Moving on

As a much needed follow up to my explosion of hostility earlier today, I wanted to provide some sense of closure.

Just a little bit ago, Navimie, Orvillius, Nymphy and I chilled out in beautiful Stormwind, dancing among the rooftops and admiring each others transmogs and mounts while we chatted about the stress of the day.

Whatever else that was said in my post today, and that I stand behind by the way, the fact remains that what I said about a certain person doesn’t reflect in any way on the rest of the guild they’re a part of, at least not in my mind.

It’s a double standard I didn’t even know I had, and it’s not about how well I like and admire Orv and Nymphy. I’m not giving them a ‘friend pass’.

It’s that their guild is a guild mostly built through the WoW Twitter community, and most of the members are bloggers or prominent in the WoW world.

What does that mean?

It means I don’t hold the guild in any way responsible for one of it’s members being a complete douchebag. I hold the douchebag responsible, and leave it at that.

You see, the normal ‘face’ of a guild is reversed here. Normally, a guild name is famous on a server, and the players are known by their association with the guild as members.

In this other guilds case, the PLAYERS are famous, and the guild is known by it’s association with the PLAYERS.

It’s a weird distinction. But it matters. The famous players are in a guild because they met each other in various ways outside the guild, and all came together for one reason or another and follow the golden rule, “Don’t be dicks to each other.”

Nothing is said about all these famous people dropping their very strong habit of speaking their mind how and when and where they see fit, and talking to strangers as they think appropriate. How in the hell could you? It’s how they all came to know each other in the first place.

Something I don’t see talked about much when we discuss WoW communities, but WoW bloggers are people first, bloggers second.

Being a blogger or a forum commenter or an official WoW forum troll or whatever else that has brought you fame does not mean you are also, inherently and automatically, a nice person.

WoW bloggers can be dicks too. And dear lord, don’t let me get started on the massive honking egos that anyone that blogs has to have to think that anyone else gives two shits about their opinion on anything and everything…

Oh, wait, what? Huh? Oh, I’m one of them?

Shit. Well, that proves that theory, doesn’t it?

Look, the key thing here is, we’re talking about “oh I’m so special my shit doesn’t stink and I have a thousand people who will agree with me” behavior. We’re talking about someone who, in their clique with friends and people they think of as equals, they’re (from what I have heard) sweetness and light personified.

But to outsiders or strangers that seem pesky or dare to bother them? Well, it’s just like one of the unwashed herd wearing a dirty sweat shirt and grubbies daring to bother the great and powerful Paris Hilton.

I damn near expect to see something along the lines of, “Don’t you know who I AM? I’m internet famous! How dare you waste my time?”

Okay, this has turned into a parting shot. I guess I can’t help myself.

But really. It’s true. Don’t think of it as Navi dealing with an asshat, and how dare that guild have someone like that representing them.

Just think of it as her face to face with a Kardashian.

Really, what else would you expect to have happen?

I mean, do you really blame all the other people who are nice and competent and shit hot who are stuck with this  self-important, puffed up asshat just because they all belong to the same country club? Of course not. Especially when the stuck up asshat is quite nice if they think they’re talking to fellow royalty rather than unwashed swine.

Wow, I am snarky when I haven’t had sleep. It’s true though. If someone is ALWAYS nice to YOU, and I mean always, and is your friend… don’t you give them the benefit of the doubt? Especially if there is an apology, as there was, and a case made for a serious miscommunication and misunderstanding issue?

Seriously, nothing excuses that kind of behavior in my eyes, but I am 100% behind calling this done and moving on. This horse has been beaten, Orv and Nymphy have seriously had way more than enough stress over this, Navi had some major bad stress but has moved on and even enjoyed fun dancing and picture time, I got to see all three of them together, and I’ve moved on too.

Navi has continued past this with a positive attitude, and Orv and Nymphy have taken artemisian steps to overcome this shitstorm, I kid you not, we can all move on now.

Oh, and that person that I ripped into? The stress they felt over all of this, if any?

I don’t give a shit, sit and spin on it, I’ve got nothing for you.

Tomorrow, I take my inspiration from Navi and will post from within the enthusiasm and excitement I felt when Deathwing died and Alex got the Destroyer’s End achievement last night.

That was what I went to sleep on last night, that massive feeling of HELL YES, that pleasure at seeing the joy Alex felt at winning the kickass two handed mace from the Skyship encounter, the overall feeling of having been part of a great time as a family, as a guild, and with friends in a great game.

I’m gonna pretend today didn’t happen, except for the part where I got to chat in one hell of a great and enjoyable conversation with Orv and Nymphy.

Yep, nothing happened, we just killed Deathwing, Alex is asleep, and now I go to dream of navistamps and Mount Hyjal raids and sailing over the High Seas.

Stick a fork in it.

7 thoughts on “Moving on

  1. *hugs* Speaking up shows that you care! It is in the past though, and your nifty helmet definitely belongs to you! 🙂 I would rather have a friend that jumps to defend me guns a blazin’ over one that doesn’t say anything. I am also a fan of conflict resolution and I am 100% happy the flames have been put out, even if they may be still be warm ashes. Hopefully it will rain soon! 🙂


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  3. What’s that? I was too busy scanning the post for my name to care. Once again, far too many words that aren’t praising me.

    The person should feel a bit of stress. It is the negative backlash which helps keep people in line.


  4. You know, it doesn’t matter how well known someone is, their ‘reputation’ does not give them the ability to treat people badly.

    It seems clear, looking at this from a distance, that the perpetrator treated Navi the way they did because they assumed they were a troll. They weren’t aware of she was or what she did. If that’s how they treat anyone they don’t know, thats just depressing beyond belief. The reaction to this from other people on their feed gives serious pause for thought.

    I have much I’d like to say on this, but not now. Another time.


  5. Looking forward to reading that post BBB… I had trouble sleeping after downing DW myself – the first expansion end boss I’ve downed while it was current content… that was further boosted by the fact that the raid reset for the week was ticking away (we started with an hour before and downed it with about 30 minutes to spare).


  6. I’m glad you were able to end the night on a more light hearted note with Navi, Orv and Nymphy hanging out in SW. And a super-dooper gratz goes out to baby bear (and you too of course) on his Deathwing kill and new shiny weapon! I look forward to reading all about the adventure.



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