward. Just had to keep checking on if the rare spawn was up at strange times.

The Lost in the Deeps Pebble quest? Alex and I are now both on 8 of 10 towards the achievement and pet. It just takes, you know, remembering to check each day, and patience. Lots of patience.

Darkmoon Faire? Hey, turns out the daily quests are fun, short, and cute to do with your kids. Plus, if you’re not in some blazing hurry and have some gold, you can buy almost every item that results in a quest directly from the Auction House, enough to damn near get one pet every month on one character. I found a great list on what the items are called and what tokens they result in at Wowpedia.

If you focus on doing it on two characters to split the pet collecting, it’s not so bad. I now have the Darkmoon Dancing Bear mount, and all but 2 of the pets spread across my characters. Alex even has the Tonk pet! Yes, he has a little tank following him around if he likes.

Sarth +3 in 10 person mode? Hey, turns out that you can do it with less than a full dungeon group in just a few minutes. Black Drake, why did we wait so long?

Fox Kit pet? Yes, I do have it. I have it by exploring Tol Barad, identifying every drop location, mapping out a route that let me do the whole thing, and then doing it while doing the dailies for the Seagull. By the time I had acquired enough tokens for the Seagull, I had a Fox Kit. Probably took about a week and a half total, but I got both of them, and that felt like a miracle.

And so on and so on. The Glory of the Northrend Dungeons? I’m almost done with them on Bigbearbutt, and about to get my Red Proto-Drake. I only have a scant handful left to do, and I could almost solo them, although I bet Cassie and Alex would like the Red Proto-Drake too, which is the only reason I haven’t finished.

It’s just amazing. I’m now a Professor, have every common Archeology solved, and am only missing 9 rares to be 100% complete on Archy. Maybe I’ll make it by Mists, maybe I won’t…

But at least I’ll have tried.

I appreciate Navi’s point about seeing someone else get something you want, and being happy for them and their accomplishments while at the same time feeling jealous, wishing it were me. Especially on something that is as much luck of the drop as skill or time invested.

How much worse, though, to see others accomplish things that you actually could have done, but you talked yourself out of ever even trying?

Right now, at the tail end of this expansion, I have been having a more fufilling time than any other, simply because I am, one by one, knocking down so many of those “I wish I could but I can’ts” and turning them into, “What the hell, let’s give a shot, whats the worse that can happen?”

It helps that there is less competition out there for rares. No question.

My Hunter? Yeah, damn straight. Ghostcrawler is my pet, hells yes. Took less than a week of camping the area and checking every night.

Funny isn’t it, how the most obvious advice, like “shut the hell up, I KNOW you can’t win if you don’t try, you sanctimonious prick”, still turns out to be true.

If I tell myself it would be too much of a pain in the ass to do something without even trying, just, what a waste. What a complete waste.

There is still time. If there are things you always wanted to do, but felt the same way as I did, there is still time. Get out there and try. A little research among the helpful comments of WoWhead, some reading on Wowpedia, and then try and put it into action.

That moment when I tamed Ghostcrawler? When Sartharion went down and my son won a Black Drake? When the Fox Kit was in my bags, or the Sea Pony in Alexes’?

That moment when I turned in my tokens, bought my Bear, and hit spacebar to make him dance around?

Those moments are freaking AWESOME.

Don’t miss out.

What, you’re too busy raiding? There is far too much going on in the game for you to find the time to try?

Well cool, I’ll give Blizzard a call, let them know they can postpone that MoP launch for a few more months.

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  2. I think I take a diffrent view then rest. I have been trying. To get the barons mount. In Strat too drop for years. Did it rarely for years but tried. Now with pandora comeing out. Iv been running 8 too 10 times a night for 3 months. Still no drop. If I get it off my huntards lucky run. I will never ride it. I want to earn it. Atm red protodrake main mount I ride I earned him. No tank bags nothing I got before Cat. Him I’m proud of. I never ride anything that drops from tank bags that cheating imo. Just a diffrent perspective. I’m tryin desperatly too get mount while it still kind of counts. And sorry typeing on black berry on train. Idk how too paragraph


  3. I actually found a real fox kit the other day. Driving down the road and saw that someone had run over a fox. A friend ties his own flies and is always coveting some fox tail hair so I thought that I would stop and snip some off for him. I noticed that there was movement and didn’t want to grab an injured fox. I watched for a few minutes and saw that it was a baby. Strange time of the year for a fox to have offspring so young I thought. I called a friend with the dept of game and he said that if I’d bring the kit to the local animal shelter he would pick it up and make sure that it was sent to the proper place for relocation when it got old enough. I threw my emergency blanket over it and put it in a box. It never even so much as growled.
    It does, however, put a new spin on what I was doing while killing all of those foxes so that I could steal their baby.
    Oh, and I got most of the foxes tail hair too. Does that make me heartless?


  4. Spotted Aeonaxx today while on an alt without fast flying. He was out of sight so fast. Logged back on and never saw him after a 2 hour search. Lost opportunities!!!!!


  5. I went farming for embersilk cloth in TB to make bags for some alts… killed every fox I saw. The Fox Kit dropped off the 15th kill… I hope the rest of you interested in it get lucky soon too.


  6. I am coming back again and again to my essential question of “Why?” And, I do not mean in terms of “why” in a snarky, defensive, or apathetic sour-grapes thing, but if I want something, I ask why–and if the answer is it goes along with the story in my mind, a narrative I’m scripting out for those dorky Draenei girls, then it’s worth the time. The other day a very sweet friend was looking for the fox pet, and he said he was trying to surprise me with it–I almost didn’t have the heart to tell him it’s soulbound. And today, one of my most favorite people in the world offered to help me get a rare pet on my hunter, “just because.” I look for mounts for my priest, a terrible shadow priest, because they look pretty when they’re in shadow form. The second, the instant, any of this becomes tainted by jealousy or disgruntlement, I try to take a BIG step back, because heaven knows those emotions are evoked all too often, and are honest emotions. I suppose that’s my MO though – hate to be competitive, and if I can’t inspire myself, I’ve already lost. I admit to feelings of entitlement on occasion, though. I think because I am a huge fan of Washington Irving, somehow I “deserve” the Headless Horseman’s mount, or some such nonsense. Paradoxically, the intangible treasures are the most real.


  7. The time involved can be a little daunting but like everything, you have to give it a try and see at what point patience runs out. I remember getting the white hawkstrider mount from MgT and being annoyed as all hell because I only wanted the phoenix pet <.<

    Some of my guildies have extremely good luck, the devil's own luck. One of them the other night nabbed the Baron's mount from Stratholme, and announced proudly it took him all of 8 runs (he'd gotten the Settek Halls mount earlier int he week). Eight runs…I find it harder to be happy for people with that kind of luck.

    I think to continue to enjoy a game like WoW, you need to find your own fun in the little things. The sense of accomplishment from getting a title, mount, pet etc can't be created by Blizzard. They give things to aim for, how much it motivates people to try varies. In some ways I'm not looking forward to accountwide achievements because it means I have no interest in doing some repeat content on my alts. This is the first year I haven't done the fire festival stuff, because there's literally nothing left for me, since all my toons will have the stuff I care about come MoP. On the other hand, I've become more interested in things like the mount achievements, because I have unique mounts on a number of toons – I get each alt something special that is 'theirs'. So now, I can run TB dailies on one toon for the mount, and it counts towards all of them. I'm more inclined to pvp on multiple toons as well now due to the HK aggregation in MoP.


  8. I am as guilty as you suggest on the fox kit, on the other hand, 14k fish and counting and no sea turtle. Mind you, you would be surprised at how quickly 3 tokens for the weekly win told barad +3 tokens for actually winning add up to pet+mount +0.2 of a mount so far, i barely touched the dailies a year ago but I am pretty regular about completing the weekly.


  9. Great article and grats on all the finds! (Plus you have inspired me to take up Archeology again.)

    Looks like you’re ready for the Time-Lost Proto-Drake and his buddy the Phosphorescent Stone Drake. 🙂


  10. Congrats on that Fox Kit! I need to devote a day to farming it. I am also working on a sprite darter and also doing TB and Molten Front dailies. Real life is so busy so I just do the dailies when I can.


  11. Oh please yes … make that call 🙂 I’m grinding Archaeology for the Vial. I stopped counting common artefacts when I hit 170 and in all of those … only one has been a canopic jar full of some mouldy old brains … 🙂 Navimie 🙂 I agree with BBB … great reminder 🙂


  12. Bear, let me congratulate you on your fox kit! I’m so happy you got that pesky little runt that never drops for me and I have done so much fishing, killing, questing in that goddamn peninsula… LOL!!! Seriously, I am happy for you, while I lament my lousy luck at things I want to get.

    I am thrilled to see people like you using this wind down time to do those little things that we never think we have time to do. Like I said earlier in the week, there is still so MUCH I need to do, and raiding used to suck all the time out of me, and this raid free time for me is so great for my achievement hunting. I hope that everyone who needs things but don’t have the time use this time wisely, instead of lamenting about how bored they are.

    Oh, and can I borrow Cassie? Every time I go to TBPeninsula now I’ll be wishing I had a Cassie wishing me good luck as I loot another yet Kit-less fox corpse…

    Oh and yes, the druid attitude is there. My bark(skin) is definitely worse than my (ferocious)bite…


  13. I get into moods where I keep up the hunting of the pets but I’ve realised I’d much rather level and learn a new class in general than gather these things. Some of that is also because I’ve changed my main (not that my Druid is seeing a lot of action at the moment) – but I will potter away at things bit by bit as I come across them.

    That said I achieved a couple of goals that I thought were out of my reach. First my Druid now has dragonform thanks to the massive drop in prices. And the second was even more surprising – I’ve now killed the end boss of the expansion while it was still current (in normal mode not LFR). Someone else in the guild managed to motivate out small numbers into running DS and it looks like it might continue so I’ll keep working on another aim – legendaries!

    Oh on the darkmoon faire – I’ve been following the same principle except I just do the profession and token quests and don’t do the dailies. I think I’ll be able to finish getting the pets next month (got the mounts first). Oh and I was surprised – my son woke up and came out just as I was going to buy one so I got him to choose for me and he went for the zeppelin over the tonk!


  14. That fox kit eluded me for so, so long. Took well over 3000 kills for me. And no, I still don’t have the sewer rat, or the turtle mount.

    I do however have the Raven Mount and the White Hawkstrider, so I guess persistence accounts for something…


  15. I have to add another thank you note about the Tiny Shale spider. I finally got one on my warrior a few days ago, and I keep that sucker out with her most of the time. Only took 2 days of checking in. Day 2, NPCscan sounds off and I happily blast my way to Jadefang! I’m only 3/10 on Pebble, but he will be mine. Oh yes… he WILL be mine. *cackles!*


  16. Just wanted to thank you for the info about the baby shale spider. Sent my hunter down there for only 2 days, about 6 logins and got it. Now just have to wait for Mists to drop to spread it out to my main, the one I actually collect pets on.


  17. I’m by no means tenacious or single minded about much of anything. And yet, as I read your post, I realize I have achieved all those tasks, including the Salty title. But alas not the fox kit. YET.

    Point is, I enjoyed doing those things. They would be pointless if I didn’t have fun while doing them. The instant I feel that weird “why am I wasting my time doing this?” feeling, I stop and move on to what I want to do. It will always be there. And when you try again in a few months and get the rat on your 10th cast, you will feel so lucky, even though it was actually your 1210th cast.

    Write down a few cool things you want to do, look up how to do it and make notes like you would a raid boss, and chip away bit by bit. If you aren’t having any fun, find another goal which is fun. And don’t count the number of days of dailies you need, because when you miss a day you will beat yourself up and just stop.

    I think of these little achievements as trash mobs. You wouldn’t focus fire them one at a time, that’s inefficient. Use AoE and whittle a number of them down little by little.


  18. I had this original feeling about the Tiny Shale Spider until I read your post about how you got the spider pet for you and Alex. Made me think about my chances, camped out the spot off and on for a few days, and got it easily. Now I’ve been working on other achievements instead of standing around Org being bored. Thank you for your inspiration.


  19. Oooooo that fox kit…

    I want it so much as a pet, but it’s not the randomness that has kept me from getting it. I simply can’t bring myself to kill all those little Tol Barad Foxes! I killed just ONE and felt so bad that I stopped right there. And I don’t usually get that way about the various critters/neutral animals that hang out around the world. There’s just something about those foxes that gets me, so I’ll probably never have that particularly cute companion pet.


  20. I got the fox pet after about 75 kills. The sad thing is, I wasn’t farming it for myself. I wanted to surprise a friend – an avid pet collector who couldn’t raid much because their time zone is three hours behind the server.

    At first, I was overjoyed when the fox kit dropped. But that joy quickly turned to dismay when I realized it was BOP. 😦

    My friend still doesn’t have the fox kit, and I don’t take it out much because too many people have problems getting the pet to drop and I’d rather not remind them.


    • The way stuff is in beta right now, you can actually “cage” pets that you have and sell them. As far as I can tell, MOST pets are no longer “bop”, so you might be able to cage and trade your friend that fox kit in MoP! A little delayed, but still =)


    • I can certainly try to do that tonight. I showed Alex how to run my route, and he found an improvement that was a shortcut, so I by no means think my route is gospel. It is just what worked for me.

      It should be noted that I had no luck with the Fox Kit until cassie came downstairs, stood over my shoulder, and said something about being good luck at the exact time it dropped for me. She immediately claimed credit, and I can’t really argue with that.

      So, unless you can borrow a Cassie, you might have troubles.


  21. I would like to welcome you to a world many of us have inhabited for quite some time. Yes, you are now officially a member of #TEAMFAFF 😀 I hope you enjoy the ride!


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