Knowing When To Say Enough is Enough

I had a post a few days ago, where I was talking about some of the achievements or small goals that I had wanted to do, but never tried, because I was afraid of the time or effort involved.

A reader named Errol left a comment that made a lot of sense to me.

He made the point that there were several things he really wanted, that he did put the effort into. The Baron mount from Stratholme, for example.

Day after day, week after week, for months, trying to get that mount.

He put the effort in, you can’t say he hasn’t tried. For years, he’s worked for it, and never seen it drop. He hasn’t been afraid of commitment.

At the same time, it is a mount he could potentially get as a lucky drop in a Satchel for tanking or healing a pug.

But he doesn’t want that. He doesn’t mind about others doing it that way, cheating themselves by taking a shortcut, but he wants to earn it his way, playing it the way it was made. It’s all about earning it the right way. For Errol, it’s gone beyond the mount, and now it’s all about earning something that will represent the dedication and the effort he put into it whenever he sees it in his spellbook.

This is the flip side of what my post was about.

I showed how I talked myself out of trying something, imagined a level of effort something would take and just talked myself out of ever even trying.

The lesson for me was, maybe it will be as hard as I think or have heard, but maybe it won’t. Maybe I’ll get lucky. Maybe I’ll even find I LIKE what other people consider to be a mind numbing bore chore.

What Errol points out to us is that sometimes the random nature of drops means that maybe once you try, the grind will be far, far, FAR worse than you ever imagined.

Sometimes, you are that 9,999,999 try person that never gives up, but still doesn’t see the drop, the person that blows the bell curve like warm glass and stretches it like a taffy pull.

For me, at a time like that, if I find that it really was just as bad as I thought, or even worse… it goes on the far back burner. I won’t forget about it, but I tried for a bitm, confirmed my first impression, and now I’ll take a break and let luck have a little rest.

Like that Sewer Rat. I keep coming back to that little bastard, fish for a few days, and go back to something else.

Someday. *shakes fist* Someday!

The heart of my post, what I was really trying to say, was having all those goals can be just like having a cake mix and all the fixin’s in your cupboard.

You know that they’ll taste delicious if you make the mix, bake the cake, and cover it with frosting and little flakes of coconut.

But if you leave that box in the pantry and stare at it, that cake ain’t gonna make itself, and you’ll never wipe frosting off your chin.

You want it? Go bake it! Just go coco-nuts!

12 thoughts on “Knowing When To Say Enough is Enough

  1. Ah, the things that motivate us. The carrot that we place in front of our own noses, the nose to spite the face, and all that 🙂
    I think I’ve done Kara back in BC with the guild for at least a year straight. Plus a 2nd alt-run for “a lot”, and never seen Attumen’s mount, not even a tail hair! I kept plugging at it after I realized I could solo Attumen, and whenever I didn’t forget, I’d go in there once a week – and some day it actually dropped! I scared my dogs, I typed in caps!
    Sometimes the “I want that” bug bites me, sometimes I look at it (hi, Fox Kit) and go “no way”. Then again, that Fox Kit might change – I could farm it on my mage waiting for LFR. If I get it, my other toons will have it as well!
    Currently, I try to get a heroic UP run in whenever I feel like it. I’ve seen the drake, it does exist.

    I think what I’m trying to say is that things can change, one day you give up, another day you pick it back up. In my opinion, as long as it doesn’t become an “I have to do this”, it’s OK.


  2. My brother = sadly 2100+ attempts at the Tol Barad fox kit and still nothing but teeth and fangs. Me, I only try for the turtle mount now while I’m already fishing for twilight guppies or eels. Its really kind of a trade off. The first pet that ever dropped for me was the black tabby cat, the second was the scarlet mccaw. For my brother, he got the firefly pet in under 100 attempts.


  3. I tried for months to get the ZG tiger before they removed it… every three days, with anyone I could drag in with me. By myself, if I had to. Not once… effort alone doesn’t get it with those.

    My hunter got the only Rivendare mount I ever saw. My druid spent an entire week’s vacation running it five times, then waiting out the lockout.

    Looney; your having sat down has nothing to do with catching the rat. Luck based is luck based. You can lay down while you fish too. I used to do that as a tauren when I was fishing in Ironforge. Lay down at the back of the pond underwater…


  4. The logic behind his statement boggles me. It’s a vanity item. It’s a random small chance drop. There is no accomplishment in grinding for it for days whatsoever, it just means you’re unlucky. If you get the mount, I’m not gonna care how many days you invested in grinding for it, whether it was in your third run or your 345th run or if you got it in a satchel. I’m gonna see your mount and think – lucky person, he has the mount. I doubt anyone is ever gonna praise grinding unless it’s beneficial to your group / guild / whatever. Maybe, just maybe praise how relentless you’re being but that’s about it, not really think that you’ve put ‘effort’ into it (time does not equal effort btw). How’s satchel ‘cheating’? It’s luck, either way. You can’t cheat luck. And remember, satchel is reward for running an appropriate level dungeon so from that pov, I think it’s more effort to do actually do it with satchel.

    Anyway, cake is a given, you’re gonna get a cake if you make it. Mount is not. Maybe cake can be the same as grinding mount from hc Madness for all your team since you know at some point you get yours if you don’t take a raiding break. Random mount is like, I don’t know, going to a cake shop and hoping they make a special type of cake like they’ve done two years ago that you saw but never tasted. Is it actually worth making a trip there every day? Will it make you feel so much better eating that cake I don’t know, 380 days times 40 minutes every day? Sure, you’ve accomplished a goal. Sure, now you’ve tasted it and it’s just as good as you were told. But looking back, were 253 hours for it actually worth it? And the again, maybe you get lucky and it’s there day one… it’s whether or not I’m willing to risk wasting those 253 hours or even more for a special cake. It’s down to how much people are built, how much they value their time and how much faith they have in their luck.


    • I have to agree with you. I love some of the mounts and can’t wait to do the work I need to do to get them, but I’m not going to get obsessive about it. I don’t think it truly matters how we get that cool mount. The designers go out of their way to make things equal. I have a guildie who found out about the cool mount in Kara. Everyday he is eligible he runs Kara to kill that boss. That’s his choice. I choose to spend my time doing other things. I think there is a big difference between winning a mount, and earning a mount. To me earning a mount is when you do the work to earn tokens, badges, etc. to buy a mount. You have a goal you pursue it, and eventually after you do what you need to do to earn the currency you buy it. It used to be that when you paraded through Stormwind on a winterspring frostsabre it meant you had done the month’s work to earn it. Gambling is much different then working, and rolling for something is much different then grinding rep for that chant you have to have. No matter how you slice it, it’s all about how we choose to spend our time, and I still respect those who choose to run a dungeon or raid a thousand times for that certain item they desire, but don’t put me down because I choose not to gamble on something that may or may not come up on a boss drop. We should all have fun doing what we love playing WOW. Take care.


  5. I feel the pain of repeat grinding for an item. While I got Rivendare’s Charger after only 35 or so runs (very lucky), and have had some great luck with other peripheral junk from the goodie bags, I kill bosses in Molten Core every week for the binding that I am missing. For something which is a 1 in 1000 drop I don’t expect it often at all, but I am starting to think that it is removed from the loot table.

    I feel the pain, and my only reason to continue is that I am already hundreds of hours invested and stopping will be giving up. As an annual pass holder I’ve already decided however that if I can’t get this drop by MoP, and my schedule does not permit me to raid then I will unsubscribe until I can raid. Getting Thunderfury is not worth a subscription, but it might be if I can also play the rest of the raid material.


  6. Although I see where Errol is coming from, I have to disagree somewhat. I’m currently punishing the bell curve to a great degree in attempting to get Rivendare’s Charger. I’d argue the game is making me make up the runs for my girlfriend getting it on her third try.

    I say that to state this: whenever it does eventually drop for me, I will know that I’ve earned it. Even if it comes from a Satchel instead of from the Baron himself, there is no question that I have put in the runs and the time to get it. I don’t plan to farm it from the Satchel…that seems more or less ineffective. But I also don’t see where having another avenue to get it is a shortcut or cheating. Provided I put forth the effort and didn’t just purchase it from the Blizz store, why haven’t I earned it the same way if it’s a Satchel-based mount?


    • If you mean the cannon in the Faire, you don’t need DBM. I have it and it loads automatically, but it isn’t timed right, so I don’t pay attention to it. Look straight down and just after you cross the edge of the dock, drop the wings. I get 5/5 about 3/5.


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