The Cub Report – Riding a Dragon is Cool. Who knew?

Did you play World of Warcraft during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion?

Did you run Northrend heroic instances at the appropriate level?

Did you… were you one of the few, those few, that band of misfits that would stay in the instance when The Oculus appeared on LFD?

Do you remember those halcyon days of our LFD youth, when any instance was fair game except the Oculus, and you knew that you had a nice wait in store for you as people zoned in, saw which one it was, let loose with a psychic shriek of horror and dropped group like a Fire Salamander was dropped down their shorts?

I remember those days.

I remember when Blizzard did what was then almost unheard of, and added extra super special bribes in the form of extra Emblems for those who stuck out that hellish dragon-infested flailfest.

Can I admit to enjoying tanking it? Has enough time passed yet to say I liked it, and only dreaded the random groups of, well, idiots? Idiots that expected to brute force their way through instead of performing surgical dragonstrikes on the right target at the correct time?

Glory of the Hero has brought us back to The Oculus, in search of achievements.

The first time Alex got his hands on the reins of a Red Drake, I thought he was going to plotz with excitement.

Let me break something down for you.

Insanely high item levels of gear + drakes from old instances that scale with gear = let’s get it on dragonriders of the purple sage style.

The three of us were able to gun down Eregos using all Red Drakes easy as… easy as a thing that is almost as easy as breaking a yolk when you drop an egg. Almost.

The next day, flush with our success, we mounted all Bronze Drakes and stormed the heights, only to find that Eregos may hate being hit by bronze Drakes and their damage multipliers and stop times, but his whelps are most unimpressed.

Interestingly enough, plotz also adequately describes the sound our bodies made as they suddenly stopped plummeting from the skies after being swarmed, SWARMED by little blue freaking whelps.

Red Drakes do splash damage. I plumb forgot there WERE whelps on that fight. The first day with Red Drakes, they didn’t live long enough to show up.

Getting a “no Red Drake” achieve took the three of us using two Bronze and me on an Emerald. Which, frankly, was a lot of fun. I healed someone else! Whee!

Driving tanks and shooting cannons in Ulduar is great fun, but allow me to pass on a bit of feedback from Alex;

Riding Dragons is awesome when you feel as if you’re actually RIDING A POWERFUL DRAGON AND KILLING ALL THE THINGS WHEE!

Your dragon mount should not feel squishier than a Holy Priest in a Death Knight Mosh Pit during the half-price sale on spiked leather, Wednesdays only at Mosh Mart.

Having overpowered drakes means your dragonfighting experience against all the Blue Dragons in the middle feels… well, fun.

Flame breath all the things!

Gonna get back in there, gonna have me some fun. Gonna have me some fun.

Flame some!

14 thoughts on “The Cub Report – Riding a Dragon is Cool. Who knew?

  1. That sounds like bucketloads of fun.

    Which raises the question, why can’t we LFG queue for old instances as max level characters? I’m sure there are some people like me who would love to run for example the old Wrath heroics. Yes its soloable but solo is boring. If they are concerned about ruining the experience for those at the appropriate level, then let them have an option to only queue with others at the appropriate level. More choices = more fun.


    • Yeah, I’d love this. Especially if they did something like City of Heroes/Villians does, where you can either de-level yourself or up-level the lower levels…


  2. I always stayed in Oculus when it came up.. .but I hated it. WoW has, and has always had, horrendously poor camera controls, and being on a gigantic flapping dragon taking up 3/4ths of the screen doesn’t help. And when you were doing something requiring more or less precision positioning, with no way to tell WHERE something is, even with a good group it was a huge pain in the ass.


  3. I used to love the challenge of talking (or typing) pugs through Occ. Great sense of achievement.
    Remember, last person to mount can buff the rest of the group, for that little extra hp.


  4. i love the cub reports soft spot on me. my son learned to read on game. he learned to read cause i stoped reading the tells to him. So fair warning. Your son may learn to read on game. but none of his teachers will take brb as english. i had alot of problems there. ROFL. That was english too him too
    . Have fun with son like i did. But report when happens too you. ill laff 🙂

    and on a side not. a post you wrote about something i said. my huntard got the baron mount on his first run. i didnt want to take him. but they had 3 druids and he could run. so i took him. he won a roll off agaisnt 4 others. That day i decided i need on my main. was years ago. it just wont drop. I deferenciate between my toons.
    Now looks like if i cant get mount soon. Ill be rideing my huntards sloppy seconds.
    Call me weird but its been years. iv tried to get.
    i wont ride my huntards sloppy seconds .


    • occulas was always one of my faves. i can be dence at times i never noticed the longer wait time. it was defrent and entertaining to me


  5. I always enjoyed Oculus too… Much like Thelandria. I got it a couple times while leveling my priest a month or so ago. Still fun, though on two of the runs, ended up having to just 4 man as the hatred persists, for whatever reason.

    I do remember, back in the day when the guild was working on the WotLK dungeons achievements, my buddy had the worst luck getting the monochrome achievements. We tried it like you did BBB, going red, then bronze… course, this was at level, and the drakes I think about 50k life… it wasn’t pretty. Ended up going 3 bronze, 2 green. Still took a while to get the achievement, but we persevered.

    I second EoE – that’s a really fun fight all around.

    Did you do Naxx? or rather, has Alex? Since you still need the key from Sartharion… another fun ‘watch the dragon’ form up start.


  6. You need to take Alex to Eye of Eternity. Do it before or after your ICC runs. He’ll love riding the red dragons in the third phase.


  7. I think they buffed the whelps as a counter to exploit in the fight. Can’t remember precisely what it was though. But yeah those little beasties hurt when they swarm you!


  8. I actually like that dungeon…even back in the “OMG not this one!” days. No matter which role I was in, tanking/healing/dps-ing, it was one I enjoyed. It was the whining of the pugs I didn’t like. I’ve been tempted to go back and see how well my best geared tank toon would do solo.


  9. Folks in guild chat who are leveling still complain when that one pops up…must admit to feeling that way myself, too, but going back there now, doesn’t seem so bad! Many players love the aspects of the game that are more arcade-game feeling so flame on and no falling indeed!


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