Leveling Up Our Crafting Profession!

Good afternoon, my friends. 🙂

As you head into the weekend, I wanted to send a little thought out there your way.

Mists of Pandaria is about to descend upon us, and for players everywhere, what a joyous time it will be.

Before we have a reason to take vacation and ignore the outside world until the new year, might I suggest you do something, anything you wouldn’t normally do.

Most of you folks are already active, I know, we don’t buy into those stereotypes around here.

But even so, it’s easy to fall into a rhythm of consistent behavior. Ask any service member, if you behave in a consistently predictable manner, all sorts of terrible sorts could take advantage of you.

So, in the month ahead, why not go have fun in a new and different way, combat terrorism and avoid ambushes, all at the same time!

As just one example of what I’m talking about, Cassie suggested we go spend some time doing something fun together, and had this great idea to go find a “paint your own ceramics” shop and do some artsy craftsy fartsy kinds of stuff.

The one we went to locally was Kiln Kreations. Yes, a little part of my soul shriveled and died at the use of the ‘K’. I’m not endorsing them, just sayin’ where we went.

These kinds of places were fairly common at one time, and I know there are still several in our St Paul, MN area so you might have one near your local city as well.

Going to a place like this and having fun is pretty simple.

We went in, picked from among a nice selection of pre-made ceramics, painted them over a few hours of relaxing family time whatever color and style and pattern and whatever we wanted, and then left them to be fired and glazed for us to pick up later, about a week.

They had like a hundred colors, bins and baskets of stencils, stamps, various kinds of brushes, all sorts of stuff. Everything was pretty easy to get right into.

I did a little dragon Alex insists we name “Puff”, God help us, Cassie made a Reindeer tea mug, and Alex choose a huge Android cookie bin to make an Android Robot with removeable head.

Then Alex and Cassie went in on a join Snowman Christmas Tree ornament.

When we painted, they told us we needed to make sure and apply at least three good coats with time to dry between each for the colors to be deep and rich and not show the brush strokes. Since I wanted a pretty dragon, I was extra special careful. Which is not to say skilled at staying along the edge. Razzing frazzing clumsy bear paws.

This took a few hours of our time, and we all enjoyed something completely unusual for an afternoon. Plus, I can readily assure you nobody else has a dragon that looks exactly like mine.

I hope you enjoy our little project pictures, and that it encourages you to go do something fun that is different from your norm, and hell, come back and share some pics with us!

If you do ceramics all the time, why not try some knitting? If you knit, why not draw or sketch? Or, sure, go canoeing or boogie boarding or something, break out of the mold a bit with your butt.

And have a great weekend!


Just for comparison, below are pictures I took with my phone when we were finished painting them and they were dry. We were warned up front that the colors before firing would look pale and washed out, and as you can see, they weren’t exaggerating!

One bit of advice? Each coat really needs to dry all the way, because you are layering coats of thickness on each other. If you do like me and get some color blotching in the wrong place, let it dry 100% and then you can scrape it gently off. Don’t do like me and paint over it with another color three times, it’ll still bleed through.

8 thoughts on “Leveling Up Our Crafting Profession!

  1. My first though on the snowman was: “Stack of severed snowman heads, hahahah, awesome!” Some days I suspect something’s wrong in my brain, most days I just know.

    I’m surprised by just how much the colors faded in firing… My dad’s an artist and has done the occasional painting on a vase but never mentioned the colors fading like that. I’ll have to ask next time we talk.


  2. Those are cool! I’ve been drawing more myself and it feels nice to be creative again, I havn’t drawn in a while. Its good to be unplugged for a while 🙂


  3. Wow, looks like you and the family had tons of fun, 3B! I think all your projects turned out cute!

    I’ve made myself try to get creative before MoP hits, as well. I’m currently on page 10 of a short story I started purely as something to distract me from the sort of worrying that ties stomachs in knots. Little by little, I can feel the rust starting to peel off of my “writing chops.” Before this week, I hadn’t written for fun in nearly a year! I can also attack it in small bursts, which is handy, because I’m caring for my kitty who is recovering from surgery to extract a tumor. So far, so good. But he hates being confined to one room and being separated from the rest of the family.


  4. The stack of snowman heads kinda creeps me out. The rest are cute, though! If I weren’t trying to reduce my cookie intake, I think I’d need an Android cookie jar.


  5. Puff the magic dragon,
    Lived by the computer……..

    Naw doesnt have the same ring. But good job all around and muc fun as well as ya said. Love the multiheaded snowman.


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