A Fond and (Hopefully) Brief Farewell

I have finally stirred from my cave to see that my friend Nymphy is taking a break from the stress that I among others caused her yesterday.

I accept that I was a major contributing factor, because a mature person would have hit ‘save draft’, considered the ramifications of what was about t happen, cooled down a bit to gain perspective and then gone to let his friend know what was happening rather than just hit publish in a blind rage. Good friend? Not me, not then, and I suck. I said it in the comments, and it’s true. Friends don’t let friends get hit by guild drama trainwrecks out of the blue.

I hope and pray that Nymphy and her family and future family are all well, and will be well, and that all manner of things will be well.

It’s at time like this that I find music to be a soothing balm for a troubled heart.

I’d like to offer my own, perfectly chosen song of sadness to show Nymphy how much my thoughts are with her.

[audio: https://thebigbearbutt.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/The-Tim-Malloys-11-Paint-Me-on-Velvet.mp3%5D

Really, that song flows right from my heart.

(If you like that song, be sure to visit my favorite local awesome Irish band, The Tim Malloys, who played at my bachelor party.)

(Oh come on, you know me, I feel sorry but at the same time, laughter is the best medicine! It shows that people care.)

7 thoughts on “A Fond and (Hopefully) Brief Farewell

  1. I agree with Herr Drache. There needs to be consequences for bad behavior. I wish more people understood this concept, and hopefully those who have followed this situation take that lesson from it. Also, man or woman up and accept those consequences instead of blaming others.

    I don’t know Nymphy, but I can understand needing to get away and deal with anxiety issues. My thoughts are with her, and hopefully she finds the peace she needs.


  2. BB it has been two years since I played WOW because of incidents of this kind. Good people getting pummeled because someone CAN pummel them via an MMO. It bothered me when Guild members were battered for no reason and I finally left. Thank you for having this blog and saying what you do. It’s like letters from home….


  3. Yes, bear, you’re so right. “a mature person would have hit ‘save draft’, considered…” and not done anything. Thank you for not being that mature 🙂

    Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy playing with mature adults. And silly and whacky adults. And mature kids and all that, but here’s the thing: As long as we all pretend to be mature and above all these little annoying bullies, they’re free to do whatever whenever to whomever they want!

    There need to be reactions, consequences, and sometimes the mature people need to call ’em out, slap ’em over the head, and make them notice that no, Internet anonymity doesn’t mean you have to behave your absolute worst.

    If you’re anonymous and can be everything that you want to be, why chose “Asshat”?

    TL; DR: That bacon crust looks delicious!


    • Thank you for linking that, with the pictures for context. Really, that was awesome.

      Now excuse me, off to listen again.


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