Having Fun With Runs

We’ve continued to have fun on Sunday evenings with our 25 person ICC Glory of the Icebound Raider achievement runs.

One of the members of the run, Goose Igaly, took some video of our Lich King 25 (Normal) kill from a few weeks ago, and put it up on Youtube to some nice music.

You can find it on his Restoration Druid website!

The video is cool, not least because i didn’t have to make it, and it sure does look nice and smooth. Man, those folks look professional!

Man, we were good! Just like we knew what we were doing!

Now let’s look at… the rest of the story.

That run, we were going to kill Lich King 25 on Heroic mode. We lined up, talked over the strategy, set some markers down, and gave it a shot.

And another shot. And then another.

We got much better each time, but frankly, the final phase with Defile kept seeing us generating circles of black ooze that grew to cover the platform.

We kept beating our heads against that wall, and in the end we ran out of time and decided to blow him away in normal and come back to him in later days.

So of course, in Normal mode, it felt embarrassingly smooth and easy, right? As if to mock our efforts in heroic.

Regardless, we’re still having fun and making progress. And Orvillius has made some progress on his Shadowmourne, too! Always fun and excitement to be had for the asking.

What do you mean, Mists is almost out! Bullshit!

It can’t come out until we get our mounts!

Time! Time! Ask me for anything but time!

Can’t we delay the release just a few more weeks?

17 thoughts on “Having Fun With Runs

    • Is that how hot Dr Seuess does it? Does he do it with a mop, does he do it with a top? How does that man eat all that spam, how does he do it Sam I am?


      • For a second there I thought, “Man, he’s creepy thinking that Dr. Seuess is hot.” Then I read my post and realized that I’m the creepy one. ‘Course, I already knew that. ;0)


  1. Bear, I’ve done LK25 Heroic with a group just last week; one way to avoid having any issues with Val’kyr or the Defiles is for the range to continue burning him when he casts the ice storm (first transition). If the DPS is good enough, you can pretty much skip the intermediate phase (meanwhile, melee will have its hands full with raging spirits). This way you also get Neck-Deep in Vile. Good luck!


  2. LOL great vid. FLYING OGRE TANK!! it’s been a blast every week, thanks for putting it together BBB. GOOSE!!! WTB MOAR RAID FRAMES. i think you’re just missing grid and healbot to complete the set!


  3. During the “pre-expansion dulldrums” this has been a much welcomed event. I have been having a blast…even though I was the only one to die on reg mode LK fight…sigh….I’m such a loser….lmao.


  4. Glad to hear that Orv got more Shadowmourne stuff, means less competition the next time we roll putricide 😀


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