What is that Orc Smokin’?

After my favorite orc Warchief updated his blog, I was wondering what that orc was smokin’… and then his most recent update cleared that right up for me.

I mentioned before the incredible, brilliant post by Warchief Garrosh, as he related his encounters with a certain Nymph… and they don’t end quite as you might have expected.

But really, he has gone far beyond that with a troika of pure awesome that I might just print out and bind up as a little amateur booklet so I can pull it out every now and then to re-read and howl my fool head off.

Yes, there are other posts in this series, but these three, together, might just have enough concentrated awesome to propel manned interplanetary craft out of our gravity well.

If you haven’t read these before, OH MY GOD, and enjoy!

The journey into awesome begins. (*)

Garrosh ponders a WTF moment.

Garrosh digs derper. I mean deeper.

The Warchief is a hands-on kind of orc. (*)

The Warchief confirms my private opinions of the Druids of DEHTA. (*)

The aftermath, or, Now I know who Garrosh reminds me of: Mark from Empire Records.

The Warchiefs Command Board is always an interesting look at what the hell Garrosh is planning, especially in light of certain prognosticated rumblings about the future of Horde/Alliance relations and some kind of calamity fast approaching Theramore Island.

In my opinion, these posts rise above simple brilliance and reach the realm of pure awesome.

Is it wrong of me to want to see more of this particular style of blog post from the Warchief? Would more be like eating too much sugar in one sitting?

And after reading this, can any one of us really want to hunt him down and kill him? I know if Garrosh ever does get too naughty in Theramore, I’d prefer seeing him forced to serve a decade of community service… with Mylune as his guidance counselor. 🙂

* I said troika, then linked five posts. There are a couple opther posts which fill out the story, and I did link them in sequence, but I’ve put stars next to the three that are pure, unadulterated awesome. You can thank me later.

9 thoughts on “What is that Orc Smokin’?

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Bear! You know, I’m starting to feel like I should put you on payroll around here. I think your endorsements have been responsible for about half my pageviews this year. I’ll be like, “Huh, it’s only lunch time, and I’ve gotten more hits today than I have the last two months combined — what did Bear do?!”


    • It’s sad when one of those Alliance Happy Hippys sends you more business than your own FOR THE HORDE!!! members.

      But ultimately, we’re all on the same side of enjoying the shit out of y’all writing. I wish I were 1/10 as funny.



  2. I have thoroughly been enjoying his writings…that one on the hacky-sack took me back where I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to be. So you went for a pentoika, meh, big whoop.


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